Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday recipe Blog Blitz

holiday blog blitz badge

When I was asked by sewcalgal to be part of a Christmas Recipe blog hop, I knew I had to share some recipes from Denmark!

First is Flæskesteg (Danish pork roast)

one of my favorite dishes! Now I usually cook mine in a rotisserie oven we have, so I had to look up this recipe for baking it in the oven. It’s YUMMY!

fleskesteg recipe card

Now with flæskesteg, you HAVE to have red cabbage with it too, so here’s the recipe for that!

red cabbage recipe card2

Then I often boil potatoes too and serve with dinner.


For dessert, we usually eat rice pudding with a cherry sauce

( I haven’t had any luck with making it in the US, so I won’t share the recipe- yet!)

but basically it’s rice cooked in milk (I think) and added whipped cream and chopped slivered almonds PLUS one whole slivered almond.

Then when you eat it, it’s a game to find the whole almond and when you do, you get an “almond”" present” which for adults is often chocolate and for kids it’s a toy.

I remember being SO full after the dinner that it was hard to eat such a rich dessert, but we wanted to find the almond SO bad. the adults would poke around in the bowl with a big serving spoon and tease the kids that THIS was the spoonful with the almond, or when they were eating it they’d stick their tongue in their cheek and say they got it! OR if they actually got it, they would sneak one the kids the almond under the table so they could claim the prize!

usually my cousin would win it, he was the same age at me, but one year I GOT it and won a 4 in a row 3D game, then he started crying and still got a present! not FAIR!! I never cried because I didn’t get it…. SIGH Winking smile


Anyways, I don’t think we’ll do our Christmas dinner as “Danish” style this year, but we’ll still have a yummy turkey!

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Merry CHRISTmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

No more craftsy


I’m sure you have heard/ read that Jan 1st Europe is charging an EU VAT tax to all sellers and it’s up to US to pay the tax in each country.

There’s a few articles about it here and here

I just don’t know what to do or think about this!

I don’t sell much in my craftsy store, though I did reduce the prices to 99c for ALL my patterns during Black Friday and haven’t raised them back up, so if you want some of them, go for it NOW! because I will shut down my store on the 31st of December this year.

I also have an etsy store with some of my quilts and only sold ONE recently- my first sale EVER on there, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep that store or not, as I can change shipping profiles on there and not include international at all.


I do think craftsy should have a feature for us sellers that we can choose to sell to which countries now, sort of like etsy’s shipping profiles but they don’t and don’t take a stand and project or help the sellers, so they will lose a lot of sellers!

So if you want some of my patterns, get them now before it’s too late.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 list again


Here’s my weekly update of my 2014 list

I’ve been working on some last minute Christmas gifts!!


If it’s in RED then I worked on it recently

If it’s crossed out, then it’s completely done

There should be links on most of them too to previous posts

#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging –working on the baby giraffe now

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#3 (2012) bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show –working on appliqued border

#4 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#5 (2013)- roman holiday kit 

#6 (Jan 2013) Ahhhh quilt, DONE! (secret)  Mailed to Tonya

#7 (April 2013) – blue/ yellow kaleidoscope blocks, have 5 done.

#8 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel – embroidery panel just done

#9 (Oct 2013) Scrappy Chain quilt QAL – DONE!

#10 (Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks done

#11(Dec 2013) Hexie Go! baby boy quilt- DONE!

#12 (Dec 2013)Valentine’s GO project-  DONE

#13 (Dec 2013)prayer garden- DONE

#14 (Nov 2013) Celtic Solstice DONE!

#15 (July 2013) Persian star FPP block swap- Half way quilted- a hole in it

#16 (Jan 2014) – Blue girl Dress DONE

#17 (Jan 2014) – McCall’s Rainbow baskets- DONE!

#18 (Jan 2014) McCall’s batiks – ladybugs –DONE!

#19 (Jan 2014) Quilted Jacket wonky logs – sewing pieces together – fabric is here for lining

#20 (Jan 2014) Women of the bible BOW 3” –finished Esther and Queen Vashti

#21 (Jan 2014) “knit” quilt for McCall’s – DONE!

#22 (Jan 2014) Apple core quilt- DONE!

#23 (Jan 2014) solids scraps bow ties- DONE!

#24 (Feb 2014) Stuffed owl DONE!

#25 (Feb 2014) Gym Bag DONE

#26 (Feb 2014) – FQ Afternoon wedge quilt- DONE

#27 (2014) Pin Cushion swaps- December mailed

#28 (March 2014) Embroidery frames here- DONE!

#29 (January 2014) Kitschy BOM- TOP DONE

#30 (?) Faith pillow – DONE!

#31 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt- working on blocks

#32 (March 2014) Shirt and Girl dress- Girl dress DONE

#33 (March 2014) Scrappy Triangles- DONE

#34 (?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#35 (March 2014) Batik Stained glass pattern-DONE!

#36 (March 2014) Mystery Ahhhh- DONE

#37 (March 2014) C.T. Mystery Quilt – DONE!

#38 (March 2014) –scrappy hexie- McCall’s-webinar DONE

#39 (April 2014) 2 Girl Easter Dresses- DONE

#40 (April 2014) Batik signature quilt – DONE

#41 (May 2014) Stuffed mouse- DONE!

#42 (May) Flowering snowball GO! Quilt –DONE

#43 (June 2014) Swoon block swap – all 16 done and mailed out to everybody top done

#44 (June 2014) large bag “coffee”- DONE

#45(June 2014) Pine Tree BOMs- I won mine for november! top done

#46(June) Cupcake pillow DONE

#47 (June) Red and white quilt- DONE

#47 (July) Go! kite die quilt – DONE

#48 (August) feather pillow- DONE

#49(August) Island batiks – let’s dance – DONE

#50(August) purple dress and mouse for friend – DONE

#51 (August) Go! log cabin quilt- DONE

#52 (August) Purple Hexagons EPP- top done

#53 (September) Blue Island batik – DONE!

#54 (September) purple island batik hexagon quilt- DONE!

#55 (September) Kaleidoscope table runner – DONE

#56 (September) owl and kitty eyeglass cases- lots done

#57 (September) embroidered scarf- 3 done

#58 (September) small tumbler quilt- made into kit- gave to pine tree guild

#59 (September) Hawaiian shirt tissue covers – 3 done

#60 (September) – hexagon purses- 2 done

#61 (September) stuffed mice- 9 done

#62 (September) – fabric book- DONE

#63 (September) Winter mystery QAL- made #1 SNOW ROW

#64 (September) 3D cube toy- DONE

#65 (September)- mini batik stars – DONE!

#66 (October) stuffed owls – 8 done

#67 (October) stuffed ITH Bears – 9 done

#68 (October) pin cushions for craft show – about 10 done

#69 (October) Isosceles scrappy GO! quilt- Done

#70 (November) Winter EPP project for Hillbilly Tonya- DONE!

#71 (November) Yenter star project for Hillbilly Tonya- DONE!

#72 (November) 3rd Hillbilly project- returned

#72(summer?) 7 wishes block swap – DONE

#73 (December) Christmas dress for Sonja- DONE

#74 (December) Christmas gifts for Gwen- done and mailed

#75 (December) Christmas gifts for Danish friends- mailed

#76 (December) Grand illusion mystery QAL – clue 3 done

#77 (December) purple and red Island batiks sock hop- working on blocks

#78 and 79 (December) two ITH dolls for Sonja for Christmas- DONE

#80 (December) purse for my daughter’s teacher- DONE

Friday, December 19, 2014

Purple Island batik quilt


It’s about time that I blogged about Island batiks, I keep getting fabrics from them and feel so bad that I’ve had SUCH slow progress lately.

Partly because some couldn’t be revealed until after MARKET and then I also started THIS!! my purple hexagon FPP quilt! Phew it’s taking a long time…. I decided I was close to done here and put it on the wall to figure out which fabrics I was missing and where.

and I am still working on another blue project that’ I’m dragging my feet on.

2014-11-30 008

I cut them out and glue basted a bunch!

2014-11-30 009

then added some more- realized I had turned it a bit but I love it this direction that the light purple goes, so it just needed a bit more and some half hexagons for the top and bottom

2014-12-02 0012014-12-04 001

then I started trimming!

I ironed the whole thing flat and opened up the seams on the sides and trimmed 1/4” from the folded line from the paper pieces.

2014-12-05 001

a bit scary!

2014-12-05 002

Here’s the finished top. I love it!

It’s a nice baby size about 40 x 50”

2014-12-05 003

Here’s the finished quilt with a dark purple binding

2014-12-15 001

and close up of quilting, I did a curve from corner to corner on the hexagon blocks

2014-12-15 002

and then bubbles and a sort of fence design on the border

2014-12-15 003

and a scrappy backing from left overs, as I could just squeeze in a full WOF as the backing.

2014-12-15 004

Thanks Island batiks again for sending these lovely fabrics!

The batiks are called Lavender Breeze and are here

(then a solid black batik also)

Stay tuned for some Island batik fun in January!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

EQ Countdown to Christmas

I happy to show you that I’m part of Electric Quilt’s Countdown to Christmas!


You can download your free EQ project here

When I was asked to design a Christmas quilt, I thought of the REAL reason for Christmas- CHRIST….

So I designed this JESUS table runner and did some auto borders with a vine going around then matched up the bible verse;

“I am the vine you are the branches” John 15:5


Have a look at the other amazing projects too!

and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas dress for Sonja

I recently bought this ENCHANTED pattern on craftsy at Lilac Lanes

Lilac Lane Patterns

I wanted to use this Christmas owl fabric for a dress for Sonja, so I printed out the patters and cut out the pieces- how come it’s SO nerve wrecking to do it, when I have no problem cutting up yardage for quilting? maybe because it’s usually strips and I can re-cut if I make a mistake, here there’s not enough fabric to re-do it….

2014-12-01 001

Here’s the finished front- I used some chevron fabric left over from the swoon quilt

2014-12-03 001

and here’s the back

2014-12-03 002

not the most attractive pictures of Sonja, but it’s still cute on her!

2014-12-03 0032014-12-03 004

Love the back of it with the big bow

2014-12-03 0052014-12-03 0062014-12-03 0072014-12-03 008

It was a fun pattern to make and very detailed directions, I’ll be keeping my eye out for more sales and new patterns!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Block Base winner

I posted about the block base here


there were 39 comments

image picked 32


and that was Dawn

cool she actually roasts chestnuts!!


an email has been sent.

with Dawn’s comment I HAD to find this song on youtube!

Pin cushion swap 2014 link up

The pincushion swap for 2014 is almost over.
It’s been a BLAST! You can click here and see them all
I wanted to have a link up so everyone who participated could show what they got/made.
Here’s what I made

And here’s what I received
2014-12-12 004
If you’ve been part of the swap, link up below

Are you inspired yet? Want to join in 2015?
I will do 3 months at a time in 2015. You just send out ONE pin cushion per month for 3 months, then you can drop off or add to the swap and we’ll continue in chunks of 3 months at a time.
Let me know if you want to join- some of us have done it since last year and it’s a blast! (not mentioning names TURID!!?LOL)