Monday, October 14, 2019

a different version of rainbow nine patch

I was looking thru my leftover scraps from another project and also my PDF patterns and wanted to try more of "changing" the pattern or make a different version of it.
This one is called Rainbow nine patch (BL102)

It was super easy to cut out pieces with Accuquilt QUBE dies, now my "problem" was that I didn't have enough of these fabrics, some I had FQs some I had sections of FQs so I had to cut out and count and make it work- notice I also made the center smaller than the pattern

Here's the nine patch center I ended up with

Part of the cutting I added a solid reddish fabric and an off white solid too, so I used the red for an outer border too

for the flower I used leftovers and steam a seam tape and steam a seam sheets

then I placed them down and removed the paper and pressed with a hot iron.

And I stitched around the flower in pink thread

I know the pictures are not the best, but you get the idea and once I finish the quilt I'll take more close ups :)

BTW don't forget to clean out your machine!! it's been a while since I did mine and there was a BIG dust bunny in there! I hope he didn't have a partner in there and multiplied!


Saturday, October 12, 2019

2019 project list week 41

Here's my 2019 Project list!
If I worked on it within the last week, it’s in red.

#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging – DONE
#2 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers working on more hexie flowers
#3 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt
#4 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet
#5 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed (I may donate these?!)

#6(May 18) sister’s choice- green done
#7(May 18) bear claw- DONE!
bear claw quilt

#8 (May 18) Mosaic blocks – DONE

#9 (May 18) isosceles triangle rainbow quilt- lots cut out
#10 (May 18) small tumbler rainbow quilt- lots cut out
#11 (May 18) large half hexie rainbow quilt- lots cut out
#12 (May 18) tiny half hexie rainbow quilt- mug rug DONE!

#13 (June 18) charm hexies  B/W quilt- DONE!

#14 (July 18)Round Robin –Elephant- DONE!
elephant round robin quilt

#15(July 18)Round Robin BLUE –DONE

#16 (Sept 18) 2019 Row Along 6” QUBE- DONE!

#17 (Sept 18) 2019 Row Along 8” QUBE- DONE!

#18 (Sept 18) 2019 Row Along 9” QUBE-DONE

#19(Sept 18) 2019 Row Along 10” QUBE- top done
#20 (Sept 18) 2019 Row Along 12” QUBE- top done

#21 (Oct 18) House quilt for McCalls- DONE

#22 (Dec 18) Jan Batik Blog hop quilt-DONE
batik sampler quilt accuquilt

#23 (Dec 18) Heart red white table runner- DONE
heart table runner accuquilt

#24(Dec 18)Jelly roll quilt stripes for old book hop- DONE!

#25 (Dec 18) Swoon table topper- DONE!
swoon table topper

#26 (Jan 2019) pineapple Orange and teal quilt- DONE!

#27 (Jan) 9” Qube snowman baby quilt- DONE!
QUBE winter FQ Quilt

#28 (2018) Log Cabin top- DONE
log cabin quilt

#29 (Jan) four patch string quilt RSC19- 12 done

#30 (Jan) Mini Island Batik quilt- DONE

#31 (2018?) Butterfly block table topper- DONE

#32 (2019) spider web RSC19- top needs borders

#33 (Jan) Black and white bird mini- DONE

#34 (Jan) Circles table runner B/W- DONE!
CIRCLE table runner bealee

#35 (Jan) leftover strips rainbow table topper- DONE!

#36 (Jan) Crazy quilt for IB march challenge- DONE!
molly mine crazy quilt island batik challenge

#37 (Feb) IB Accuquilt 8" QUBE purple and green quilt - DONE!

#38 (Feb) Owl small quilt for hop - DONE

#39 (Feb) Yellow and black and teal hexagon quilt- DONE

#40 (Feb) Pineapple blocks RSC19- 12 done!

#41 (Feb) Patriotic Star table runner- DONE!

#42 (Feb) String quilt- DONE!

#43 (March) Emoji quilt for Accuquilt- DONE

#44 (March) Placemats for Accuquilt- DONE

#45 (March) Jelly roll gears quilt for Mccall's- DONE 

#46 (March) Rapping quilt- DONE

#47 (March) IB Garden of Eden- DONE

#48 (March) Stop and GO for IB- DONE

#49 (March) Duck, Duck Goose table runner for IB- DONE

#50 (March) Sophia owl quilt- DONE!

#51 (April) Diamond blog hop quilt- DONE

#52 (April) Modern quilt May for IB- DONE

#53(April) Storm at sea quilt for Accuquilt- DONE

#54 (April) QOV with Island Batik- TOP DONE

#55 (April) IB blue pineapple quilt for Accuquilt- DONE

#56 (April) Chimney Sweep quilt for Accuquilt- DONE

#57 (April) Bonnie Hunter scrappy black/white quilt- top done

#58 (May) Black and rainbow quilt for Accuquilt- DONE

#59 (May) Glorified nine patch quilt for Accuquilt- DONE

#60 (May) June challenge jelly roll quilt with IB fabrics- DONE!

#61 (May) Music Runner- DONE 

#62 (June) Round Robin Travel QAL-DONE!

#63 (June) Dinah's quilt block- DONE!

#64 (June) IB August blog hop quilt- DONE!

#65 (June) Blue IB table topper - DONE!

#66 (July) Red white and blue pineapple quilt- DONE!

#67 (July) Hattie's choice quilt for Accuquilt- DONE and mailed (lost by FedEx later)

#68 (July) Bear claw IB quilt- DONE!

#69 (August) Crazy patch project for Accuquilt (3)- DONE and mailed (lost by FedEx later)

#70 (August) GO blue and yellow quilt for McCall's- DONE and mailed

#71 (Jan?) string plus white blocks rainbow- DONE!

#82 (Sept) Red chisel quilt- DONE!

#73 (Sept) mini pink nine patch baby quilt- DONE!

#74(Sept) Genesis 9:16 modern version- top done

#75-76 (Sept) two blue and white table toppers DONE

#77 (Sept) Fall batik table topper for blog hop- DONE

#78 (Sept) Christmas table topper for IB theme- DONE

#79 (Sept) Green and white star table topper- DONE

#80 (Oct) Blue and white crossed canoe quilt- working on blocks

#81 (Sept) rainbow nine patch with flower- top done

#1 (May)6T Primrose dress Sonja- sewing some pieces together

#2 (July) Twirly dress for Sonja- DONE!

#1-4 Owls plus matching bags (see below) – 4- DONE

#5 owl for giveaway –DONE

#6 pineapple pincushion DONE

#7-8 two biscornu pincushions DONE

#9 (June) July IB project- DONE 

#10 (July)pincushion for swap for July DONE! 

#11 (Aug) pincushion for aug swap done

#12 (Aug) pincushion for Sept done

#13 (Sept) Green owl pincushion DONE

#14 (Oct) Flower embroidered pincushion- DONE

#15 (Oct) Another flower pincushion - DONE

POTHOLDERS (monthly potholder challenges are on hold for now)
Jan hearts- DONE

Feb Green DONE
accuquilt crossed canoe potholders
March Eggs DONE

Yellow Ruler work potholders for class- DONE!

#1(Sept 2013) farm animal panel- don’t know what to do with it yet, if it’s a quilt or a bag/pillow?
#2 (August 2017) Birthday pillow- quilted, need to add backing and stuff it
#3-6 Baggies for pincushions x4- DONE see pics above

#4 Custom ITH Red Mouse- DONE! 

#5 (June) Annie's beach bag- DONE!

#6-8 (August) 3 coiled baskets (DONE)

LOTS of eyeglass holders