Friday, April 26, 2019

Long arm quilting doggie quilt

I recently told you about how my friend/customer dropped off 4 quilts when she picked up the last quilts I quilted for her.

Quilt #1 was this doggie quilt
It's so cute!
I quilted dog bones and all over meandering in an off white thread to match

look at the backing! it matches the one dog with glasses! hilarious!!
 Now there's 3 to go :)

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hexagon yellow and black quilt is finally done

You might have seen "Yellow and black hexagon quilt" pop up on my 2019 project list but then no pictures of it.
well I finally finished it and now you'll see why it took so long!

It's an adaptation of this scrappy hexies quilt I made for McCall's in 2015
 Which was made with Accuquilt dies and now this version is too, just a little different

First it uses the 1" hexagon die (usually used for EPP)
I cut out 24 in solid white.
Then I got out my yellow scrap bin and found small strips that were longer than the side of the hexagon- so longer than 11/2" at first. and I sewed these to one side of the hexagons.

Then I trimmed that yellow to line up with the side side of the white hexagon

and then sewed another piece of yellow scrap to that side, it didn't matter if the piece was fat or skinny!

I kept going until all 6 sides were done and my blocks looked like this
then I trimmed a side down a bit

and added now solid black scraps, I have a lot of solid black scraps as I often use 1 1/2" for inner borders on quilts, my rule was solid-ish so some had a slight mottled look.
and I trimmed on the right again, just like before

I kept going with the blacks

Then trimmed and added another round of yellow

and then black again

and another round of yellow (which might not have been needed but I wasn't sure)

Then I got out the large hexagon die

and then laid my scrappy hexagons on the die and cut out all 24 of them, deliberately making them odd and funky and not perfectly centered.

here's all 24! some had a lot of yellow and some didn't!

then I decided on the layout
it took me a few days to decide what to do about the setting equilateral triangles which is also a matching die but I decided to use this turquoise
here's the top sewn together so far

I added a black inner border and a polka dotted yellow for the outer border and then I found a scrap of a turquoise floral for the binding

(Here I'm using my new lights and back drop)

I used scraps of turquoise for the backing

Here you see the dotted yellow and the fun floral binding.

The quilt is 38" x 45"

a fun scrappy quilt to make!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Be A Diamond Blog Hop with a bag full of diamonds

Have you had fun so far on the Diamond blog hop?
I am always a sucker for blog hops and of course when my blogging friends host I almost always jump on it and join the fun!
This was announced in February by Carol at Just let me quilt
Then I put it on my calendar and kind of forgot about it for a while, when I DID remember about it, I was thinking about revamping one of my patterns and 
I have one in my etsy store called "A Bag full of diamonds"
and I have it listed for half price now  at $4.50 instead of $9 :) 

I wrote the pattern for half yards but then I wanted to use this FQ sampler from Connecting threads called Country Fair
and instead of using half yards I used this and shuffled things around and made 20 blocks
and then added the side strips (they are different widths)

Then i got the idea to twist and turn the blocks and it gave the quilt a completely different look!
I put the blocks sideways on the design wall because my wall is kind of long sideways but short, with a quilt like this, it doesn't matter how it looks on the wall before finishing the top.

Then I sewed it together
It measures 48" x 60"
I didn't think I'd have time to quilt it but I did!
(oops flipped it for the picture, but there's really no up or down on this one)
Here I also used my backdrop and photography lights, even though I still use photoshop to adjust, the color overall is much better and "even"
 Since the prints are mostly floral I quilted a large flower and leaves all over it

I found a red floral that was long enough, about 2yds but since the top was 48" wide I just added a green and white print stripe down the middle and then a solid green/teal for the binding

Thanks to Carol for hosting this hop!

Here's the rest of the participants if you haven't visited them already

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Special request quilt

It's not often that I get a request for a custom quilt but I recently did by someone at our church
Our pastor's son and Raul's daughter recently got married and soon after that got pregnant and have a little girl now, so Raul asked for a simple quilt in grey and pink with the baby's name on it and otherwise I had free reign- which can sometimes be kind of scary!

anyway I picked a simple star block and sketched it actually on a post-it note and figured I'd make a banner between with the baby's name on it.
First I found this cute owl fabric I had some leftover of, a nice white and then scraps of grey and used my 9" QUBE set to cut it out
 Then the "scary" part was to cut out the letters (also with a GO die) and center it on the banner and double-triple check that it's spelled right!!
 and soon enough I had the top made and Raul loved it!
 I quilted it in a pointy swirl all over pattern, it's quick and easy and seems to be my go-to pattern recently
 and the binding is grey and I used leftover scraps for the backing.
It measures 35" x 48"

Monday, April 22, 2019

QUBE QAL final Block 18

It's the final week!
This has been so much fun and I hope you've enjoyed it too!
I loved seeing all the different versions of the QAL and I'm honored that you all did it and liked my blocks and had fun too!!

This last week's block is another easy one and it's black (yeah I know, where is there black in a rainbow?? there is in THIS quilting rainbow)

It's a simple flying geese block and you'll be making 12 of it!

In white (background) cut out (12) of die #4
and with black cut out (24) of die #5 (or sets of 12)

with my 6" version I did solid white and a blue scrap, since it's a small block it was easy to find a scrap that could cut out all 24 :)

I didn't have any more yellow for the 8" version so that top is done! (I'm still considering a border but so far I'm leaving it alone)

for the 9" version I wasn't sure I had enough either, but I had some scraps so I cut out 4 each of 3 different plaid prints of die #4 and then 8 of 3 different fabrics and die #5

With the 10" set I cut out 12 of the black floral background and die #4
and 24 red of die #5

The 12" version I cut the #5 triangles out of 2 black fabrics, so 12 of each and the white background of #4

The block is an easy flying geese :)

As you can see, the 6" version is all the same, the 9" I have 4 each of 3 different blocks, the 10" is all the same and the 12" version has 6 of 2 different black blocks.

Now sew these 12 blocks together into a long row like this
The background is supposed to be UP toward the quilt, but that's really up to you, and if you want to flip around every other one, you can try that too!

Now sew this row to the bottom of the quilt, here's my 6" version!

and the 9" version (remember I skipped over the "grey" blocks)

and here's the 10" version
I decided to add a 2" and 3" border on it, so now it's a biggie! I think 70" x 78"

and the 12" version- and it's HUGE!

Now I have to mention this and don't get it the wrong way, I won't judge....
BUT since I didn't charge anything for this QAL and really I was counting on more commissions from sales, but it's hardly been anything (I'm an affiliate for Accuquilt, so if you ordered anything on Accuquilt's site thru any of my links on the side bar, I'd get a small commission) anyways, if you LIKE to - no pressure- I do have a paypal button on the right and you can "donate" anything you'd like, I'd say anything above a few $ because paypal charges around 50c per transaction so paying just $1 would be a waste...Up to you. I'm not expecting anything, I'm just thrilled that there were so many participants!

I'm already brainstorming another QAL, but it might wait a bit until we all finish everything and I have some other secret deadlines... so we'll see :)

Have fun!

Here's pics from last week's participants