Friday, November 16, 2018

Anja is now 3 years old!

Yesterday was Anja’s 3rd Birthday!

We did a small family celebration where my in-laws came over and had dinner and dessert.


We had Korean food, (Bulgogi? and Dan always gets a big jar of kimchi too when he goes to an Asian market, Anja loves kimchi! – a true Korean girl Winking smile


After dinner we wanted her to open presents but instead she wanted to run around and give everyone hugs! It was really sweet!



But finally she sat down to open presents Winking smile


Then it was cake time!

Oreo ice cream cake!


and Sonja and Anja played well together


I also got a new phone already! So I was setting it up yesterday afternoon and playing with the camera



Anja didn’t want to stand still for the pictures so I used Sonja! Anja wanted selfies Winking smile


In a few days it’s my husband’s birthday and then it’s Thanksgiving already! time flies!!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mid Month Christmas Potholders

midmonth potholders

It’s that time again!

I was actually just finishing these up YESTERDAY! I’m never down to the wire like this,but I’ve been busy with other projects/ deadlines

Here’s what I came up with! simple pinwheels with applique/ embroidery on top!


I picked these two fun modern Christmas fabrics that were leftovers from another project for Accuquilt, you’ll see soon enough Winking smile

For these potholders I used die #3 from the 8” QUBE set so the potholders finish around 8” x 8”

I cut out 16 large triangles in each color


and quickly sewed them together into pinwheel blocks!


Then I got out the Holiday accessories die and 2,3,5” circle die.

Lite Steam a seam 2

and some off white matching fabrics


I prepped the fabrics and cut out 2 each of the ornament toppers in off white, then with two different off white prints I cut out 2 sets of the 2” and 3” circles

I also added stabilizer to the back of 2 pinwheel blocks


Then I got Marjorie’s embroidery files and I chose the file with the two ornaments.

It’s hard to see but I stitched the outline already on my embroidery machine in the 5” x 7” hoop


and in 14 min the ornaments were done!


Un-hooped and stabilizers removed


the details on these are just exquisite!

two different filler designs on the ornaments and a nice filler on the topper and then the hanging “hook”


Then I layered two on batting and two on insul-bright and did a tiny bit of quilting on it with a walking foot and also adding a hanger


then layered these right sides together and sewed a bit more than 1/4” all the way around leaving an opening at the bottom


then cut the corners, turned it right side out and top stitched around the edges all the way around.

christmas potholders accuquilt embroidery

a quick Christmas gift!

BTW Accuquilt has free shipping now with NO minimum order amount!


If you order a die thru my links I get a small commission Winking smile

Oh, and look what I did Tuesday!!

Yeah I think I drove over my phone!!

I found it after dropping off the kids at school, at first I couldn’t find it, then went to look in my car and saw it under my car face down! the OTTER BOX didn’t get damaged one bit but my big SUV smashed it against the driveway and the concrete smashed the screen I guess.




TODAY is Anja’s 3rd birthday!

I’ll show pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fall table runner

I have another table runner to show, which I made with Accuquilt dies!


I made this with the 10” QUBE and companion angles set

and the new Spring medley die (where I just used the basket)

and the fall medley die (where I used the acorn)

I used approx.

½ yard dark brown print fabric

½ yard medium brown fabric

⅛ yard light brown fabric

⅜ yard white fabric

Scraps for the acorns and fabric for binding and backing (¼ yard for binding and ½ yard for backing) and steam a seam lite2

Here’s what I cut out

1 of shape 1 with dark brown print

(4) of shape 2 of light brown

(8) of shape 4 of medium brown

(8) of shape 5 of both the dark brown print and light brown

(2) of shape 6 of white

(4) of shape 8 of white

(8) of shape 16 of white


Then I sewed together the uneven nine patch


And started on the mosaic blocks (2) by sewing #5 dark brown triangles to center #6 white squares and #5 light brown triangles to white trapezoids


Then added #4 brown triangles


and soon the 2 mosaic and 1 uneven nine patch blocks where done


Then I prepped scraps of brown with steam a seam lite2 and cut out 1 basket from the spring medley die


and two sets of acorns from the fall medley die


and I ironed them onto the uneven nine patch (yeah it’s a tiny basket that can only fit one or two acorns! but it looks cute!!)


and I applique stitched around the shapes


then sewed the blocks together


and then added a 1 1/2” border and 2 1/2” outer border


I meandered all over in a light brown thread


The table runner measures 16” x 36”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

long arm quilting a vintage quilt and more

I finished quilting two quilts for a client/customer (do you call them customers or clients?)


she was putting together or fixing this vintage top that one of her clients/customer’s mom or grandmother had made back in the day..

long arm quilting meandering vintage quilt

It was really delicate and she just wanted a gentle meandering allover

It was hard to keep it flat as the fabrics had stretched over time, seams were un-done and there were a few holes.

long arm quilting meandering vintage quilt

It was a big one and it’s done!

long arm quilting meandering vintage quilt

Next was a bed runner that she made for a class (I need to start classes too! ha ha)

long arm quilting meandering

she just wanted a smaller meandering allover this one as well

long arm quilting meandering

long arm quilting meandering

hopefully she likes them

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Groovy batik pillow

I’m sure you saw it already on accuquilt’s blog

I made this groovy star pillow (cover) in batik scraps from Island baitk!


I made it using the 10” QUBE set so the pillow is 20” x 20” finished

You may think that LeMoyne star blocks are hard, but they are not and ESPECIALLY easy with a QUBE set!

I show more details in the blog post, but you use the paralellogram die and cut out the pieces and then the large triangle and sew together the block pieces into large triangles (half being mirror image of each other)


and soon you have this star block!


I made this blue pillow a while ago with Island Batik scraps as well!


Here’s the block from EQ!

feathered star2

It’s easy enough to make it bigger and just add more triangles and squares!

feathered star3feathered star1

Try it out!