Wednesday, May 27, 2015

customer’s quilt is done

Last week I also finished this customer quilt –from scratch

I told you about it on my accuquilt post on the 15th

2015-05-21 002

I quilted allover pointy swirls

2015-05-21 003

On the backing I used the black military print fabric, there was enough to do the whole backing.

2015-05-21 004

I also surprised her with a mouse with the initial of the grandson on the belly, she loved it :)

2015-05-19 005

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Monkey Wrench quilts


I was stumped as to what to show this week, but then I was looking at recent quilts and published quilts and I figured I’d show the Monkey wrench quilt that was published in Fons and Porter recently

2015-05-01 001

Once I downloaded the fabrics in EQ it was easy to design.


I found the monkey wrench block in the library


and added it to a quilt layout 5 x 7 with 8” blocks


with the spray can and paint brush I started coloring the blocks

This was the spray can and trying to use EACH fabric from the line


Then I started focusing on diagonal lines and the whole twist of the monkey wrench block and I also added two borders.


I even tried to play around with quilt designs on layer 3.


Here’s the recent one I made for a customer who was inspired by the magazine quilt and where I used the accuquilt GO die for it.


I know this wasn’t much of a tutorial but more of a show and tell, but if you’ve made a Monkey wrench quilt before, link up below.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Craft show this weekend

Most of last week I prepped for the craft show this weekend, I got another file from embroiderygarden for these doggie eyeglass holders.

2015-05-19 009

First I started with neutral dog “colors”

 2015-05-20 003

Then I got a little braver

2015-05-20 004

I know you’ve seen a floral patterned blue dog right?

(I actually said that to a customer at the show and she said Of course! if you haven’t, you haven’t used the right drugs?? LOL)

 2015-05-22 002

2015-05-22 005


My old basket was this one and it worked okay since I only had cats and owls but it didn’t look right when I added the doggies.

2015-05-22 001

So I told that to my husband that maybe ONE day he could make a case for me (I knew it would be too early for the show as I think I told him Wednesday night)

well guess what??? he did it….. WHAT a guy!

2015-05-22 003

This box is perfect!

2015-05-22 004 

Saturday morning my son and I went there at 6.30am! and set up and here’s the booth.

We had bought a tent online a few weeks ago, just so I’d have one! but borrowed the tables and chairs


I only brought 3 quilts to hang on the sides and 2 for a table cloth, the rest were small items.

Dolls and eyeglass holders on one table


stuffed animals and baskets on the other


I sold mostly eyeglass cases and I think 2 stuffies.

Overall I did fine, I earned enough to pay for my booth fee and tent, so no loss.


The craft show was combined with a farmers market (they are there every Saturday)

we found snap peas! oh that reminded me SO much of Denmark. I bought a BIG bag of it and we ate some there and the rest are almost gone!

IMG_20150523_114336264 IMG_20150523_114543550

Friday, May 22, 2015

Covering America – block 21 Massachusetts

covering america2

This week’s block is Massachusetts!

(finally an easy block to construct!)

2015-05-21 001

Here’s some facts about this state

Massachusetts flag

Admission to Statehood: February 6, 1788 (6th State)

Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897.

There is a house in Rockport built entirely of newspaper.

The Fig Newton was named after Newton, Massachusetts.

Quincy boasts the first Dunkin Donuts on Hancock Street and the first Howard Johnson's on Newport Ave.

The first U.S.Postal zip code in Massachusetts is 01001 at Agawam.

The Mather school was founded in Dorchester in 1639. It is the first public elementary school in America.

The Boston Tea Party reenactment takes place in Boston Harbor every December 16th.

The official state dessert of Massachusetts is Boston cream pie.

The first World Series, 1903: the Boston “Americans” (became the Red Sox in 1908) vs. the Pittsburg Pirates (Pittsburgh had no “h” between 1890–1911)

(The site I have bookmarked for funny facts didn’t have Massachusetts in there)


If you made the block link up below and comment that you did.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Be attitudes- be honest (a bit late)

be attitutes 2015

a day late, but better late than never :)

This month I made the “be honest” block, I skipped over the respectful one which shows a grandfather and I’m planning to also skip over the santa one and already did the bunny one, so this way it should be 9 blocks at the end (If I don’t run out of fabrics before.

Here’s the block just fused down

2015-05-20 001

what a difference some blue thread makes!

2015-05-20 002

If you are stitching along, link up below and comment that you did (I’m still not getting emails from linkytools when people link up)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Accuquilt winnings!

I was so excited when I heard I made the top 10 for the block design with accuquilt this year.

Soon after that a package arrived at my door step with this inside.

Quilt design wizard (most likely have this as a giveaway as I have EQ7 already- no biggie)


and two packs of FQ bundles from Andover and Island Batik

and a thread bundle from aurfil

2015-05-12 002

Then I also won $50 worth of accuquilt products and I chose the sunbonnet sue die (have always wanted this one) and then Marjorie’s CD with machine appliqued designs for the die was a perfect match to put my total to just over $50.

Can’t wait to get started on these!!

2015-05-19 008

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Yesterday I started making some mice for the upcoming craft show.

Here’s 4 that I made (6 x 10” hoop size)

The pattern is from dolls and daydreams here

  2015-05-19 001

 2015-05-19 002

2015-05-19 003

2015-05-19 004

I’m actually sewing a lot LESS lately because SOMEONE wants to play- I know, how dare she! ;)

Sonja’s favorite is play doh, we’ve used it for bribery for potty training last year, and for sleeping NOT in our bed, she Looooves play doh. If she’s not playing with it, she watches youtube videos about it.

We made this yesterday (she made the green fruit)

2015-05-17 001

2015-05-17 003

Monday, May 18, 2015


I got my May pincushion in the mail this weekend from Janet, a cute cup o’ joe or cappuccino?

whatever it is, it’s adorable :)

 2015-05-16 001

2015-05-16 002

I also sent mine off to Wendy this month, a felt birdie with a nest/ thread catcher.


I’m also gearing up for a local craft show, I found doll stands at A.C. Moore for $4 for large and $2.30 for medium so I got 3 of each and tried them out, I think I will just do the dolls in them, the owls and other stuffies look cuter in a basket.

Also got my own 10 x 10ft tent for it, so I really hope this show is worth it!

Just need to make more stuffies, especially mice and eyeglass cases

2015-05-15 001

Oh and I got a cell phone last week too, my first one every! we’ve been very anti- cell phones for a long time, but finally broke down and got one for me and one for our son who got his a month ago, but I “needed” one too, –already addicted to stupid games on there ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 project list wk 20

Here’s an update on my 2015 list

Things in red are projects I’ve worked on this week

items in red, I worked on recently

#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging –working on the baby giraffe now

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#3 (2012) bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show –DONE Feb 2015!

#4 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#5 (2013)- roman holiday kit 

#6 (April 2013) – blue/ yellow kaleidoscope blocks, have 5 done.

#7 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel – embroidery panel just done, can’t remember if I gave it away

#8 (Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks done

#9 (Jan 2014) Quilted Jacket wonky logs – DONE!

#10 (Jan 2014) Women of the bible BOW 3” –top done

#11 (January 2014) Kitschy BOM- DONE! Jan 2015

#12 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt- working on blocks

#13 (?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#14 (June 2014) Swoon block swap – all 16 done and mailed out to everybody top done

#15(June 2014) Pine Tree BOMs-DONE Jan 2015!

#16 (September) Winter mystery QAL- made #1 SNOW ROW

#17 (December) Grand illusion mystery QAL –top done,DONE! Jan 2015

#18 (December) purple and red Island batiks sock hop- DONE! Jan 2015

#19 (January 2015) Covering America-page block 20 of 50 done

#20 (January) Peanuts BOM- block 5 done 

#21 (January) Island batik market quilt- DONE! Jan 2015

#22 GO BIG project- DONE for blog hop Jan 2015

#23 BOXED IN- DONE Jan 2015

#24 (January 2015) Be attitudes BOM –working on block 5 and 6

#25 (Feb 2015) Secret bird project- DONE

#26(Feb 2015) Mini tumbler GO quilt- DONE

#27 (Feb 2015) Scrappy blue QST quilt- DONE

#28 (Feb 2015) Scrappy Drunkard’s quilts-ready to quilt

#29 (Feb 2015) Birdie FPP pillow- DONE!

#30 (Feb 2015) Apples FPP- top done

#31 (Oct 2014-April 2015) Round robin- DONE!

#32 (Feb 2015) Funky sundress Sonja- DONE!

#33 (Feb 2015) owl felt pincushions- 4 done

#34 (Feb 2015) turtle felt pincushion – 2 done

#35 (March 2015) My little pony quilt- top done

#36 (April 2015) My little pony dress 3T- DONE April

#37 (April 2015) Bird pincushion- done

#38 (March 2015) Apple bunch test quilt – DONE

#39 (March 2015) Birds in trees pillow- DONE

#40 (March 2015) Little Gems blog hop quilt- DONE

#41 (April 2015) GO Project for April-bowties- top done

#42 (May 2015) Hello Kitty outfit for Sonja- pieces cut and sewing together

#43 (May 2015) snail trail quilt- quilted just needs binding

D&D Dolls- 8 done

D&D owls- lots done

D&D mice- 5 done

D&D lambs – 4 done

eyeglass cases- lots done


I know lists are “boring” but this is more to motivate me :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Accuquilt Go Challenge – BIG Snail Trail

accuquilt challenge 2015

This month I used the BIG Snail Trail Die to make a quilt top for a customer who wanted a quilt for her grandson.

GO! Big Snail's Trail-12" Finished Fabric Cutting Die (55460) - packaging shown (front)

She had already bought a bunch of fabrics, her grandson loves army tanks.

2015-05-07 001

we agreed on the die (since she saw the blocks on the recent batik quilt I made for Fons and Porter)

So I designed this in EQ7 and she liked it (I later removed the yellow and substituted out the black fabric- as it just didn’t match the other fabrics) Finished size is 59 x 71

accuquilt monkey wrench soldier

This die is a BOB die (block on board) so it cuts out all the pieces at once, SUPER easy!

I laid out 6 layers of fabric at a time and used my GO BIG to cut them out

2015-05-07 002

Easy peasy and very little waste, especially for being such a complicated die/block

2015-05-07 003

2015-05-07 004

2015-05-07 005

The thing I LOVE about the GO dies and especially THIS one is the dog ears or rather lack of them! the dog ears of the smallest triangles are cut straight to match the 4 patch  and the tip of the triangle is cut off too

2015-05-09 002

so the 2nd triangle set’s dogs ears are cut an an angle to match and fit those cut off tips from the row before.

2015-05-11 001

see here on the back

 2015-05-11 002

all the triangles have this to fit right and it’s a perfect block!

2015-05-12 001

here’s some of the blocks matched up on the design wall, looks good and I was nervous about the directional fabrics but it adds nice movement to the quilt!

2015-05-13 001

and here’s the top done!!

I will quilt it soon as she would like it before the end of the month.

2015-05-13 002

Have you made a snail trail quilt?

Link up below if you have (with or without the GO)