Monday, October 23, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 41


This is block 41

One that I actually used for a pattern for Accuquilt Smile


For this block you’ll need blocks #4, 5 and 6

and two fabrics plus white

With fabric A cut out 4 of shape #4

then 8 of shape #5 (may have to turn half to get the direction right)

also cut out 12 of shape #5 with fabric B

lastly cut out 1 of shape #6 in white


Start by sewing 4 small HSTs, then add the wings to the flying geese (#4) and start adding small #5 triangles to center white #6 square


Finish the flying geese and keep adding triangles to the center white square


finish the center block


Then add flying geese to two sides of the block and add HSTs to the sides of remaining geese.

Unlike a star block the geese wings would be touching the center, here the large triangle of the geese actually touch the center!) so a completely different look!


here’s the block all done!


Here’s participant blocks from last week

Donna’s #40

40Donna Qube QAL

and Shayne’s

40shayne qal block

Patty caught up with the last 4 blocks


and Hannah did the last 2 blocks

4039 hannah

and here’s all of the 40 blocks together!

40all hannah

Great job everyone!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2017 project list wk42

Here’s my list for this week

  if I worked on it within the last week it’s in red


#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging – kind of want to work on this since April the giraffe had her baby!

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- DONE

#3 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#4(Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks, Quilted, needs binding

#5 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt

#6 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#7(Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – working on more

#8 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Appliqued School house blocks – DONE!

#9(Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Ohio Star blocks –DONE!

#10 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Log Cabin blocks(2)- DONE!

#11 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Hunter Star blocks- DONE!

#12 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Snail Trail/ monkey wrench blocks- DONE!

#13 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” flying geese blocks- DONE!

#14 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed (I may donate these?!)

#15 (April 2016) OWL rsc16 blocks-DONE!

#16 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- borders done, need more fabric- fabrics are here

#17 (April 2016) fleur de lis rsc16 blocks –DONE- donated

#18 (Aug 2016) Mini Ohio Star RSC16- lots more done

#19 (Aug 2016) Road Home RAL-DONE!

#20 (Nov 2016) Mermaid Hexagon quilt- DONE!

#21 (Dec 2016) Accuquilt QUBE 8”sampler top done!

#22 (Jan 2017) Accuquilt QUBE 12” sampler(12) (same as above) – DONE!

#23 (Dec)TT underwater quilt –DONE!

#23 (Dec 2016) IB blog hop quilt for Jan it’s a HOOT-DONE!

#24 (2016) Blue broken dishes topper –DONE!

#25 (Jan 2017) Grey and Blue star Accuquilt topper- DONE!

#26 (Jan 2017) Star FQ quilt for accuquilt- DONE!

#27 (Jan 2017) Fiesta quilt for Accuquilt- DONE!

#28 (Jan 2017) white grey Hunter Star quilt- DONE!

#29 (Jan 2017) Log Cabin blog hop quilt- DONE!

#30 (Jan 2017) Valentine’s QUBE wall hanging- DONE!

#31(Fall 2016) Fall leaf blocks from pine tree- top done

#32 (Feb 2017) #2 fiesta/groovy quilt for Accuquilt- DONE!

#33 (March 2017) Baby quilt for Accuquilt’s blog- DONE!

#34 (March 2017) Table topper brown for Accuquilt’s blog- DONE!

#35 (March 2017) Blue QUBE runner for Quilter’s World- DONE!

#36 (March 2017) Batik QUBE star runner- DONE!

#37 (April 2017) Batik Star small quilt- DONE!

#38 (April) Batik Fall catalog quilt-DONE!

#39 (April) Baby quilt- DONE!

#40 (April) braid quilt- DONE!

#41 (April) mini braid- DONE!

#42 (April) Winter Modern Batiks- DONE!

#43 (May) mug rug- DONE

#44 (May) mini tumbler modern quilt- DONE!

#45 (May) My crazy cat’s quilt- DONE!

#46 (May) House Accuquilt- DONE!

#47 (Jan 2016?)Cupcake quilt- DONE!

#48 6” QUBE table topper- DONE!

#49 9” QUBE table topper- DONE!

#50 (July) QUBE Blazing star quilt for August- DONE!

#51 (June-July) Christmas Row- DONE!

#52 (July) QAYG quilt IB- DONE!

#53 (July) Sept IB quilt- DONE!

#54 (July) Dresden quilt- DONE!

#55 (July) Sept IB table topper- DONE!

#56-57 (July) Sept IB 2 mug rugs- DONE!

#58 (July) FPP fall topper- DONE!

#59 (August) EPP Milifori- working on last round

#60 (August) BL118 Night sky Blue/white-DONE!

#61 (July) Round Robin- round 3 done and ready to mail

#62 (August) 6” QUBE black and white quilt- DONE!

#63 (August) circle quilt- DONE!

#64 (September) pink girl quilt- DONE!

#65(Sept) Blue batik Market quilt- fabrics here

#66 (Sept)McCall’s QQ rainbow quilt- quilted, needs binding

#67 (Sept) Batik Oct challenge- DONE!

#68 (Oct) QUBE Nov quilt- top done


#1and2 (Jan 2017) Mermaid dresses for Sonja and Anja- DONE!

#3 and;4 (Feb 2017) Strawberry dresses for Sonja and Anja- DONE!

#5 and 6 and 7 (April 2017) Susie sundresses (2)  and bubble shorts for girls – DONE

#8 Blue dress for me!- DONE!

#9 Tinkerbell dress 2T- DONE!

#10 Owl 2T dress- DONE!

#11 & 12 – 2 Liberty dresses, DONE!

#13, size 5 owl dress, pieces cut


#1 Owl potholder- DONE

#2(Sept 2013) farm animal panel- don’t know what to do with it yet, if it’s a quilt or a bag/pillow?

#3,4,5 (3 owl felt pincushions) 2 blue and one pink/ purple

#6 blue owl pincushion- DONE

#7-11 (Feb 2017) 5 owl purses- DONE!

#12-13 (March 2017) two more ITH Stuffies DONE

#14-15 ( March 2017) 2 island Batik funky friends- mailed

#16-17 (march) owl pincushions done

#18 (March 2017) mini purple pincushion DONE

#19 (March) Blue Batik pillow- DONE!

#20 (March 2017) Batik challenge Applique for April- DONE!

#21 (March 2017) black owl pincushion- DONE!

#22-23 (April 2017) 2 pink owl pincushions- DONE

#24-27(Feb-April) 4 kennel quilts- 3 done in Feb, 1 in April- DONE

#28-30 (May 2017) 3 turtle pincushions- DONE!

#31-32 (May 2017) 2 fabric purses- DONE!

#33 (May 2017) Clam shell pillow- done

#34 (May) wedding ring pillow- done

#35 (May) Laptop bag- DONE

#36-39 (May) 4 owl pincushions- done

#40-42 (May) 3 ornaments Accuquilt- DONE!

#43 May- Minnie pincushion- DONE!

#44-47 (June) 4 QUBE pillows for July IB challenge- DONE!

#45 (July) biscornu pincushions for Annie’s- DONE!

#46 (August) Birthday pillow- front done, need to stitch down applique

#47 (August) 2 fabric bowls- DONE!

#48 black batik purse pincushion, Done and mailed

#49 (Sept) #5 Kennel batik quilt- top done

#50-52(Sept) 3 heart pincushions DONE

#51 Heart tote- DONE!

#52 rainbow pincushion purse- DONE

Friday, October 20, 2017

Almost American and more good news

As you may know (well those of you who follow me on FB)

This week I went to the INS for my citizenship test!

-and of course I passed Smile

I’ve been here for 21yrs and I’ve renewed my green card every 10yrs up until now, about 2yrs ago Denmark (where I’m from) allows dual citizenship, so I won’t lose my Danish one, also this past election was the only one so far where I wish I could have voted!


I applied in the spring, then the application has to be approved, then I got called in to be fingerprinted, and now the test!

The test was a 3 part test, reading, writing and a civics test.

on the US gov site it shows a possible 100 questions, but they’ll ask 10 and I have to get at least 6 right.

I’ll tell you what those are in a bit.

The reading was a piece of paper that read : WHO CAN VOTE

-I read that out loud – PASS!

The writing was for me to write what she told me:

Citizens can vote – PASS!

Of course we were talking about other stuff too so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem.

The civics I studied for and still got one wrong

here’s what they were

(Be honest and don’t look up the answers)

How many amendments to the Constitution?
Who makes federal laws?
What's the name of the vice president?
What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves?
Why did the colonists fight the British?
What territory did the US buy from France in 1803?

I’ll give you the answers at the bottom of this post

Now I’m not American YET, I have to do an oath next Friday at the INS office as well. Then it’s official and I can apply for an American passport and they take my green card!

Speaking of American, remember I’ve been working on this EPP project?


I finished the circle! now I just need to piece it onto a background


AND more good news


Bjorn got his final veneers!

They look SO good! Dr Clark from UNC Dental school did such a great job (and her assistant)

I gave them both a quilt too Smile

we are super happy with it, he looks “Normal” now for the first time over a year!

The orthodontist was impressed too (we had to run up there to get fitted for retainers)


Here’s the answers to the questions above

How many amendments to the Constitution? (27)
Who makes federal laws? (Congress) –for some reason I said supreme court- I know they review laws if there’s disputes, I KNEW it was congress, but oh well…
What's the name of the vice president? Mike Pence
What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves? Africans
Why did the colonists fight the British? Taxation
What territory did the US buy from France in 1803? Louisiana

How many did you get right?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

purse pincushion

Last week I made this purse pincushion for the pincushion swap

I used scraps of Island Batik fabrics and it ended up being kind of rainbow-ey


It’s been a while since I made these purses and I forgot how much fun they are!

a bit time consuming but well worth it.

and 90% is all in the hoop on the embroidery machine!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Quick Island Batik runner

Purple batik table topper with prairie points1

I decided to make a 2nd border/binding project this month with Island Batik, also because these panels are in the current quiltybox I believe.

The panel is by Leah Day, and in my ambassador box the strip had 4 panels. I decided to just use 3 of them, and then I had a matching purple yardage piece that wasn’t part of a bundle, so I figured I’d add a small border and also binding, and I quickly cut that out with the 2 1/2” strip die by accuquilt Smile

Purple batik table topper with prairie points2Purple batik table topper with prairie points3

I quilted the whole thing first,

then to try something different for the border/binding.

My friend made a quilt recently with prairie points on it, and it was really cute, so I figured I’d try some for this runner as well, I used my 2 1/2” square die from the 8” QUBE set and cut out a bunch, then folded and ironed twice to make the prairie points

Purple batik table topper with prairie points4

I didn’t know how many I needed so I made a bunch


Near the upper left corner I laid them out from had the tip of the first one line up with the seam of the border, then overlapped two more and I also added two to the side

Purple batik table topper with prairie points5

I did the same in the opposite corner and then basted them all down, as it’s easier before adding the binding

Purple batik table topper with prairie points6

Once the binding was added it looked really cute!

Purple batik table topper with prairie points7

A fun and quick table runner I made in a day!

Purple batik table topper with prairie points8

Creative Borders and Binding Graphic

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quilter’s World Winter 2017

I have a quilt in the current issue of Quilter’s World magazine


I made this table topper



It combined two of my favorites:

Fabrics from Island Batik

“Zen” collection can be found here

it’s a collection of these awesome BLUES (you know I love blue!)


and the 6” QUBE set by Accuquilt!

GO! Qube Mix & Match 6" Block (55775)

and companion set (which is on sale BTW)

GO! Qube Mix & Match 6" Block (55775)

If you’d like to see more about this issue of Quilter’s world, or buy it, click here

Monday, October 16, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 40


Block 40!


I think it’s called broken dishes. and it uses 1 die!! #4

often I use it for flying geese, but here I’m using it for what it’s meant for- A Quarter Square triangle!

So pick out two fabrics and cut out 8 of each (so 2 layers of each fabric) and directional fabrics will work just fine!


Sew the triangles together.

One tip I found, was that I lay the darker on top of the light and match up all edges, then I start at the tip and sew down (so the right side of the triangle) ending at the bottom right of the block section.


then when you iron toward dark and have to sew the QST block together and place them right sides together, the seams nestle together and you have the darker first on the seam so it’s pushing against each other instead of possibly pulling apart! –hard to explain but try it!!


Here’s the block together


Here’s the participant’s blocks from last week

Donna has really caught up!

39donnaall qube blocks

Renie did the last two blocks

3839renie qal blocks

and Shayne’s fun block with cherries Smile

39shayneQUBE sampler