Thursday, July 27, 2017

Long arm quilting french braid quilt

I finally started quilting the french braid QUBE quilt I made.

I’m doing feathers on the outer border


bubbles on the black sashing strips and a fun design on the braids


hopefully you can see the youtube video I made too

(I know it doesn’t show here, but click on it to view on youtube)

I’m trying to figure out a good way of filming it on my new machine, this was my 3rd attempt and I actually stuck my phone in my shirt and pulled it out so the camera was leaning down, but I know at some point you can’t see the top of the quilt, so I need to figure out how to attach it to the machine! I used to have it attached to the handles on my old machine, but I can’t do that on my new funquilter!

any ideas?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Girly owl dress

I recently finished this owl dress for Anja.

I had it cut out for a while, then just sewed a bit of it together and then put it back in the box and forgot about it, then busted it out again this weekend and finished it.

It’s a pattern by simplicity 5118


I was going to do a red flounce on the bottom but then decided against it and instead stitched the hem with a fancy stitch!


Here’s Anja in it


after I take one picture she wants to get really close or on my side of the camera and see it, like a phone, but then I can’t take a picture of her!!


I also got this in the mail from amazon, white signature thread and a clamshell template/ruler for quilting Smile


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Quilt Expo in Raleigh

This weekend I went with my friend Laura to the Quilt and Sewing Expo in Raleigh


On the left and way back there were quilts on display, the rest were vendors!

Laura needs a new sewing table so we went to see if anyone had anything like that on display, they didn’t but there were a lot of long arm machines!! probably 10 different companies and of course sewing machines too!

Here’s some eye candy


I’m always interested in the long arm quilting part of the quilts, this was a dresden but it looked very rounded and then great background filler!


Lots of dense quilting on this one, those hearts look computerized, don’t they!?



I’m working on 5” ohio star blocks from the serendipity qube set, so I liked the setting here


and here was a large loopy meandering but it was all echoed again, thought that was pretty neat


I believe this one was made by Ebony Love, wonder if she used the GO cutter for any of these?


Double wedding ring but that was repeated in the quilting


These two quilts were the same “pattern” but totally different looks!


There was a section that was all black and white (plus another color often)


I really liked this star one!


and a baptist fan quilt


and more gorgeous quilting


I thought this one had an interesting border


Then on to vendors!


I was really drawn to these baskets (actually thought they were coiled)

I went back later and got their pattern


and Wish upon a quilt was the only ones featuring Accuquilt there!


I also talked to one shop about Island Batik, as he had another Rayon batik hanging and I was actually wearing my blue rayon dress, so the employee and owner got to feel the difference, of course mine was washed, theirs wasn’t…

After a fun trip I came home with just ONE pattern and a free sewing kit and I dropped off business cards several places Smile


I got home to a box from Connecting threads, I had ordered 4yds of white, a pink and grey FQ bundle, some threads and a charm pack in fall colors


Monday, July 24, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 28


Block # 28 is pretty easy


For this one you’ll use the companion set too

(or you can use small HST and squares to create that but it would have seams)

The dies you’ll need are #3, #5 and #10


You’ll need 3 fabrics plus white

Cut out 2 EACH of one fabric and white of #3 (here it’s fine to use directional fabric)

Cut out 4 of #5 of another fabric

and cut out 2 of #10 of another fabric- again you can use a directional fabric, but then cut out squares first and lay both right side up on the die)


sew the large triangles together and sew the small triangles to angled sides of the signature shapes


Then sew signature squares to HST squares, but pay attention to the fabric directions


here’s the completed block.

If you want to, you can turn the HST section of more to make it more symmetrical, but I didn’t Winking smile so that’s up to you


As I mentioned on last week’s post, I have a giveaway this week!

a circle die


I think I’ll give you all a week to still upload pics to the Accuquilt QUBE group of a block you’ve made for the QAL

There were several newbies that joined last week, so I’ll give you until next Sunday to make one (or more)

Here’s what I have so far from last week!

1 Mary


2 Ramona


3 Michelle


4 Patty


5 Sandy W (this is actually block #3)

 27sandyW27modified QAL

6 Sandy caught up really quickly! (a different Sandy, right?)


7 Hannah

27 hannah

8 Renie

27 renie

I also have previous participants ( maybe I didn’t see their blocks this week, but I’ll still count them from week’s past)

9 Kaye

10 Shayne

11 Betty

I think that’s it, if you don’t see your name on there and you’ve made a block or more in the past, let me know!!

I’ll draw a winner next Sunday the 30th