Thursday, July 19, 2018

Blue String quilt is done too!

As you may notice, I’ve been on a roll to finish projects!
I finally finished this blue and grey strip quilt where I foundation pieces the strips randomly, then cut the triangles in grey with Accuquilt dies- and also their strip dies for the borders.
I blogged about it here
strip quilt blue grey
I quilted a pointy swirl all over, as you may remember it was not lying completely flat, but I was confident that I could quilt it out! (and I DID!)
I tried to be creative with the binding too and used a decorative stitch
strip quilt blue grey
the backing was sort of scrappy, I had this blue print that was cute but it was cats with antlers, so sort of Christmasy, but in blue? it just didn’t make sense… I needed more of it, so I added a strip of grey in the middle.
strip quilt blue greystrip quilt blue grey
And the other day I got a magazine in the mail (FP easy quilts, fall 2018) and I saw this ad in there from Accuquilt- that’s a quilt I designed and made for them! How cool (I’m) in an ad Winking smile
I blogged about it here
accuquilt neighborhood quilt

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bargello Batik Quilt is done too!

I have another finish to share!
This bargello Batik quilt I blogged about here
It’s made with 2 1/2” strips and measures 33x38”

I tried ruler work on the bargello part, where I lined up a ruler 1/4” away from the corner and quilted a diagonal line, then the tricky parts were the “points” of the bargello where there’s only one block I had to go to the midpoint, the upper mountain tip was ok, but the valley low point was TINY! after the first set of lines I decided to only do the diagonal lines on every other “row” which is still tricky and the stretch is quite a lot, so I think I did maybe 3 rows before having to forward the quilt on the frame, but it’s a small quilt, so no big deal.
I did bubbles on the inner border and straight lines (ruler work) on the outer border to sort of match the tree trunks.
a fun a quick quilt!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mid Month Potholders owls

midmonth potholders

This month’s potholders are my “oldie but goodie” owl potholders!

I actually made this as a block for a quilt for the FIRST quilt I was ever published with in Mccall’s and the potholders were a bonus pattern on Mccall’s website for a while (might still be?)


Anyways, they are fun and easy to make especially with Accuquilt circle dies!

I used the 2,3,5” circle die

and then I also used the 1” circle off of their new small circle die

I first picked some fabrics (I busted into a FQ bundle I had but scraps are just fine, you really only need 1 FQ for the background and the rest are scraps


I also used lite Steam a seam 2

I cut (2) 5 1/2” squares, (4) 3 1/2” squares, (4) 2 1/2” squares and 1 to cover (4) of the 1” circles so a 2 1/2” square or so


From the background fabric I cut (4) 7 1/2” squares and then some leftover scraps 2 1/2” wide for hanging straps, maybe around 5” or so long, it really doesn’t matter.


The 5” circle is for wings, I cut (2) in yellow, the 2” is for the eyeballs, I cut (4) in white (after I added the steam a seam to the back of everything)


then I cut (4) 3” circles in blue and the (4) 1” in black, I also hand cut out 2 beaks in yellow, it’s up to you how pointy you want them to be


the 2 5” circles I cut in half


then ironed them to the sides of the blue background squares, about 3/4” from the bottom, after the first one is added I overlap with another background block and just leave a bit showing from the block with the wing piece on it already so I can line up another one


Then I line up two of them next to each other and one with already have a wing attached so it’s easy to line up the other one too


I folded the block in half a bit and ironed just to mark a crease at the top, then I lined up the blue eyes and have them overlap a bit and inserted the beak underneath too and ironed it flat


then added the white eyeballs


and lastly the pupils, it’s up to you how you want them to look, I like to have it close to the edge, one is looking down right and another down left


I also ironed the hanging straps, I’ve shown it before how I iron in half then open up and fold in the raw edges to the middle and iron again, then fold in half on the original fold


Then I appliqued everything in blue thread, pivoting around the circles when the needle is down makes it easier to get smooth curves


then I added batting and insulbright (I’ve shown that before too) and stitched them together right sides together first with an opening at the bottom, then turned right side out and I whip stitched them closed.

It really took me less than 2hrs!

owl potholder

Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 29

qube qal29
This week’s block is SUPER easy, it’s called a “double irish chain” and it’s 1 1/4 sized
and it uses just die #2 and 3 fabrics, A, D and E
Cut out (8) with A
(9) with D
and (8) with E
(Or you can use the center square from a leftover square if you have that from an earlier block?
I used a leftover square for the center, then laid out the squares how I wanted them in the block, since the other fabrics now each have 8 squares, plus the center block, or you could be a total rebel and have 4 of one fabric and then add in a 5th fabric too if the center is another fabric too, then you’d use all 5 fabrics! Winking smile
If you want to, take a picture with your phone for reference before sewing it together.
I started sewing everything together by twos like this.
Iron the seams open!
then sew together into rows like this (or columns)
Then sew the block together like this!
qube QAL block 29
and here’s all 4 together, I used directional fabrics on the 8 and 12” qube versions, so I had to make sure the fabrics were turning the right way, but that’s no problem with simple squares like this!
qube QAL block 29 all
Have fun!

Here’s the blocks from last week