Tuesday, November 24, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday EQ stitch Tracing/ importing an image


When I was washing baby clothes, I found a few plain white onesies and then got the idea of embroidering something on one of them. Like our church’s (Calvary Chapel) Dove.

So I found the file online and saved it.


In EQ Stitch you have to “work on stitching” and then click the trace image tab

And on the left there’s an import image button that you click on.


Once you find your file and import it, just click on the background once and it will pop it in there :)


Zoom in and start adding lines at the point, don’t worry about curves yet!


Then select the shape tool and click the line and near the top you can then choose to convert to curve!


It then adds little points that you can drag down and match the curve like this.


sometimes you may need to add nodes


outside is done


You can click the Stitch tab and see what it looks like!


I might not even do the inside, as I can use the width of the outline stitch to look like that thick line.


I chose to resize it, as it needs to be small on a onesie.



I copied the dove and made a new embroidery as applique


Then added a pink fabric.


You can preview the stitching and when satisfied with it export the stitching file


You select your file type/ ext. and name it then save.


Then add it to your embroidery machine – I have a thumb drive

and try it out!

I will probably add “Calvary Chapel Baby” on my machine when I embroider it.


Have fun

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glad to be home

I’m so glad to be home.

You saw the post about Anja being here early a week ago on the 15th.

I wanted to document a bit more of the whole experience, both as a “diary” post and also to Thank the nurses/Drs at Wake Med in Cary, NC

Sunday morning or day I started “cramping” and wasn’t sure if it was contractions or not, they were somewhat regular but then would stop, then come again and stop (like 10min apart for 2 hrs) then stop for an hour….

I called my Ob/gyn office (which is a pain to deal with on weekends)- had to leave a message for the answering service then wait for the on call midwife to call back and several times she never got the message so I had to call back, my “problem” was early Sunday morning, as I was STARVING and knew that I wasn’t supposed to eat before surgery, so I wanted to know if I should go in or stay home. She first said to stay home and wait it out.

It wasn’t until late afternoon that I had monitored it now 10 min apart for over an hour and it was more than just cramping! so I called her back and she said to pack/get a baby sitter and come in! she would call the hospital.

And to expect a different doctor that was not part of their practice who covers for them ONE weekend a month.

Of course we hadn’t packed a THING! I had waited for diapers from my baby shower and honestly thought I had more time…

I got my friend Laura to come over and hubby had already started dinner so that had to be finished, and I told him to eat too! and he took a shower too and franticly ran around packing too.

Finally, we left, and arrived at Wake Med in Cary at 7.15

On the car ride there, my contractions were 5 min apart of not a little bit less.


I quickly got admitted and hooked up to machines and IV fluids and they said I WAS indeed in labor and about 2-3min apart, they drew some blood for the lab and waited for the results, which took about 10 min (to see platelet count and something else, to see if I can tolerate a spinal- which I could!)


As soon as they got the blood lab results, they wheeled me off!

That’s the Doctor on the left with her hair up (Dr Tatawhe I think that’s how it’s spelled)

She was GOOD btw!


And here I am all prepped and ready, I told them that I always got sick from the anesthesia, so they tried alcohol swabs in front of my nose and just to keep me warm and comfortable.

(Not that you CAN be comfortable in the OR like this!)


Anja was born 21.23pm and the Dr. said this would be my smallest baby she guessed.

My heart dropped, when they said 5lbs 5oz, I thought something Major was wrong with her. But she checked out just fine! and got a 9/9 apgar score.


We went to a recovery room and slept pretty well the first night, they told me that she might not be that hungry the first night, and that’s ok.

Then in the morning I texted Laura and told her first to give the kids a choice, if they wanted to come see the baby early and be late for school or come after school.

To my surprise, it was Bjorn who wanted to come right away, and Solveig who wanted to wait. But I said to come, then they would be the first to see her too!



after 12 hrs they wanted me to get out of bed, at least to step a few feet and sit in a chair. I told the nurse that 3 yrs ago, when I did that, the first time I swung my legs around I had a terrible pain on my left side, that the scar had pulled something or a muscle and that was the part that gave me such a hard recovery for a few weeks.

The nurse I told it too, remembered it, it was HER! ha ha…..I guess it wasn’t typical, so it stuck in her memory! she said she recognized my husband too and he said the same, to me it was all a blur I guess.

They did get my out of bed and I felt good about it.

By day 2 I was walking laps around the halls.


Then Wednesday they hit me with the bad NEWS!

She couldn’t go home Wednesday!

I had kept track of feedings and diapers the best I could, and according to that, Anja hadn’t had a wet diaper in the last 24hrs, so something was wrong!

A Dr. from NICU came by and said they wanted to do a blood test on her that would see if she was dehydrated or had kidney problems. They also sent in a lactation consultant to watch me nurse and then showed me how to pump. ( I never really pumped with my other kids, I just wasn’t good at it) and all this work for 10ml of colostrum, which she would drink after I nursed and she drank it in 2 min, what took me 15 min or more to pump…. the first few times they supplemented with some hypo allergenic formula, but I read the ingredients on the box, and after water it was corn syrup! YUCK….

I knew that once the milk would come in, she’d be fine!

And of course she DID pee, right before the blood test, but they wanted to be sure. And of course the TEST was FINE!!

Still in this ordeal, she had also lost weight and was 4lbs and maybe 12oz.

So they also had to do a car seat test for an hour, which she passed too!

So Wednesday night, we transitioned to a courtesy room and had Anja with us, but I was no longer under the hospital’s care, only Anja was…. They just wanted her to eat more and gain weight, we had hoped they’d weigh her Wednesday night and she would have gained weight and then they’d send us home, but NO, they wanted to wait and see overnight….

The extra room, I’m thankful that we had, but it was SO depressing, No windows, bad light AND it was an old L/D triage room! so I saw all these plugs and gadgets hanging on the walls, I just broke down and cried AGAIN (which I did too when they told me we wouldn’t go home that day)- they nurse Candy/Candace was so sweet to me and she said that if I cried she’d cry too!

At 7pm when her shift was over she came and gave me a hug and said goodbye. She was really nice.

They all were, I just don’t remember all their names, only one named Erin who was an “allover” nurse, so she said she worked all over the hospital but really liked to fill in at L/D because it’s such a happy place! I also remember her because she said she got her nursing license at a Christian college in FL.

So a big thank you to all the L/D nurses at Wake Med in Cary!

Thursday morning, Anja got weighed and she was 5lbs!! she had gained 4oz in a day. WOOHOO.

Now it was just to wait for a Dr to dismiss her, which seemed FOREVER! it wasn’t until 12 we left the hospital and got home around 1.

Nurse Candy found this cute hate for Anja btw.

(I wonder who donated it to the hospital? I know my quilt guild has some ladies that knit premie hats and donate them, but don’t know what hospital) it has a cute little crocheted flower on the front.


The kids got dropped off from school by Danielle (who kept the kids pretty much the whole time, Laura sometimes watched Sonja during the day while the kids were at school) They were a HUGE help to us!


Here’s big sister and brother holder Anja – AT HOME!

DSCF5487 DSCF5489 

And it was so nice to be in my own bed again!


It was daddy’s birthday Thursday, so one little gift he got was some coffee samples :)


Here’s Sonja being a BIG sister too holding Anja

I try to include her as much as possible, like picking out Anja’s outfits and reaching a diaper for me, which is a GREAT help ;)




So while hubby and the kids are at church this morning, I’m having a relaxing quiet morning to catch up on emails and blogs :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Covering America – Block 47 Washington

covering america2

This week’s block is Washington

(what an interesting block, never seen one like it, it was easy to make)


Here’s some info about the Evergreen state

Entered Union (rank): Nov. 11, 1889 (42)

The state of Washington is the only state to be named after a United States president.

Seattle is home to the first revolving restaurant in the 48 contiguous United States (and the second revolving restaurant in the world). Located atop the Space Needle, at a height of 500 feet above sea level, the restaurant was opened in 1961.

Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union.

Lunar Rover, the vehicle used by astronauts on the moon; Boeing, in Seattle, makes aircraft and spacecraft.

Everett is the site of the world's largest building, Boeing's final assembly plant

Medina is the home of the United States wealthiest man, Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Microsoft Corporation is located in Redmond.

Before it became a state, the territory was called Columbia (named after the Columbia River). When it was granted statehood, the name was changed to Washington, supposedly so people wouldn't confuse it with The District of Columbia.

Washington's state insect is the Green Darner Dragonfly.

The world's first soft-serve ice cream machine was located in an Olympia Dairy Queen.

Starbucks, the biggest coffee chain in the world was founded in Seattle.

Residents are called "Washingtonians" (emphasis on the third syllable, pronounced as tone).

The Lewis and Clark expedition entered the state on October 10, 1805.

In 1853, Washington Territory was formed from part of Oregon Territory.

By the turn of the 20th century, Aberdeen had the distinction of being "the roughest town west of the Mississippi" because of excessive gambling, violence, extreme drug use and prostitution (the city remained off-limits to military personnel into the early 1980s).

The region around eastern Puget Sound developed heavy industry during World War I and World War II, and the Boeing company became an established icon in the area.

During the Great Depression, a series of hydroelectric dams were constructed along the Columbia river as part of a project to increase the production of electricity. This culminated in 1941 with the completion of the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest dam in the United States.

During World War II, Seattle was the point of departure for many soldiers in the Pacific, a number of which were quartered at Golden Gardens Park.

In eastern Washington the Hanford Works atomic energy plant was opened in 1943 and played a major role in the construction of the nation's atomic bombs.

In 1980, the northeast face of Mount St. Helens exploded outward, destroying a large part of the top of the volcano.

Washington is home to many innovative Internet companies, including Amazon.com, Classmates.com, Whitepages.com, and Marchex.

The state of Washington is one of only seven states that does not levy a personal income tax.

Property tax was the first tax levied in the state of Washington and its collection accounts for about 30 percent of Washington's total state and local revenue.

In 2004 Washington ranked first in the nation in production of red raspberries (90.0% of total U.S. production), hops (75.0%), apples (58.1%), sweet cherries (47.3%), pears (42.6%), Concord grapes (39.3%), and Niagara grapes (31.6%).

United Airlines was originally owned by the Boeing Airplane Company.

Popular games Pictionary, Pickle-ball, and Cranium were all invented in Washington.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas pot holders

  This weekend my friend Laura hosted a baby shower for me!




She had mentioned party favors last week, and I offered to make her something!

So I got out some Island Batik Christmas Batiks

It’s a new collection!


And Embroidered a “Merry Christmas” Tree on some tan, then made courthouse step potholders with insulbright and regular batting inside!




And did I show these goodies?

I got some red and white fabrics from Connecting threads


CT Logo_web

and then I got this surprise in the mail! some Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

A friend from church had her aunt visit, who’s a quilter and wanted to show her my studio, so we had a nice visit and then she sent me these! how neat!! THANKS!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anja Jael Lee is here!

Anja Jael Lee is here!

She was born Sunday night at 9.23pm by C section

She weighed 5lbs 5oz and is 18” long


Other than the low weight, she’s healthy and cute as can be!

(has a healthy set of lungs!)


She was due Black Friday the 27th, but a C Section was planned for the 24th, but this girl had other plans and I went into labor Sunday morning/day and we arrived at the hospital at 7.15pm in full blown labor! I was actually amazed and how quickly it all happened after we were admitted.

Here’s the happy family, they came to visit Monday morning a bit before school.



Sonja is a good big sister!


we’ll go home tomorrow but I can tell the recovery is already so much better than it was with Sonja’s C section.

So I’m sure I’ll sneak upstairs to sew soon enough :)

I have posts scheduled for this week already and others scattered….

Just thought I’d share a few pics and the great news!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Crocheted poncho

Last week I finished crocheting this poncho for Sonja.


at first she didn’t want to put it on and was actually crying about but then when I got the camera, she quickly pulled herself together and posed with a smile on her face!



we’ve been doing lots of puzzles lately!


And my oldest two made A and A/B honor rolls at school.


Last week while at the Dr. office, Sonja took this picture of me!


We then went out for Chinese for lunch and this was in my fortune cookie- very fitting!


I have a c section scheduled for Nov 24th unless I go into labor before.

I’m SO ready! I feel like a whale and that I could squat and pop the baby out….

will keep you posted!