Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bjorn’s birthday and giveaway and winner


My oldest is 12 today!

Happy birthday buddy!


Can’t believe he’s almost a teenager!

He’s such a nice “young” man and caring and a great big brother to his two sisters.

Like last week, Island batik is sponsoring a giveaway.


This time it’s a boyish bundle!

1yd of each.


US only.

Comment below about one “tip” about raising teenage boys –if you have/had any or maybe had a brother growing up, or a funny story.

Make sure your blogger profile is on, so I can reply back Smile


And it’s also time to pick a winner of the girly bundle from last week’s post.


I had 93 comments


and picked # 48


which is Debbie!

I was very happy to read SO many comments about their favorite birthday involved the birth of a child Smile


an email has been sent!

Did I show you pics on Sonja’s cake??

recognize the dress?

2014-08-16 0052014-08-16 0062014-08-16 007

I made these dresses in April for the girls so got the idea to make the cake match.

2014-04-13 001

2014-08-16 008

We ended up bringing the cake to bible study Saturday and sang happy birthday and ate the cake there Smile

2014-08-16 012


Now it’s time to think of a minecraft cake to make! hmmm

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Giveaway winner

Cover FULL

Lots of people commented on my post about being in McCall’s and I have a magazine to give away.

I had 25 comments

image picked #13


That’s Melody (Hey I think she won here before?)


I can’t access her blogger acct to send an email!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Ladybug block


I thought I would show you the ladybug block from my recent quilt in McCall’s Quick Quilt Magazine.


Now I have to go in reverse to show you but it’s okay Smile

First start a new block.

Blocks/ New block/ easy draw + patch draw


Then click the applique tab at the bottom and work there

Start by creating a circle (oval)


Draw another circle and overlap them

(I can’t remember if I created the bug to be perfectly straight and then turned it after it was all done, it really doesn’t matter much)


For the wings it’s a “bit” tricky.

First draw a circle like before but make it a bit bigger than the body.

(I’m showing on a blank block)

Then click the shape tool and click the circle



click the point of the circle that shows these lines




and VOILA! half a circle!


Now rotate it until it’s how you like it.


then copy and paste it


and flip the other wing and rotate and move into place

Now add the dots and eyes on the ladybug


and color it!


When I made the quilt for Mccall’s I just printed the BLOCK and not the templates


I knew I wanted to make the body and head into the same shape and make it skinnier, so I just traced it onto my heat n bond like that.

Call me lazy Winking smile

I could have gone back and modified the body shape, but I didn’t…

and I got the idea for counting ladybugs as I was cutting out the dots, so I just cut some in half and laid them out in number order!

Want to try some ladybugs?

I have another copy of the magazine to give away if you link up with either a blog post or a link to a photo of your EQ ladybugs!?

Cover FULL

comment below that you linked up!

I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday (US only unless you want to help with shipping cost)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Another round of the Pin cushion swap

At the end of the week I received a squishy package in the mail from ENGLAND!

It was from Sharon – my pin cushion swap “partner” for August.


(I know she said it’s because I’m the swap hostess, but still)

I opened up the envelope and there was all this!

2014-08-14 010

Here’s some close ups!

I LOVE this little owl

2014-08-14 011

And the “actual” Pin cushion for the swap- cathedral window with a button.

2014-08-14 012

Then this FANCY needle case with hand embroidery on it- another owl of course!

2014-08-14 013

Lovely details inside and out, even the back had a small bee! how cute!

2014-08-14 0142014-08-14 015

Then this scissor case with my initial on it, and the fabric is this soft sateen looking fabric, again with lovely embroidery.

And a scissor FOB- had to look up that term, I had heard it before but thought it was an abbreviation, but No! fob is the whole word.




: a short chain attached especially to a pocket watch

: a small object that is a decoration on a watch chain or a key ring

2014-08-14 0162014-08-14 017

and lastly two FQs to make something for Sonja or for her to play with Smile

2014-08-14 018

THANKS so much Sharon! I’m beyond thrilled and in awe that you did this and especially being sick ;( – say a prayer for her……


Anyways, It’s at the end of this round of the pin cushion swap.

Who wants to join September/October?

The rules are simple.

You have to make ONE pin cushion per month and send it to your assigned person by the end of that month.

(and email me a picture so I can put it up on my page)

You CAN put in a few extra goodies, but that’s up to you, it’s certainly NOT required and NOTHING like all of this, that I got this month.

Let me know who wants to join and I’ll email you a little questionnaire about you and your address etc.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Accuquilt Go! challenge–Feathers

accuquilt go challenge

This month’s challenge is FEATHERS!

I bought this die a long time ago on sale I think and then never really used it.

Since I’m doing the BOB blog hop with accuquilt this month, I was also looking for something quick and easy to show this time.

2014-08-06 002

I looked at the pillow inserts I had and picked this 16” pillow.

2014-08-06 003

I wanted a pillow to match the kids’ couch, so I had scraps of this light green and solid white left over.

2014-08-06 004

I cut out 3 1/2” strips of white fabric and Heat n Bond and ironed them together.

2014-08-06 005

it was okay if I had “seams” showing

2014-08-06 006

then laid out 3 layers on the Go! die

2014-08-06 007

and cut out a bunch! (plus one small circle)

2014-08-06 008

Then I cut out a square of the light green fabric ( I did the mistake of cutting 16” instead of 16 1/2” but I knew that with a pillow, you can stuff it in there and it will be okay)

I marked the center and diagonally with a washable marker

2014-08-06 009

then laid out the pieces how I wanted it

2014-08-06 010

the outer feathers I wanted to be precise and measure!

2014-08-06 011

then fused them down after removing the paper backing.

2014-08-06 012

I had a scrap left over so I could play with the stitching

2014-08-06 013

Then I used a darning foot and a straight stitch and went close to the edge all the way around TWICE!

2014-08-06 0142014-08-06 015

Then I did the whole pillow top too!

2014-08-06 016

I made overlapping sleeves on the back and did a straight stitch over the folded edges (I made the pieces TOO big here, but didn’t want to redo them, it just took a bit of pushing to get the pillow into it)

2014-08-06 017

I laid the other piece on top facing the opposite way and stitched all the way around. and the edges are zig zagged

2014-08-06 018

Here’s the pillow all done!

2014-08-06 019

Now I was curious how it would hold up in the wash, so I took the cover off and threw it in the wash Smile

2014-08-10 001

I kind of like the tips sticking up, I think it will be better after a few washings.

2014-08-10 002

Have you tried the feathers die?

If you have, link up!