Thursday, February 23, 2017

A new pincushion and tedious sewing

A lady at church walked up to me last Sunday and gave me a belated birthday gift and I didn’t open it until I got home.

It was a pincushion!! – she knows me well Winking smile


Can’t figure out how she managed to do this braid, I see tiny hidden stitches, but that takes quite some work!


Thanks TINKER!! (yes that’s her name and no, her last name is NOT Bell)


Meanwhile I’ve started some tedious sewing for Island Batik’s March challenge!


And I’m about half way done with the hexagon mermaid quilt!


also someone commented a while ago about my Women of the bible blocks and I decided to bust them out again and I saw why I kind of stopped, the next several blocks are tricky or tedious too bit I managed to FPP one block- This is Wise Woman of Abel

The block is 6 1/2” so these squares are tiny!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Island Batik Kennel Quilts

Another challenge from Island Batik for this month was Kennel Quilts and it was very specific about size and how it’s made.

Kennel Quilts

It has to be 12” x 18” so it can fit inside the small travel kennel and then nothing loose on it or binding that might come off.

I decided to try some of these rolls and washed a few of them first.

Each roll has (4) 5” x WOF strips


So after washing and ironing I trimmed them down to 3 1/2” x 18 1/2” (x2)


and sewed 4 strips together twice


Then of course I couldn’t help but get out some Accuquilt dies and thought it would be cute with a cat and dog on it



Then I button hole stitched it down with a new brown thread that was in the IB box Smile


Then I laid one piece right side up on a scrap piece of batting, then one right side down on top and lined up the seams and sewed around the edge, leaving and opening at the bottom


Then I turned it right side out after I trimmed the batting and ironed the opening and then top stitched all the way around in a sparkly blue variegated thread that was also in the box!


Of course I had to get Swiffer to pose on the quilt with Sonja’s help, as he’s a shelter kitty who we just got last summer




Then with some more sets of strips I made two more mini quilts


Here they are all rolled up.



I dropped them off at the local shelter, which is a mile away from me and they loved them!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shelves full of yarn pattern

I have a new pattern listed in my craftsy store!
This one is called Shelves full of yarn.
snowball fightb
Finished Size: 42” x 60”
Finished Block size: 6”
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Snowball blocks made from crumbs and nine patches sorted by color, looks like shelves full of balls of yarn!
snowball trimbsnowball rainbow2
Here’s some close ups on the quilt
I did have testers too but only one sent me pictures in time
Here’s Terry’s version- LOVE IT!
16508285_10202895780831016_1049028560749952291_n16508540_10202895780871017_2880141387192786104_n16640531_10202895779790990_8461282509698448308_n16648994_10202895779630986_6145439322266474629_nTerry T
If you’d like to be added to my tester’s list, let me know!!
I usually ask for a turnout of a month and just want pictures and feedback if you find any typos or anything like that on the pattern. And then you get the pattern of course Smile
If YOU would like to win a pdf of this pattern, enter below

Monday, February 20, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block6

It's time for block #6 (The end of the first row)
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block6
For this block you'll also need the companion set like last week!
You'll need shapes #5, #8 and #10
and two colors of fabrics plus white
From white cut 2 of #8
From color A cut 2 of shape #10 ( both right sides up if directional fabric- I didn't)
From color B cut 2 of #8 and 4 of #5
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block6
Sew the small #5 triangles to the angled sides of the #10 signature block
and also sew pairs of rectangles together
this is where I realized that the signature fabric was flipped but I decided to keep it this way.
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block6
Then sew block together
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block6
and this super easy block is done!
(If you don't have the companion set, you could use a large square instead of the signature block or add small squares to opposite corners of a large square and then sew down the middle and trim)
here's a picture of the first 6 blocks = 1 row

I am not doing a batik 12" version this time again, but could possibly do it with a large square instead of the signature block, but I chose not to.
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block6
at the end we'll shuffle the blocks so it's okay if some colors are touching or seem clustered together

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 project list wk7

Here’s my list for this week

  if I worked on it within the last week it’s in red


#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- DONE

#3 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#4(Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks

#5 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt

#6 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#7(Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – 24 done

#8 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Appliqued School house blocks – top done

#9(Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Ohio Star blocks –quilting it

#10 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Log Cabin blocks(2)- DONE!

#11 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Hunter Star blocks- yellow done

#12 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Snail Trail/ monkey wrench blocks- top done

#13 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” flying geese blocks- DONE!

#14 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed (I may donate these?!)

#15 (April 2016) OWL rsc16 blocks-12done

#16 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- 4 done

#17 (April 2016) fleur de lis rsc16 blocks –DONE- donated

#18 (Aug 2016) Mini Ohio Star RSC16- working on red blocks

#19 (Aug 2016) Road Home RAL- row done

#20 (Nov 2016) Mermaid Hexagon quilt- many hexies done- I think half way done

#21 (Dec 2016) Accuquilt QUBE 8”sampler QAL 12 blocks done

#22 (Jan 2017) Accuquilt QUBE 12” sampler (same as above) – #12 done

#23 (Dec)TT underwater quilt –DONE!

#23 (Dec 2016) IB blog hop quilt for Jan it’s a HOOT-DONE!

#24 (2016) Blue broken dishes topper –DONE!

#25 (Jan 2017) Grey and Blue star Accuquilt topper- DONE!

#26 (Jan 2017) Star FQ quilt for accuquilt- DONE!

#27 (Jan 2017) Fiesta quilt for Accuquilt- DONE!

#28 (Jan 2017) white grey Hunter Star quilt- almost done with blocks

#29 (Jan 2017) Log Cabin blog hop quilt- DONE!

#30 (Jan 2017) Valentine’s QUBE wall hanging- DONE!

#31(Fall 2016) Fall leaf blocks from pine tree- top done


#1&2 (Jan 2017) Mermaid dresses for Sonja and Anja- DONE!

#3 &4 (Feb 2017) Strawberry dresses for Sonja and Anja- cut out pieces


#1 Owl potholder- DONE

#2(Sept 2013) farm animal panel- don’t know what to do with it yet, if it’s a quilt or a bag/pillow?

#3,4,5 (3 owl felt pincushions) 2 blue and one pink/ purple

#6 blue owl pincushion- DONE

#7-11 (Feb 2017) 5 owl purses- almost done

Friday, February 17, 2017

Blue modern table runner

Remember at the beginning of the year I posted this picture?


It was meant to be part of a scrappy backing but I changed my mind on that, so now that this was made I decided to turn it into a table runner instead and I trimmed the sides so each was the same width.

And then I figured that I could play on my funquilter again!

I recently saw a neat feathered border on pinterest and wanted to try that, so I not only marked the top and bottom of where the feathers should be but drew the whole spine in chalk pencil and then usually when I quilt feathers I fill up the space but this time I was going for uniformed sizes of the feathers and then did a curved line as a fill in from each side.


I did ruler work on the middle and after I outlined –in the ditch on the perimeter of the blocks I then decided to go diagonally against the block triangles and I love how it turned out!!


I hand did the binding in turquoise.


Here’s the whole topper done, it’s 16 1/2” x 50”


What a fun project to play with and it was SEW each with the funquilter!

(I need to figure out how to mount my video camera on it soon)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

pine tree’s maple leaves

Remember this picture from an earlier post?
I won a bunch of maple leaf blocks from my quilt guild (pine tree) and then I’ve used scraps of batiks and my 8” QUBE set to cut out a gazillion 2 1/2” squares….
I had this layout in mind from EQ
fall leaf2
I won 34 blocks but only needed 30, so I picked out 4 that either didn’t match or just weren’t right…
And here’s the quilt top after all the squares are added!
I love how it turned out, even with some blocks being swapped or fudged to fit, it turned out great!
Here’s a close up of the border
I gave this back to pine tree for someone else to finish and then donate the quilt.