Thursday, July 20, 2017

Felt ornaments with the GO cutter

I have a cute tutorial on Accuquilt’s blog showing how to make these cute felt ornaments for Christmas!

-Because we’re all thinking Christmas in July right??

how to make Christmas ornaments

The ornaments are made from the circle die

how to make Christmas Ornaments

and the holiday accessories die

how to make Christmas ornaments

and optionally you can also use the alphabet die

how to make Christmas Ornaments

and the holiday medley die

how to make Christmas Ornaments

I thought it would be fun to make something that’s not JUST cotton and quilting, so I used craft felt and embroidery floss and made these 3 cute ornaments in an afternoon Smile

How to make Christmas ornaments

Have a look!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

women of the bible and circles

Anja got into my fabrics and UFO bins again! (of course she’s HELPING!!)


well she got into my Woman of the bible blocks and that DID help me bust them out and see how far I had gone, so I decided to make another block or at least prep it.

This one is block #28 Widow of Zarephath it’s called dinner plate and it’s all appliqued and just like the previous appliqued blocks I just prepped the block as I’ll stitch it down toward the end


Last week on Wednesday night I got food poisoning!!

Oh Boy…. I’ve had it before and this time it’s was “only” vomiting!! but it was rough….. all evening and until the middle of the night! Don’t know what I ate, but I think it was something within a few hours as it didn’t make it far, when I’ve had it before it came out of both ends, not this time!

anyways…. Thursday morning I was OK, just didn’t eat anything until dinner time and I was just relaxing and staying on the couch all day and Friday my stomach muscles were hurting!! plus I lost a few pounds! so Hey, that’s a good thing Winking smile

I was feeling better Friday AND I got a shipment from Accuquilt, I got some circle dies! (the one on the right I already had) now I got my thinking cap on and I’m thinking about what to do with them, I have lots of ideas (as you may have seen my EQ tutorial already)

Could have used some of these circles for the Women of the bible quilt above- oh well, too late!


I have been working on some secret projects, so you’ll see those later Smile

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- circles


I just got more circle dies from Accuquilt and have some ideas already and wanted to show how to play with circles in EQ!

When you start a quilt, start with a custom set


quilt/ new quilt/ custom set and then set the size

I chose a square 40” x 40”

Then I created a block and also made that 40” x 40”

(easy draw + patch draw)


on the applique tab, there’s different shapes on the left side


on the heart, click the little arrow to open it up and the first option is a circle/ oval


then draw a circle, hold down shift to make it a perfect circle


near the top you can then enter a a size you want it to be, I chose 8”


you can also click the center button to make it centered on the block


then copy and paste the circle and adjust to whatever size you want again, I chose 5”


something fun is the wreath button (I think that’s only in EQ7)


with the circle selected, click the wreath button

you can then select the amount of the cluster and placing and distance


then click OK and VOILA!


you can then copy and paste more circles and change the size and play more in the wreath maker and once you’re happy with it, add to sketchbook and put the block into the quilt

I came up with this


or something random like this?


Hope you like circles and play in EQ with them!

Monday, July 17, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 27


Here’s block #27, I actually had a different block in mind but realized it was the same as a previous one but colored differently, (it had a four patch inside the star block) but we have NOT done a simple star block like this yet! Who doesn’t love star blocks??

qube sampler 27

You’ll need dies #1, 2, 4 and 5


You’ll need 3 fabrics plus white (or 2 fabrics plus white if you want the background to be the same)

Cut 1 of #1 in fabric A

4 of #2 in fabric B

4 of #4 in fabric C (of B)

then 8 of shape #5 in white


start by sewing 4 flying geese with the white triangles and #4 triangles


then sew these to the sides of the center square and add corner small squares


and quickly the block is done!


Here’s pics of the participants from last week.

Hannah made this pretty purple block from last week

26 hannah

and Renie made this cool green one

26 renie

Shayne made this happy cherry block!

26 shayne

and Kaye caught up on missing blocks 13-26 here in such fun colors!

26kaye 13-26b26kaye 13-26

and Patty caught up with blocks 24-26 also in these cute florals

26patty 24-26 QAL

It’s SEW much fun to see these blocks all different, I can’t wait to see the final quilts!

I have a surprise coming up next week!!

I got circles dies from Accuquilt recently and I got a duplicate of one of them, so I’m going to be giving one away!!

it’s the 2,3, and 5” circle die


But ONLY to participants, so if you’ve been thinking about joining and haven’t yet, maybe this will “motivate” you to join!?

It’s “best” if you upload a picture to the Accuquilt QUBE Facebook group, but if you don’t have FB you can email it to me if you want.

Have fun!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Long arm quilting a modern quilt

A while ago I got an email from a lady in NY, who was room mates with one of my customer’s daughter up there and she made her first quilt and wanted me to quilt it! So she sent me this link to a very modern quilt that was quilted by Angela Walters and asked me to sort of do it like this!!

SURE…. copy Angela Walters?? sure….. umm. and with lots of thread color changes too!

Once I got the quilt I just started playing around on the white part and sort of copied it and sort of did my own thing and sent her this pic Smile


All done!!

very dense and quite fun to quilt!


here’s some more close ups of the quilting



Here’s a bit of the color change, I deliberately went over the lines and didn’t want the change to be very sudden.

With the quilting I sometimes followed the wedges sometimes I didn’t, that’s what makes it fun I think!


She also added strips of fabric for the binding and asked me to attach it to the front and she’d sew it onto the back.


Hope she like it!

(She has a 2nd quilt for me to quilt too eventually)