Monday, November 20, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 45


Block 45 is easy!!


This block is either 2 or 3 colors, I chose 2 colors

You’ll need dies #3 and #5

cut out 2 of #3 of EACH of the two fabrics

then with #5 cut out 8 of EACH of the two fabrics or pick a 3rd fabric as one of them instead


EASY PEASY, sew HSTs together, 8 small and 2 large ones


Then sew the smaller ones together 4 and 4 into bigger blocks


Sew the larger HSTs together with the smaller units but pay attention to the color placement (or look at the picture below of the finished block


Sew the block together like this


Here’s blocks from last week from the participants

Renie’s #44

44 renie

Michelle’s #44

44 michelle

Donna’s #44

44 donna

Hannah’s #43


and #44


Lori’s #44

44 lorri

and all of them so far


Patty’s blocks


and all of them


Great job everybody!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017 Project list

Here’s my list for this week

  if I worked on it within the last week it’s in red


#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging – kind of want to work on this since April the giraffe had her baby!

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- DONE

#3 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#4(Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks DONE!

#5 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt

#6 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#7(Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – top done!

#8 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Appliqued School house blocks – DONE!

#9(Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Ohio Star blocks –DONE!

#10 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Log Cabin blocks(2)- DONE!

#11 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Hunter Star blocks- DONE!

#12 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Snail Trail/ monkey wrench blocks- DONE!

#13 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” flying geese blocks- DONE!

#14 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed (I may donate these?!)

#15 (April 2016) OWL rsc16 blocks-DONE!

#16 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- top done, ready to quilt!

#17 (April 2016) fleur de lis rsc16 blocks –DONE- donated

#18 (Aug 2016) Mini Ohio Star RSC16- lots more done

#19 (Aug 2016) Road Home RAL-DONE!

#20 (Nov 2016) Mermaid Hexagon quilt- DONE!

#21 (Dec 2016) Accuquilt QUBE 8”sampler- DONE!

#22 (Jan 2017) Accuquilt QUBE 12” sampler(12) (same as above) – DONE!

#23 (Dec)TT underwater quilt –DONE!

#23 (Dec 2016) IB blog hop quilt for Jan it’s a HOOT-DONE!

#24 (2016) Blue broken dishes topper –DONE!

#25 (Jan 2017) Grey and Blue star Accuquilt topper- DONE!

#26 (Jan 2017) Star FQ quilt for accuquilt- DONE!

#27 (Jan 2017) Fiesta quilt for Accuquilt- DONE!

#28 (Jan 2017) white grey Hunter Star quilt- DONE!

#29 (Jan 2017) Log Cabin blog hop quilt- DONE!

#30 (Jan 2017) Valentine’s QUBE wall hanging- DONE!

#31(Fall 2016) Fall leaf blocks from pine tree- top done

#32 (Feb 2017) #2 fiesta/groovy quilt for Accuquilt- DONE!

#33 (March 2017) Baby quilt for Accuquilt’s blog- DONE!

#34 (March 2017) Table topper brown for Accuquilt’s blog- DONE!

#35 (March 2017) Blue QUBE runner for Quilter’s World- DONE!

#36 (March 2017) Batik QUBE star runner- DONE!

#37 (April 2017) Batik Star small quilt- DONE!

#38 (April) Batik Fall catalog quilt-DONE!

#39 (April) Baby quilt- DONE!

#40 (April) braid quilt- DONE!

#41 (April) mini braid- DONE!

#42 (April) Winter Modern Batiks- DONE!

#43 (May) mug rug- DONE

#44 (May) mini tumbler modern quilt- DONE!

#45 (May) My crazy cat’s quilt- DONE!

#46 (May) House Accuquilt- DONE!

#47 (Jan 2016?)Cupcake quilt- DONE!

#48 6” QUBE table topper- DONE!

#49 9” QUBE table topper- DONE!

#50 (July) QUBE Blazing star quilt for August- DONE!

#51 (June-July) Christmas Row- DONE!

#52 (July) QAYG quilt IB- DONE!

#53 (July) Sept IB quilt- DONE!

#54 (July) Dresden quilt- DONE!

#55 (July) Sept IB table topper- DONE!

#56-57 (July) Sept IB 2 mug rugs- DONE!

#58 (July) FPP fall topper- DONE!

#59 (August) EPP Milifori- adding to background

#60 (August) BL118 Night sky Blue/white-DONE!

#61 (July) Round Robin- round 3 done and mailed

#62 (August) 6” QUBE black and white quilt- DONE!

#63 (August) circle quilt- DONE!

#64 (September) pink girl quilt- DONE!

#65(Sept) Blue batik Market quilt- fabrics here

#66 (Sept)McCall’s QQ rainbow quilt- done and mailed

#67 (Sept) Batik Oct challenge- DONE!

#68 (Oct) QUBE Nov quilt- DONE!

#69 (Nov) Dec Accuquilt Angles project- DONE!

#70 (Nov) Dec IB project runner- top done

#71 (Nov) One Block Wonder- top done

#72 (Nov) Binding strip project – working on blocks


#1and2 (Jan 2017) Mermaid dresses for Sonja and Anja- DONE!

#3 and;4 (Feb 2017) Strawberry dresses for Sonja and Anja- DONE!

#5 and 6 and 7 (April 2017) Susie sundresses (2)  and bubble shorts for girls – DONE

#8 Blue dress for me!- DONE!

#9 Tinkerbell dress 2T- DONE!

#10 Owl 2T dress- DONE!

#11 & 12 – 2 Liberty dresses, DONE!

#13, size 5 owl dress, pieces cut


#1 Owl potholder- DONE

#2(Sept 2013) farm animal panel- don’t know what to do with it yet, if it’s a quilt or a bag/pillow?

#3,4,5 (3 owl felt pincushions) 2 blue and one pink/ purple

#6 blue owl pincushion- DONE

#7-11 (Feb 2017) 5 owl purses- DONE!

#12-13 (March 2017) two more ITH Stuffies DONE

#14-15 ( March 2017) 2 island Batik funky friends- mailed

#16-17 (march) owl pincushions done

#18 (March 2017) mini purple pincushion DONE

#19 (March) Blue Batik pillow- DONE!

#20 (March 2017) Batik challenge Applique for April- DONE!

#21 (March 2017) black owl pincushion- DONE!

#22-23 (April 2017) 2 pink owl pincushions- DONE

#24-27(Feb-April) 4 kennel quilts- 3 done in Feb, 1 in April- DONE

#28-30 (May 2017) 3 turtle pincushions- DONE!

#31-32 (May 2017) 2 fabric purses- DONE!

#33 (May 2017) Clam shell pillow- done

#34 (May) wedding ring pillow- done

#35 (May) Laptop bag- DONE

#36-39 (May) 4 owl pincushions- done

#40-42 (May) 3 ornaments Accuquilt- DONE!

#43 May- Minnie pincushion- DONE!

#44-47 (June) 4 QUBE pillows for July IB challenge- DONE!

#45 (July) biscornu pincushions for Annie’s- DONE!

#46 (August) Birthday pillow- front done, need to stitch down applique

#47 (August) 2 fabric bowls- DONE!

#48 black batik purse pincushion, Done and mailed

#49 (Sept) #5 Kennel batik quilt- top done

#50-52(Sept) 3 heart pincushions DONE

#51 Heart tote- DONE!

#52 rainbow pincushion purse- DONE

#53-80 (28 eyeglass cases) DONE

#81-86- (6) owl bags DONE

#82 American pincushion DONE!


#1 (Oct) Crocheted sweater for Solveig- working on back

Friday, November 17, 2017

Christmas quilt is done!

The 12 Days of Christmas quilt is DONE!!

I had it quilted for a while but didn’t do the binding until recently.


I long arm quilted it with a Christmas variegated thread (I actually don’t care for this one but it fits with the quilt!!)

I quilted holly and berries on the border, curves on the alternating blocks and circles/pebbles on the frames of the embroidered blocks and straight lines on the inner border.

I machine stitched down the binding.


I used every leftover scrap of Christmas fabric for the backing!


Now I’ve started a new project!! wait and see Winking smile

any guesses??

-I posted this on FB already and got a few guesses already..


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Anja’s Birthday

Yesterday was Anja’s 2nd birthday!!

We also had friends visit from FL for a few days (Mon-Wed)

Here’s Anja at breakfast


I made a Danish layer cake for us and a mini cupcake for Anja

(the cake has drizzles of a Danish cherry wine) and both got a whipped cream topping



She got an 18” doll with dress up clothes and a little pink bed


Can’t believe she’s 2 already!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2018 QUBE and angles QAL info

I’ve started to get questions about next year’s Accuquilt QUBE QAL as we’re finishing up this years QAL and it’s been a BLAST!!
2018’s QAL will be a bit different.
It will be a sampler quilt with different sized blocks!!
-BUT it will still work with ANY of the QUBE sets and matching Angles companion set- YAY!
the finished quilt be just be different sizes Smile
EACH quilt will use 5 fabrics! (If you choose to follow that)- You may want to round UP a bit on the yardage…
a main color A (dark)
color B (dark)
color C (medium)
color D (medium-light)
color E (Light)

I think I'll use white for color A on one quilt and reverse the order so light to dark instead.
I'll use black on another quilt for A (solid)
using a solid is a good idea, it really doesn't matter where the solid is, as the whole quilt will have a scrappy look to it.

If you’re using the 6” QUBES the finished size will be
45” x 51”
Color A at least 1 1/4- 1 1/2yd (EQ says 1 1/4yd)- you can you FQs but this is used for inner border as well so some yardage is needed
Color B 3/4-1yd (or 3FQs)
Color C 3/4-1yd (or 4 FQs)
Color D 3/4-1yd (or 4 FQs)
Color E 3/4-1yd (or 3 FQs)

If you’re using the 8” QUBES the finished size will be
60” x 68”
Color A 1 3/4yd (see notes above)
Color B 1yd (or 4FQs)
Color C 1yd (or 5 FQs)
Color D 1 1/4yd (or 6 FQs)
Color E 1 1/4yd (or 4 FQs)

If you’re using the 9” QUBES the finished size will be
67 1/2” x 76 1/2”
Color A 2yds (see notes above)
Color B 1 1/4yd (or 5 FQs)
Color C 1 1/4yd (or 5 FQs)
Color D 1 1/2yd (or 6 FQs)
Color E 1 3/4yd (or 7 FQs)

If you’re using the 12” QUBES the finished size will be
90” x 102”
Color A  3yds (see notes above)
Color B 1 3/4yd (or 8 FQs)
Color C 1 3/4yd (or 8 FQs)
Color D 2 1/4yd (or 10FQs)
Color E 2 1/4yd (or 11 FQs)
-don’t know why the FQs don’t really match the yardage on this size, maybe because the pieces are SO big, so either use yardage or scraps in the same color tone Winking smile

I’ll list a new block every Monday again starting in January and I “think” I’ll finish after 38 weeks… unless I “stretch” it out, we’ll see!
If you don’t have your QUBE sets or Angles companion sets yet get them by going to Accuquilt- link on the right side of my blog.
-I’m an affiliate so if you purchase thru my site I get a small percentage- which of course I appreciate and will spend buying more fabric!! ha ha

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


It was TIME!!

Time or clean and organize (clean is a bad word around here-especially with my online friend Renie too!)

I have these wire/metal shelves in my room – one set on the left and one of the right, I’ve always had this one blocking my window, and lately it seems like toys just took over and I’ve pretty much only used the top half of each one, so I was looking at it and figured I could break it down and use just ONE shelf unit!


So I started my mission!

I emptied the shelves


moved all the toys out of there (Anja crawled up there herself!)

-and do you see her NOT playing with the toys, but with a Wii remote!?

another reason why I wanted to move things around!!


The shelves were pretty firmly on there so I had to borrow a mallet from the garage and before I knew it, Anja was “helping” me too my banging on the shelves!!


Half way broken down!


Then I just put together one half (the half that was wider than the other) and stacked my fabrics on there, Swiffer got his basket at the VERY top!


I swapped the curtain with one that was already hemmed and tugged it behind the shelf a bit AND the big thing was to move the girl’s play kitchen in here!!

It was heavy, but my “trick” was to lay a quilt on the floor next to it, then I flipped the kitchen down onto it’s side onto the quilt and just slid the whole thing into my room, easy peasy!!

Now Swiffer has a platform to jump from and to also!!


I’m very happy how it all looks, we’ll see how long the bottom shelf stays organized as it’s within reach of little hands, but I think she’s old enough to know “NO!”…


What do you think?

Monday, November 13, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 44

It’s week 44 and I actually had another block in mind but realized it was sort of a duplicate (hard to keep track of 48 different blocks!!) so I designed another block and also used the most neglected die in the QUBE set (I think)- the parallelogram die!!
Block 44 is a LeMoyne star block
sampler 44b
Don’t worry it’s not hard!
It only uses 2 dies #5 and # 7
2 fabrics plus white.
First cut out 8 of shape #5 and fabric A
Then with the paralellogram die #7 cut out 4 each of white and fabric B
PAY attention to the direction of the fabric (obviously with white it doesn’t matter) but with fabric B you can’t double fold and lay on the die, you have to pick if you want them ALL to be right side up or right side down, I did right side down.
with this block I like to lay all the pieces right side up and the white next to it but make sure it’s opposite of the other paralellogram shape, then sew the #5 triangles to one angled side of the pieces, (so opposite on the white)
Then sew remaining triangles on there but not to create rectangles instead to created larger triangles!
Then sew opposite sets together like this.
I ironed the seams open for the rest of the seams, to reduce bulk on the final block
Then sew the block together like this!
Here’s the blocks from the participants
4342renie43lynne6-84342 shayne43donna43michelle43Lorri
and TAMMY finished a top!! she set it on point! how clever Smile
And here’s one that  Deborah cut out in a week from batiks!!