Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 project list wk28

I worked in it within the last week it’s in red


#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging – finishing up applique

#2 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#3 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt

#4 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#5(Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – DONE!

#6 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed (I may donate these?!)

#7 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- DONE!

#8 (Aug 2016) Mini Ohio Star RSC16- DONE!

#9 (August 2017) EPP Milifori- DONE!

#10 (July 2017) Round Robin- top done

#11 (Nov 2017) Binding strip quilt – DONE!

#12 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 6” QUBE  blue -DONE!

#13 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 8” TULA PINK- top done

#14 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 9” QUBE red black- top done

#15 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 12” QUBE BATIK- top and border done

#16 (Dec2017) Batik Qube scrappy angles blocks “circles”- DONE!

#17 (Dec 2017) Jelly roll puzzle batik quilt- DONE!

#18 (Dec 2017) Patriotic QUBE quilt for Mccall’s- DONE and mailed

#19 (Jan 2018) Accuquilt Colorado Block quilt- DONE

#20 (Jan 2018) Cardtrick quilt – DONE

#21 (Jan 2018) Friendship star table topper- DONE

#22 (Jan 2018) Prarie Queen pillow- DONE

#23 (Jan 2018) Grunge Love quilt- DONE and mailed

#24 (Feb 2018) New technique for IB- DONE!

#25 (Feb) Mini Love IB- DONE

#26 (Feb) maple Leaf quilt- DONE

#27 (Feb) scrappy Qube quilt- DONE!

#28 (Feb)- April blog hop 30 blocks- DONE!

#29 (Mar) IB April Vintage quilt- DONE!

#30 (Mar) Heart picnic quilt- DONE

#31 (Jan) US Bea top- DONE!

#32 (Mar) scrappy QUBE quilt brown black – DONE!

#33 (rainbow blocks) sister’s choice- #7 done

#34 (March) Baby yellow brick road batiks– DONE!

#35 (April) April Accuquilt blog post- project done

#36 (Apr) X and + runner IB qube- DONE!

#37 (Apr) pink batik quilt- DONE!

#38 (rainbow blocks) bear claw- #7 done

#39 (Apr) phone book quilt- DONE!

#40 (May) Frog quilt- DONE!

#41 (May) Star quilt for hop- DONE

#42 (May) Outer space quilt for hop- DONE

#43 (rainbow blocks) Mosaic blocks –#7 done

#44 (May)1 1/2” squares and snowball quilt- DONE!

#45 (May) isosceles triangle rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#46 (May) small tumbler rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#47 (May) large half hexie rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#48 (May) tiny half hexie rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#49 (May) Northwood quilt- DONE and mailed

#50 (June) Bargello Jelly roll quilt- DONE!

#51 (June) Patriotic Chain Quilt- DONE and mailed

#52 (June) charm hexies quilt- sewing pieces together

#53 (June) – IB secondary design quilt- DONE!

#54 (June) mini Batik Table topper winter blue- DONE!

#55 (June) Batik table runner brown-quilted

#56 (June) Elephant runner- DONE!

#57 (July) elephant quilt- top done

#58 (July) Tula table topper- top almost done

#59 (June) Owl quilt- DONE and mailed

#60 (June) rainbow Geese blocks (x2)- #7 done

#61-62 (July)Round Robin –got one, needs to add border #1

#63-64(July)b/w and patriotic runners AQ- DONE!

#65 (July) IB Blog hop quilt- top done

#66 (July)Christmas blog hop- project planned


#1 (May)6T Primrose dress Sonja- pieces cut out


#1(Sept 2013) farm animal panel- don’t know what to do with it yet, if it’s a quilt or a bag/pillow?

#2 (August 2017) Birthday pillow- quilted, need to add backing and stuff it

#3 (Sept 2017) #5 Kennel batik quilt- DONE!

#4-5 (Jan) 2 funky friends for Island Batik- DONE!

#5 (Feb 2018) LOVE pillow for Accuquilt- DONE!

#6 (Feb) heart potholders- DONE!

#7 and 8 (Feb) 2 more Kennel quilts- DONE!

#9 (March) Potholder April- DONE

#10 (Mar) Craft is art bag- DONE!

#11 (Apr) multi+ purse pincushion- DONE

#12-13 two batik embroidered pincushions- DONE

#14 (May) pentagon fabric ball- DONE

#15 (May) EPP pincushion- DONE

#16-17 (June) 2 sets of potholders – DONE!

#18-19 (June) 2 more pincushions DONE!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Island Batik table topper is finished

I finished the winter batik table topper that I showed here

I made it with the 6” QUBE set and leftover 10” squares from a stack from Island Batik!


On the borders I quilted straight lines, on the blocks I did curves from corner to corner


It can kind of go for the secondary design “theme” that Island Batik has in July Winking smile

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Patriotic Quilt with QUBE set

Did you see this quilt I made in patriotic colors for Accuquilt’s blog?
It’s made with scraps of red, white and blue fabrics and the 8” QUBE and companion angles sets!
It’s set on point but that’s still super easy!
it measures 34” x 45”
Have a look with the above link and see how I made it!

Did you also see the Christmas in July sale on Accuquilt’s site?
Christmas in July
Here’s some things I’ve made with some of the sale dies Smile
felt ornaments made with the holiday accessories and circles dies
how to make Christmas ornaments
LeMoyne quilt
wonky heart
spool die
serendipity qube set with ohio star block
and star table runner
holiday medley
Embroidery Design
flying geese
churn dash
fall medley
2014-10-13 028

flowering snowball
2014-05-17 002
9” wedge
2014-04-12 011
small tumbler
big snail trail
2015-05-13 002
I think that’s enough inspiration for you Winking smile
If you click thru the links on my site and order anything, I get a small commission- anything helps Smile

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Round Robin kick off!

This year’s round robin had 13 people in it and to make it even I split us up with 7 in each group and I’m in 2!
I was really toying with the block for the center, it can be any size, just HAS to use accuquilt!
So I was looking in EQ and playing around with block ideas and I opened up “women of the bible” –I’ve made 3 different quilts with these blocks! I found this one- it’s proverbs 31- not hinting at anything Winking smile
anyways, as I looked at it I imagined the middle being 6”, because then I could use the 6” QUBE set for the little square and triangles, and all the rest would use the 12” qube set,
Recently I got this pretty orange/green and yellow FQ bundle and I figured I’d start cutting into it!
Also I looked at my new anniversary dies from Accuquilt, and the elephant die has just been sitting on my shelf and wasn’t used yet, so I just felt like I HAD to use it NOW!
So I decided what colors went were on the block and prepared the elephant pieces
and I machine embroidered it on.
and quickly I made the block like this, it measures 18 1/2”
For block #2 I came up with another idea, at first I thought I’d do more applique, but once I started this idea of just using blue and white, I felt it was enough Smile
blue white block 16 with8inqube
The block looks tricky, but it’s NOT! see what it looks like now with the lines in the block!
blue white block 16 with8inqubeb
I decided to use my 8” QUBE and companion sets for this block, so the finished block is 16 1/2”
In white I cut out (4) of shape #3
(24) of shape #5
(4) of shape #10
Light blue I cut out (4R and 4W) of shape #9 –doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong side up on this solid! but just in case you use a print Winking smile
in medium blue (4) of #5
and (4R and 4W) of shape #7
then dark blue (8 ) of #5 and
(4) of #16
You know I like to sew as much together as I can before I go iron (ironing the seams OPEN)
here’s more progress!
Oh, and all these fabrics were FQs, it was a squeaker with the white, but I made it!
then sections are sewn together
and a 1/4 block
And VOILA! the block is done!
I love blue and white together!
So these two blocks are on the way to the round robin participants.

I also wanted to show this picture I took really quick.
Our church was collecting stuff to a pregnancy support center, and I figured I’d donate some quilts that have been on my shelf for a long time! plus a diaper bag I made but never used
Some are not “totally” baby quilts, but hopefully they can still use them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Island Batik box #2

I got my 2nd box of goodies from Island Batik on Saturday!

I tried to do a LIVE video on FB but a minute into it, it got really pixelated, maybe it’s my internet connection?? so I took it down.

The box was just HUGE and HEAVY!!


And this title really intrigued me!!


I got a strip set and yardage of Lavendula- pretty lavender/purple and teal/greens!


and 2 sets of 10” stacks! one is paisley dots, I thought I got that once before, but come to think of it, it was for the magazine quilt!!

the 2nd one is called spirit rhythm, reminds me of African safari- at least the front piece does!


Then I also got tons of matching yardages, some are a yard, some half, the neutral was 5 yards!! that should last a while!!


Aurifil has 10yr anniversary so there was a little tote bag with it too and a few threads, this pack of one of each type of threads they carry, I think, at least they matched the booklet which is very educational.


And there was 3 packs of batting from Hobbs

One was a queen sized cotton batting and the other two were 60x60 wool and wool blend batting, I don’t think I’ve ever quilted with wool batting before?


I’ve rearranged my batting and things and right now everything is in a corner on the floor behind my long arm frame, I still have un-opened packs from the last box!


and the feline fine fabrics were in a surprise bundle I can’t show yet, but they are SO cute!! just wait and see Winking smile

I was talking to Connie (freemotion by the river) and found out this is our 10th box from Island Batik!!

I’m not as organized as her, but look at her 9 boxes (plus new one)

And my other friend Vicki said this box had 27yds of fabrics!

That’s a lot of quilts! yet me manage to use it all or most of it Smile

Well my mind is spinning with ideas, I want to cut into these already, well the yardage is waiting to be washed and the “surprise” bundle from the 1st box this year needs to be cut into for the island Batik Outdoors blog hop in August! so….wait and see….

wait and see…..


and see…

ha ha (evil laugh)


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