Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday - Faith

I finally got around to quilting this Panel I had made a while ago.

Pattern is by McKenna.

It’s all raw edge appliqued and since I did it in black I wasn’t sure what color to quilt it in, then I thought of WHITE and just did it simple. I only quilted the applique shapes and nothing else

2014-04-16 0012014-04-16 002

After I quilted it, I trimmed it down and made a pillow

2014-04-16 003

I even added a zipper! forgot how EASY that was for a pillow!

2014-04-16 004

Since I just quilted the shapes it made everything else be more puffy, a fun effect

2014-04-16 0052014-04-16 006

Thought it would be fitting to post this on Good Friday!



My faith was SURELY tested last week, some of you know my story now and some of you know I just had a bummer week.

I wasn’t going to share it here, but then I also felt I should even though it may be TMI….

Anyways, I had a miscarriage! I was 9wks along and last Sunday started spotting, then the night to Monday I started labor pains and bleeding and passed it/him/her Monday morning….. it really hit me hard. But I know it’s God’s way of saying that something was wrong and He took care of it!

I’ve had a miscarriage before 10yrs ago between my other two kids but I wasn’t that far along and it didn’t hit me as hard as this time.

Then Tuesday Sonja got into my new bottle of ibuprofen, I knew she ate one pill and called 911, they called poison control and weren’t too worried, but then we found an open bottle of children’s liquid ibuprofen and it was empty, though I thought it was close to empty before and there were no spills or sticky-ness on her, but we weren’t sure, so we took her to the ER, after 2 hrs we got sent home and was told it’s really hard to O.D on ibuprofen, you can’t test the blood for it and there was no need to empty her stomach, so that was at least good news!

But I sure didn’t feel like a SUPER mommy last week!

I’m okay now, of course I’ll feel the loss for a while Sad smile

just felt like I had to share this.

We’re going to spend Easter with friends and the girls will wear their new dresses!

Hope you all have a Blessed Easter weekend, and remember the true reason why we celebrate. Smile

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Easter Dresses

When I saw this peasant dress pattern on sale at Peekaboo Pattern shop last week, I HAD to have it! it uses all cotton and fits 3m to size 12.

AWESOME! My oldest daughter picked out fabrics for her dress and I had enough to make a matching one for Sonja, so size 18m and size 8.

2014-04-13 001

I had a cute embroidery of a butterfly on my machine and did it all in one color.

2014-04-13 002

That was inspired by this outfit I saw at the mall last week.


Here’s my two models

2014-04-13 009

Then we went outside and I took LOTS of pics of all three Smile

2014-04-13 021

2014-04-13 0382014-04-13 0542014-04-13 0732014-04-13 081

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bible blocks and pin cushions

I finished last week’s Women of the bible BOW- Miriam

2014-04-10 007

Here’s the first 2 rows of blocks, again they are just 3 1/2” each

2014-04-10 008

Last week I also received TWO pin cushions in the mail.

This lovely star one is from Lynn- love the fabrics on it

(she was a month early)

2014-04-11 0012014-04-11 002

This bunny is from Wanda, a cute crocheted bunny, I got a feeling Sonja will OWN this one soon.

2014-04-11 003

2014-04-11 004

And last week, someone emailed me that she had made the BAJA sunset quilt I had in McCall’s, doesn’t it look awesome??



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Accuquilt Go Challenge April

accuquilt go challenge

This month I’m highlighting the Equilateral Triangle die.

 GO! Equilateral Triangle-4 1/2" Sides (4 1/4" Finished) (55429)

it’s often paired up with the hexagon die, like we saw in February where Connie made a quilt.

I had some batik scraps and decided to make a scrappy random quilt with these triangles.

I didn’t care how the triangles matches up.

I also for once, did mitered corners- I remember why I NEVER do mitered corners! but I do love the result!

2014-04-10 001

I quilted double straight lines on the diagonals and SITD horizontally.

2014-04-10 002

On the border I did a loose zig zag to match the fabric

2014-04-10 003

While I was sewing the binding on, SOMEONE had sticky chocolate hands and grabbed the quilt!!

2014-04-10 004

I used the same chevron fabric for the backing and hanging sleeve

2014-04-10 005

And made this funny quilt label, I don’t know WHY I wanted to stitch out a lion, I just felt like it Winking smile

My oldest daughter names the quilt because she saw stars and a mountain in the triangles.

2014-04-10 006

Here’s my original EQ sketch of the equilateral quilt


Here’s a “planned” quilt for a two colored quilt in 2 different tones


I also did an EQ Tutorial on how to design a quilt with the hexagons and triangles here.


I also finished quilting and adding binding on the wedge quilt!

I kept the odd edges on the sides, a bit tricky with the binding, but I managed Smile

2014-04-12 011

I quilted a pointed loopy meandering all over it in the green variegated thread from Connecting threads I got a few weeks ago.

2014-04-12 012

2014-04-12 013

2014-04-12 016

I came up with the name for the quilt and decided to design my own lava lamp in EQ7, turned out pretty well Smile

the text is done on my embroidery machine

2014-04-12 014

(If you’re looking for the Tutorial Tuesday I did it yesterday for the photo blog hop)


HAVE YOU SEEN THE Accuquilt BLOCK design contest????

You just have to register and then you can upload as many ORIGINAL blocks as you want!!

(I’m still thinking about WHICH ones to submit)

It’s open until May 1st, then voting starts until 5/27.

Come join the fun!!


If you have made a quilt with the wedge die or the equilateral dies, link up below.



Monday, April 14, 2014

EQ Photo Blog Hop

blog button 1_thumb[3]

I was trying to think of something NEW with photos, photos are not something I incorporate in quilts often, but I DO want to use them more.

So I started playing around in EQ7.

First I work on BLOCKS.

Then click Blocks/ import image for tracing


I selected this picture of a bunny pin cushion that was from Nancy to Pam in my pin cushion swap.

Here there wasn’t much need to trim up the picture.


Click to fit it inside the block


Now go to the Easy Draw tab

I chose a 8” block and grid and snaps at 32 x 32


Then start drawing lines around the grid.

I wanted to create a EPP block with this.


The whole bunny is done with the outlines at least. now it’s time to fine tune it Smile


Let’s see how this looks to print.


Nope, not working! it needs more lines


Better but not quite right still


Here I deleted some odd lines and extended others.




Here I kept simplifying it


Pretty good except I don’t like the triangle in the middle, but that’s fixable!


I realized that the line in the middle of that triangle could be eliminated


after I removed that one it looks MUCH better


Let’s try and color it

That looks pretty cute!


Let’s print it ( I moved a few of the pieces over to the 2nd page)


When I do EPP, I still click on the rotary cutting directions and get a good idea about how big to cut and often cut 1/4” larger than that and more if it’s a triangle.

No need to print these, just copy them down or read and cut Smile


Here’s my finished block (forgot to flip the block)

2014-04-13 087

Here’s the other Bloggers on this fun blog hop

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And there’s a giveaway!!

Electric Quilt is giving away

One pack of Inkjet Fabric and one copy of Digital Essentials by Gloria Hansen

enter here for your chance

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Thanks to Carol for organizing this Smile