Friday, October 28, 2016

embroidered houses

I’m working on some secret house blocks for a secret quilt, but just HAD to show you HOW cute they are!! and especially with Marjorie Busby’s embroidery files!
First, the houses are a die by accuquilt
and then the embroidery set is also for sale on their site
I used fabric scraps I had from connecting threads
There’s several embroidery files in the set that also combines the trees, these are just 4 of them
These are just SEW stinking cute!! I want to make a bunch more…..
(I’m making a video about this secret quilt btw)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

pincushion swap

I both sent and received a pincushion this month.
This was mine that I sent out this month, a fall purse pincushion with some orange scraps
and I got this pincushion from Texas! blue hearts and some post cards
and here’s a close up of the decorative pins
thanks Tiffany!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Don’t be afraid of curves with accuquilt


my 2nd secret quilt for Accuquilt is revealed.

It’s called Swan square dance.

and it’s a free pattern on accuquilt’s site here

it uses the 8” qube and companion set

Here’s the only picture I revealed as I was working on it using Kinderfolk by connecting threads


here’s the finished top


and the finished quilt


I quilted a pointy swirl all over it in red thread


and I made a scrappy backing, even made the hanging sleeve line up right

looks like the Danish flag Smile



and remember I showed these before- again made from left overs from this quilt!


and here’s my EQ sketch of it.

it’s not hard, it looks complicated but it’s really not and this is a great quilt to start with to learn to sew curves, as there’s not that many drunkard’s path curves in here.


try it out!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

EQ7 tutorial Tuesday- Star blocks, which to choose?


I was thinking about this lesson (I believe I missed one, two weeks ago)

I got the idea of stars!

There’s so many star blocks out there and if you’re designing a quilt, often a star block is a good block as an alternate block.

But then which one do you choose?

I’m going to show you how I “think” about picking a star block in a quilt.

If you search for “star” under blocks in EQ7 you get the first 50 show up


there’s also a section called STARS and variable star and a nine patch star category


there’s a variable star and ohio star, 8 pointed star


under “stars” there’s quite a selection too!


and variable star


Here I chose several star blocks

Lemoyne stars

friendship stars

ohio stars

8 pointed stars

and variable stars


BTW do you see those little boxes at the bottom left of the box? that’s the size of your blocks, how you’re viewing them, I have the 2nd one selected

if you pick the 3rd one  you get 3 rows


If I should sort these stars into different categories, they’d be split into a 9 patch group, a 16 or 4x4 group and then leMoyne stars are by themselves.

Why is LeMoyne by itself?

If you look at the block and make it 8” the points of the stars don’t point to a whole inch mark


same thing if it’s 9”

that’s because the diamond that makes the star is a perfect symmetrical shape!


The variable stars are great for a 4 patch or 16 patch (4x4) and the points of the stars line up perfectly if the size is divisible by 4, here it’s at the 1 and 3” marks, it would be 2” and 6” if the block was 8”


The ohio star star block is perfect for a 9 patch layout,

anything divisible by 3


So when designing a quilt and if you want to use a star block as an alternate block, it’s really the main blocks that dictate WHICH type of star block to use

Here I added a bunch of fun blocks and of course in EQ they are already grouped nicely some are even named nine patch and have star blocks in there, so it’s a given that it would work well together.

But look at this.

a kaleidoscope block is not quite made in a nine patch grid


But look what happens when I add a LeMoyne star block to it

a perfect match!

your eye flows well with the lines and they all melt together sort of, unlike the nine patch above, you’d look at the quilt and think that it wasn’t pieced together accurately or that something was wrong…


Then there’s some blocks that don’t go with any star blocks or it really doesn’t matter like the pinwheel block

Personally I don’t think I would pair up a pinwheel block with any of these star blocks, because there’s no flow….


UNLESS you add a sashing

then there’s a break in between the blocks and each is set in their own place.


Now this hour glass block (in the four patch category) goes well with the variable star. Because the math is the same, the hour glass block is a 4 x 4 block and you can split the star block into that too.


An Ohio star block goes well with a nine patch


or a monkey wrench block.

Any block that’s a 3 x 3 layout


here’s “road to california”


and with the friendship star


8 pointed star blocks are in this category and goes well with rolling stone blocks too


Of course I help myself and have to color it fun ways

here the focus is one the circles that I made in the rolling stone blocks


here it’s more on the stars


and stars but also the diamonds


anyways, I could go on and on playing with colors and star blocks in EQ7!

Hope you try it and come up with some neat ideas!

just remember to look at the star and see if it’s based on a 9 patch or a 16 patch or something else!?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Solveig’s party was a hit

Solveig’s party was a hit on Friday

8 girls walked from school up to the local soda shoppe (ice cream place)


it’s a neat place with all old fashioned ice cream, shakes and the interior is like an old pharmacy!





It was Friday afternoon that I noticed Anja not looking well and she had a low fever later, which continued Saturday, then Sunday morning she was totally fine and we went to church, then in the afternoon and night it was up to 104.8!! and we gave her tylenol and later ibuprofen. Now today she has a low fever still…


anyways, of course the party must go on, so it continued at home with 3 girls staying the night


Solveig got some neat things and had a good time!