Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mice in my house

EEKK!!! There’s mice in my house!

First I found this blue and purple one on my chair….. good thing I didn’t sit on it!

2014-09-23 007

look at that cute face though! there’s no way I could get rid of it.

2014-09-23 009

It quickly found a friend that was already in Sonja’s room and had been there for a while.

2014-09-24 001

and of course once you see one, there’s more to come.

So this big momma showed up soon after that

2014-09-24 002

They think mice scare me in groups! but they didn’t…..

2014-09-24 003

Then the little baby came too

2014-09-24 004

Now it’s a family of four!

2014-09-24 0052014-09-24 006

Sonja liked them right away- EEEK don’t touch that mouse, it’s purple!

2014-09-24 008

I guess their squeaks were loud enough, because this brother showed up too after that

2014-09-25 001

Now it’s a whole family of 5.

Aren’t they cute? ahem I mean terrifying?

2014-09-25 002

Then an Aunt and cousin showed up too

2014-09-26 001

2014-09-26 0022014-09-26 0032014-09-26 0042014-09-26 005

And Sonja still liked them all

2014-09-26 007

There’s 9 of them now in a basket

2014-09-26 0102014-09-26 0112014-09-26 0122014-09-26 013

Then some more boyish mice showed up too with custom words on their bellies, when is it going to end? my house is being overrun by cute mice!

Oh the horror!

2014-09-26 0162014-09-26 017

All joking aside,

these mice are all made in the hoop, the pattern is from dolls and daydreams here

all in just 2 hoopings!

the ears and limbs are in one hooping (first)

then the body is made and toward the end you lay the limbs on it and attach the back.

The tail is made on the machine.

If you look at dolls and daydream’s ITH stuffies, you can guess there’s ONE file I REALLY want (and maybe by the time I schedule this post I will have bought it!- it’s a HOOT)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Flying geese blocks


Flying geese are one of the most popular quilting blocks and there’s so many different techniques on how to make the perfect geese too!

flying geese blocks are NOT boring, there’s so many different ways to use them.

If you search for “geese” in EQ under blocks, you’ll get the first 50 blocks!


Or you can create your own


what I did differently here, was to highlight the center diamond


here is a simple layout on point with a four patch on alternate blocks


the same quilt with a horizontal layout is not quite as dramatic


I also found a block called “flying away”


and used it in a layout with an alternate nine patch block


and a nice blue and yellow version


it’s also easy to add flying geese to borders

here the blocks were 8” so I added a 4” border and selected BLOCKS and added double the blocks as was in the layout per side (so here it was 5 x 6, so the blocks on the border were 10 x 12)


it’s just as easy to INSERT a border, here I chose a 2” border and then on the 2nd border I added ONE more block to each.


here’s a custom layout just using different flying geese blocks


the same one in a different color combination



Have you designed any flying geese quilts?

simple or advanced?

link up if you have.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Swoon blocks are mailed out

I think it’s safe to post these now as I think almost everyone got their blocks now (maybe not the internationals?)

anyways, with a delay and a hiccup in the swap, the blocks were here and finally sorted!

I show them on the wall in groups with each pair next to each other, from the same person, so some may look stark, but once they are mixed around, they will all look great Smile

2014-09-16 001

#1 – halloween blocks for Becky

White / beige / very light grey background

2014-09-16 018

2014-09-16 002

and #2 was mine- Christmas colors

2014-09-16 019

2014-09-16 003

#3 for Diane- also Christmas colors with a cream background and red or green anywhere on the block.

2014-09-16 017

2014-09-16 004

#4 Kylie- Aqua and red and white

2014-09-16 016

2014-09-16 005

#5 Sandie- low volume background, red houses and anything for the star and points.

2014-09-16 015

2014-09-16 006

#6 Nancy-

background color to be a light beige. 

The house units a blue-green and the star a coral color. 

2014-09-16 014

2014-09-16 007

#7 Shar

Background:  maize to meringue
                 light yellow
   House shapes:  stay closer to cerise but can go to berry (just a little too dark)
    Points and center star:  olive to artichoke.

2014-09-16 011

2014-09-16 010

#8 Laura- white background, bright turquoise stars and points and then navy blue “houses”

2014-09-16 009

2014-09-16 008

#9 Andi- patriotic colors in any combination of red, white, blue and yellow-gold.

2014-09-16 013

2014-09-16 012

This block swap was a lot of fun!

Though I do think it kicked our butts!- took a lot longer and was harder than we thought… still worth it though!