Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 project list wk 25

Here’s my 2016 project list, items in red are ones I have worked on recently.

Items crossed out are completed

#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging –started stitching down more

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#3 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#4 (2013)- roman holiday kit 

#5 (April 2013) – blue/ yellow kaleidoscope blocks, giving these to pine tree

#6 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel – embroidery panel just done, can’t remember if I gave it away

#7 (Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks done – found blocks!

#8 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt- working on blocks

#9 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#10 (September 2015) Winter mystery QAL- Table topper DONE! Feb

#11 (August 2015) Tumbler Christmas GO! DONE!

#12 (summer 2015) Round Robin quilt- DONE!

#13 (September 2015) Ahhhh EPP mystery- added border

#14 (Oct 2015) Bargello Quilt –DONE!

#15 (Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – Ruth done

#16 (Nov 2015) Allietare BH mystery Hello kitty – DONE! Jan 2016

#17 (Dec 2015) Planes quilt- DONE!

#18 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Appliqued School house blocks – green done

#19 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Ohio Star blocks – 3 done

#20 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Log Cabin blocks(2)- green done

#21 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Hunter Star blocks- 3 done

#22 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Flowering snowball blocks- 1 Blue done

#23 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Snail Trail/ monkey wrench blocks- 2 done

#24 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” Snowball and 9patch blocks- 24 done

#25 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 8” Kite blocks- DONE! secret

#26 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” Appliqued cupcake blocks- aqua done

#27 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” triangle in square blocks- aqua done

#28 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” flying geese blocks- aqua done

#29 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 8” drunkard’s path blocks- top done

#30 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 8” Winding ways blocks- 6 done

#31 (Jan 2016) CT Diaper bag- DONE!

#32 (Dec 2015?) Mini hexies basket – DONE!

#33 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed

#34 (Jan 2016) Green/Grey GO quilt-  DONE!

#35 (Jan 2016) Go QUBE feb project Valentine’s gift bag- DONE!

#36 (Jan 2016) Go Qube + DP March quilt- DONE!

#37 (Feb 2016) 1Block Wonder quilt – top done and ready to quilt

#38 (2016) Monthly purse pincushions- 5 done

#39 (Feb 2016) QUBE Batik quilt- DONE! will be on their blog

#40 (Feb 2016) Blazing star Batik quilt- DONE!

#41 (Feb 2016) Baby embroidered quilt- made a test block

#42 (Feb 2016) Tumbler Batik quilt- top done

#43(Mar 2016) Solveig’s PJ’s DONE!

#44(Feb 2016) Ribbon quilt- DONE!

#45 (Mar 2016) Rayon Blue dress and hat – DONE!

#46 (Mar 2016) Funky flower pillow – DONE!

#47 (March 2016) Tumbler Batik #2 quilt- DONE

#48 (March 2016) two matching spring dresses blue teal- DONE!

#49-51 (March 2016) 3 mini batik projects –DONE

# 52 (April 2016) OWL rsc16 blocks- aqua done

#53 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- 4 done

#54 (April 2016) fleur de lis rsc16 blocks – aqua done

#55 (April 2016) 2 matching peasant dresses – DONE!

#56 (April 2016) Jelly roll Batik quilt- top done added border

#57 (April 2016) QUBE May Project (4) – DONE!

#58 (April 2016) LeMoyne quilt- top done

#59 (March 2016) red pink nightgown for Sonja- needs button holes

#60 (April 2016) Island Batik April project- DONE!

#61 (April 2016) owl purse green grey – DONE

# 62 (May 2016) mini cat block – pincushion

#63 (May 2016) Quiltmaker fall quilt- mailed

#63 (May 2016) large cat block pillow- done

#64(May 2016) Fleur de lis pot holders for accuquilt- done

#65 (May 2016) IB Fall Market River quilt- DONE!

#66 (May 2016) IB Fall Market box quilt- DONE!

#67-68 (May 2016) CT purple teal dresses Sonja and Anja- working on them

#69 (May 2016) Star batik block pillow- DONE!

#70 (June 2016) secret quilt- top done and mailed

#71 (June 2016) IB Christmas in July- 1 done

Friday, June 24, 2016

Long arm quilting

I finally finished quilting my customer’s/friend’s quilt.
this thing was BIG!
I did curves from corner to corner on the blocks
bubbles on the inner border and meandering on the outer border
I did get two more quilts come in last week, so I actually have a WAIT- that’s a good thing Smile
Time to do some more!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More RSC blocks

I’ve been able to catch up a bit on the RSC16 blocks

here’s my teal cupcake block


I never made a green owl for last month, so here I made this one


and teal/turquoise for June


Same with the fleu de lis blocks I finished the green one


and turquoise one.

They look very wrinkly but I don’t think they are, they’ll be okay once I add them to a block layout.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another round of the Pin cushion swap

pincushion swap 2016
Who wants to join another round of the pincushion swap?
It would be for July/August and September.
Do expect to be paired with an international recipient at least once during the swap.
You’ll just make and mail one pincushion per month.
I’m always amazed at the pincushions that I swapped!
Here’s a few favorites from the last round
You just never know what you will get, it’s like Christmas every month to get a squishy package in the mail!
Who wants to join??? (or re-join?)
make sure your email is included in your comment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–wreath maker tool


Today’s Tutorial is more of a highlight or to refresh EQ skills and tools:

using the wreath maker instead of copying and pasting and rotating blocks

Last Winter I made an angel quilt for accuquilt’s blog


So I had the basic idea of adding the angels in a circle with 6 of them.

To make it easy I just searched for an angel in the EQ library

and found these


so I added the bottom angel to the sketchbook

I made a 21” x 21” quilt layout with just 1 block

and on layer 2 I copied over the angel applique by selecting all of the elements in the block and copying them and pasting onto a new block that’s a patchdraw motif




I then resized it by pulling the corner dots and made it smaller


then selecting the whole angel and right clicking and picking wreath maker


by doing 6 repeats and 50 spacing and 50 size like this


you get this


with the setting being 6 cluster, 75% spacing 75% size it looks like this


if you have the angel be upside down first you get this wreath


I added these to the block on layer 2 and colored them yellow and white


Then because I wanted to incorporate the flying geese die that’s 3” x 6” finished, I added a border that’s 6” wide and with 7 blocks.


Then added a triangle in a square block to those 7 blocks and a double flying geese block to the corners.

-I did this because it was an uneven number of blocks, but I bet I could have easily used the  auto border too.




here is the finished quilt ( I forgot to rotate the corners like the EQ sketch- oh well- no big deal)

If you look at the blog post, I did a trapunto effect with the angels to make them stand out more and then densely quilted around them too


and notice how I flipped the wings on every other set, I just thought it looked better that way- the angels are flipped too.

try out the wreath maker tool!

have fun

Monday, June 20, 2016

3 little models

I have bought patterns at for quite a while.

Now a few weeks ago my friend Laura signed up to be a tester for the shop and wrote that she could test sz 3m, 12m and 3t (For Anja, her her daughter Jojo and Sonja)

It ended up that she DID get picked for a new pattern called Felicity!

It ended up that we had my neighbor come over and try a dress too since Sonja is more of a 4T now.

And even though Anja didn’t make the pattern page, I got a dress out of it and a cute little model regardless Smile





Here’s my neighbor’s daughter Maya


Maya and Jojo


This picture DID make the pattern page- showing the two types of backs on the dresses.



Solveig was a little helper during the photo shoot.


If you want to get the pattern or other patterns, go here

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Farter’s day


The kids (mostly Solveig) made my husband a father’s day card


You are the world’s greatest Farter…. I mean Father Smile



Dan is SUCH a great daddy to our four kids!

A God fearing man who really GETS how important it is to be a dad in the kids’ lives.

Not only is he the provider, he’s

the hugger,

the kisser,

the snuggler,

the back scratcher,

the disciplinarian,

the spiritual leader,

the fixer,

the teacher,


I’m so fortunate that he’s the father of our children Smile