Friday, December 15, 2017

Heart tote bag

Did you see this blog post I did for Accuquilt?

I recently made this cute heart tote bag

I made it using the wonky heart die

and the 12” QUBE set

and 3 fabrics, 1yd of each

Have a look at the tutorial and see how I made it!

Maybe you want to try to make it?? it’s a really fun die!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Long arm quilting two quilts

I recently finished quilting these two quilts for a customer

This quilt was fun, it was a custom NC quilt!


I did echo quilting around the flowers and some grid work around the NC map


lots of curves and bubbles and more outlining and custom quilting on the lighthouse


she did a great job on the flag! I did a little flag pole top and pretend string down to the flag


Here 2nd quilt was this batik Judy Neimeyer quilt


It was easy to quilt, I did curves from corner to corner on everything


and outlined feathers on the border


She loved both quilts Smile

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Binding strip quilt

Is your leftover binding strip bin overflowing??
Mine was!!
And because I cut 21 strips of black batik WRONG for the women of the bible quilt, I had to do something!
I hadn’t done a scrappy string quilt in a long time and I figured that the black strips would be great for that and then I thought of my binding strips too!
I got out my 6 1/2” square die from the Accuquilt 12” QUBE set and a bunch of muslin
my first plan was to cut out 80 squares, because I’d need about 9” at a diagonal of a 6 1/2” square, and each of the black strips could give me 4 each so that’s 84, so one strip leftover. so I cut out 80 squares in muslin and cut the black strips in quarters
Then I emptied out the binding strip bin and sorted by color!
I would then take one binding strips and cut it 9” or so with my scissors, then because they are already ironed in half, I cut down the fold (not really caring too much if it was perfect)
Then I laid down the black strip diagonally and sewed a binding strip (now approx 1 1/4” x 9”) to the muslin.
I decided to keep each HALF of the blocks the same color
Swiffer LOVED the piles of fabric
Here I have a lot of the blocks done, as you can see some have a lot of variety, some don’t.
I only did maybe 10 blocks at a time in the beginning, then more later as I judged how much I had left of a certain color
I also used this time to use leftover random spools and bobbins, you know the bobbins that don’t have a partner in the same color or the spools that are almost out!
On my 6 1/2” die I marked diagonal lines from corner to corner outside the 6 1/2” square on both diagonals
Then I’d lay the square upside down on the die and eyeball that it was square, I could have taken more care in making sure the black was perfect, but it’s a scrappy quilt so I didn’t care too much.
Then I cut it out!
Because I have the Go BIG I laid two blocks on the die at a time, maybe the regular GO can handle two as well, I don’t know, I was counting the block as 3-4 layers (a seam folded over, plus the front fabric and muslin)
fun looking blocks!
as I moved along with the blocks, I saw that there was no way I’d finish 80 blocks! but I calculated 48 blocks so I could do a 6x8 layout
Here’s 48 blocks on the wall!
Then carefully pinned in order
I used a walking foot when sewing them together and ironed the seams open
What fun blocks!
Here they are sewn together!
Then I added a grey dotted border, looks very pale on this picture, but it looks good in real life.
I then used some of the scraps to make a scrappy binding OF COURSE!
And this is what’s left in the jar, more than I thought, but some are not ironed in half or some are the same long strip in the same color with nothing to match so I couldn’t use anymore of that…
So not too bad!?
A mistake turned into a cool fun top with added “free” fabrics I already had.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Table Scraps Table Toppers with Island Batik

Table Top

the theme for Island Batik this month is scrappy table toppers!

originally I was thinking of my women of the bible quilt since that used a ton of batik scraps but then I realized it was table toppers!! (duh!)

With our last Island Batik box they sent me this cute FQ bundle that’s Christmas themed and there were no “rules” for the bundle, so I figured I’d use as much of that as I could!

(The bottom brown lattice was yardage, I think about a yard)


and since I got got the new Accuquilt companion Angles set (6”) I wanted to use that set too!


I made 4 of these blocks!


and sewed them together


and added a border


Then quilted it and added binding, I machine quilted it on my domestic machine and did sort of in the ditch quilting- I like to keep up with using that machine and not long arm quilt everything! (also because a small topper like this just looks silly on a big frame!!)

I blogged about how I put it together on Accuquilt’s blog here.


Now I still had plenty of fabrics from that pile leftover so I busted out my bowtie die by accuquilt and came up with this


and added a border as well


and quilted it on my long arm and used a new plastic template and did in the ditch a bit too and added the same brown lattice fabric for the binding


I think I actually quilted it too much with the template but I like it Winking smile

and I machine stitched the binding down on all these as well!


Then I found this 5” christmas tree strip and had plenty of the lattice fabric still


so I used the hunter star die and cut out 8 sets


and made this block


and added two borders – WOW! ha ha


then I quilted it and added the same binding!!


on the green border I used a variegated thread and I found this fancy branch stitch on my machine and tried it out and it looks cute on the border!


I used the leftover Christmas tree batik for the backing


so it’s not really the typical scrappy table toppers, but I used every scrap of the FQ bundle and made 3 table toppers!

(Sonja already has two picked out for her teachers!)

WOW! that’s amazing Mommy!!

-why thank you Anja!