Friday, October 31, 2014

Giveaway winner

Oops I forgot to do the giveaway yesterday.

Well, guess it’s fitting today, since the bundle is halloween-ish

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trip to the zoo

I figured I’d show a few pics of our family trip to Asheboro NC zoo last Friday.

2014-10-24 002

The seals are always a hit

2014-10-24 005

and the new polar bear exhibit just opened the day before, now we could see them/it up close!

2014-10-24 0072014-10-24 008

and some fun at the playground

2014-10-24 024

and a rather new geyser

2014-10-24 0452014-10-24 049

it’s become our tradition to take a picture of the kids on these concrete spheres…

2014-10-24 065

the highlight was these two gorillas, they were 2 years old and wrestling and playing around

2014-10-24 082

And then the mommy laid down right in front of the window and Sonja said – it’s getting MILKY!

2014-10-24 085

meanwhile the other gorilla would yank this guy off to play and he’d go back for more, it was cute!

2014-10-24 086

of course we also saw elephants

2014-10-24 089

toward the end Sonja was getting tired and didn’t want to sit in the stroller, so I tied my sweater around my neck just to alleviate a few pounds while I carried her

2014-10-24 108

Shortly after this “WE” were done and it was time to go home! a fun day Smile

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Isosceles into kaleidoscope


This tutorial is about the Accuquilt Isosceles die and triangle, how I figured out how to turn it into a kaleidoscope block and quilt in EQ7.

I have this isosceles die from accuquilt and I’ve made a quilt with it before- just simple rows.

A simple layout in EQ is using the one patch layout and then choosing lightning and selecting to be 5 x 6” which is what Accuquilt shows as the finished size.



then coloring it


and a scrappy version, I did this one because I had a FQ bundle.


here’s another more modern version


and one with a border, now I haven’t figured out how to flip every other row, I would guess that I have to add borders and use an auto border or triangles as a border and keep going, but for now it will just ideas and colors just fine Smile


Then on the Accuquilt site it showed samples of a kaleidoscope quilt and I had tossed the paper that came with the die, so I wasn’t sure what size triangles I needed for the corners, after digging thru the comments, I found someone saying the 3” finished HST die and that the blocks are 9” finished.

The math in my head didn’t add up but if that’s what it says, then okay, and I looked at the 3” HST die and the edge of these isosceles triangles and they seem to fit, so why not?

So I found a kaleidoscope block in EQ (just search kaleido and will come up)

then I created a quilt and randomly colored every other block by holding down the ALT key and clicking random colors and then the pieces on the blocks.


I actually started cutting out pieces for a quilt and started with blue and I had a lot of blue scraps to I cut enough for half of them, so I then figured I should do the other half light or white, had plenty of white scraps too, so it’ll end up being a scrappy blue and white quilt with white corners.


but what if every other one was sort of turned but still with white corners?


I also played with one where then every other block had blue corners


I don’t know, I kind of like #2 the best, it all depends how bad the fabrics clash, but we’ll see, I was planning on making it a kit for my guild, but now I almost want to sew it together myself! we’ll see.

If you have tried to design a quilt with the one patch and lightning or simple kaleidoscope blocks like these, link up below and comment that you did Smile

Monday, October 27, 2014

A few blocks and a bummer show


Before the weekend show I made a few more eyeglass cases

2014-10-23 0072014-10-23 009

I also experimented with how my table should look and borrowed these wire shelf cubes fro my son’s room

2014-10-23 010

2014-10-23 011

I had this setup, but had the stuffies in each of their own cube, it actually look good!

Then my 2nd table I had mini quilts/runner, baby quilts, medium quilts and large quilts/lap quilts and hubby helped me price them and we priced them LOW! priced to sell.

Well I sold one mini quilt for $40 and that was FPP’ed (sad to see it go, but oh well. sold quite a few of the eyeglass cases and only 2 stuffies, plus I had made 2 mini ones that I sold for $5 to some kids.

well there wasn’t much foot traffic because there was a STREET FAIR in town too a little further in, you would have thought that they would stop at both places, but they didn’t!

So if I count the booth fee, prices for my ME patterns, it was pretty much a wash! Sad smile

I may try again in the spring, or this other street fair next time? the weather was nice though, very cold when we set up, but once the sun came out it was nice!

we’ll see. just kind of discouraging that I spent all this time on this and it was sort of a flop, not quite, but still, not really worth it.

I miss quilting now!

2014-10-23 012

I did sneak in some bible blocks last week.

the blocks are only 3 1/2” (3” done)

2014-10-23 0022014-10-23 003

and I started the planned ROUND ROBIN.

so this is my 12” block for the middle

2014-10-23 001

look how BIG it is compared to the bible blocks!

2014-10-23 004

and I won this bundle of FQs online (now I can’t remember who it was from, but this was a nice treat in the mail last week!) all washed and ready to be cut into- with WHAT alternate color? I was thinking black, then I had the idea of pink! we’ll see

2014-10-23 008

this was our sunrise Friday morning!

2014-10-24 001

Friday, October 24, 2014

almost ready for the craft show

Look, the jar of crushed walnut shells getting low! guess what that means?

2014-10-16 005

I’ve been making more pincushions!

I thought I would make some for the craft show, though pin cushions are very specific to sewers and quilters, but you never know!

but then the hard part is pricing them….. hmm

2014-10-16 006

Designs by JuJu also sent out an email that they had a free page of bible verses to download, so I downloaded a bunch and made two pin cushions, not planning on trying to sell them, but to keep and give away or something like that.

2014-10-16 0072014-10-16 008

So, it’s BISCORNU time again!

This one was my favorite design of the ones from designsbysick, even though this specific one takes 25 min to stitch out just the top, I just LOVE it. here’s 3 different versions

2014-10-16 0092014-10-16 0102014-10-16 0132014-10-16 014

next is the rose one, again 3 different versions

2014-10-16 0112014-10-16 0122014-10-16 018

then a flower one

2014-10-16 015

and these last two, I had some random designs on my computer and then on the embroidery machine I could add a square frame around them, so I stitched out two identical patches for the top and bottom Smile

2014-10-16 0162014-10-16 0172014-10-16 019

And last weekend I quilted this mini quilt for a friend, it was only 18” or so, took no time at all, I told her just to buy me lunch next time we are at a quilt meeting Smile

2014-10-17 002

and remember the gift bags?

2014-10-18 0062014-10-18 007

while cutting out fabrics for those, I stitched out more eyeglass cases

2014-10-19 001

a cat snuck into this picture Winking smile

2014-10-19 002

and I had a piled of scraps from island batiks that weren’t big enough to be used in a quilt, so I used it for these Smile

2014-10-19 004


Not sure what else I can make, a neighbor is letting me borrow a tent and 2 tables and a chair for the craft show. I just need to also label and price my quilts that I’m bringing and make large signs.

(I pre- scheduled this post) as today I think we’re going to the Zoo! the kids are off of school and hubby has been taking off Fridays lately.