Saturday, June 23, 2018

2018 project list wk25

I worked in it within the last week it’s in red


#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging – finishing up applique

#2 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#3 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt

#4 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#5(Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – DONE!

#6 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed (I may donate these?!)

#7 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- DONE!

#8 (Aug 2016) Mini Ohio Star RSC16- DONE!

#9 (August 2017) EPP Milifori- DONE!

#10 (July 2017) Round Robin- top done

#11 (Nov 2017) Binding strip quilt – DONE!

#12 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 6” QUBE  blue -DONE!

#13 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 8” TULA PINK- top done

#14 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 9” QUBE red black- top done

#15 (Nov 2017) QUBE 2018 QAL 12” QUBE BATIK- top and border done

#16 (Dec2017) Batik Qube scrappy angles blocks “circles”- DONE!

#17 (Dec 2017) Jelly roll puzzle batik quilt- DONE!

#18 (Dec 2017) Patriotic QUBE quilt for Mccall’s- DONE and mailed

#19 (Jan 2018) Accuquilt Colorado Block quilt- DONE

#20 (Jan 2018) Cardtrick quilt – DONE

#21 (Jan 2018) Friendship star table topper- DONE

#22 (Jan 2018) Prarie Queen pillow- DONE

#23 (Jan 2018) Grunge Love quilt- DONE and mailed

#24 (Feb 2018) New technique for IB- DONE!

#25 (Feb) Mini Love IB- DONE

#26 (Feb) maple Leaf quilt- DONE

#27 (Feb) scrappy Qube quilt- DONE!

#28 (Feb)- April blog hop 30 blocks- DONE!

#29 (Mar) IB April Vintage quilt- DONE!

#30 (Mar) Heart picnic quilt- DONE

#31 (Jan) US Bea top- DONE!

#32 (Mar) scrappy QUBE quilt brown black – DONE!

#33 (rainbow blocks) sister’s choice- #6 done

#34 (March) Baby yellow brick road batiks– DONE!

#35 (April) April Accuquilt blog post- project done

#36 (Apr) X and + runner IB qube- DONE!

#37 (Apr) pink batik quilt- DONE!

#38 (rainbow blocks) bear claw- #6 done

#39 (Apr) phone book quilt- top done

#40 (May) Frog quilt- DONE!

#41 (May) Star quilt for hop- DONE

#42 (May) Outer space quilt for hop- DONE

#43 (rainbow blocks) Mosaic blocks –#6 done

#44 (May)1 1/2” squares and snowball quilt- DONE!

#45 (May) isosceles triangle rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#46 (May) small tumbler rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#47 (May) large half hexie rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#48 (May) tiny half hexie rainbow quilt- lots cut out

#49 (May) Northwood quilt- DONE and mailed

#50 (June) Bargello Jelly roll quilt- top done

#51 (June) Patriotic Chain Quilt- DONE and mailed

#52 (June) charm hexies quilt- sewing pieces together

#53 (June) – IB secondary design quilt- DONE!

#54 (June) mini Batik Table topper- top done


#1 (May)6T Primrose dress Sonja- pieces cut out


#1(Sept 2013) farm animal panel- don’t know what to do with it yet, if it’s a quilt or a bag/pillow?

#2 (August 2017) Birthday pillow- quilted, need to add backing and stuff it

#3 (Sept 2017) #5 Kennel batik quilt- DONE!

#4-5 (Jan) 2 funky friends for Island Batik- DONE!

#5 (Feb 2018) LOVE pillow for Accuquilt- DONE!

#6 (Feb) heart potholders- DONE!

#7 and 8 (Feb) 2 more Kennel quilts- DONE!

#9 (March) Potholder April- DONE

#10 (Mar) Craft is art bag- DONE!

#11 (Apr) multi+ purse pincushion- DONE

#12-13 two batik embroidered pincushions- DONE

#14 (May) pentagon fabric ball- DONE

#15 (May) EPP pincushion- DONE

#16-17 (June) 2 sets of potholders – DONE!

#18-19 (June) 2 more pincushions DONE!

Friday, June 22, 2018

EQ Lessons and Accuquilt fun

It’s funny, I have several online friends and most I’ve never met.

and sometimes we chat on PM or email back and forth.

One lady who’s a new friend is Dale, she joined the Accuquilt FB group and I talked her into the QUBE set and she’s also bought other dies, then later we talked about EQ8 and she got that too!

We had originally planned for her to come from SC to NC and come see me for Accuquilt lessons, but now with EQ8 we did that mostly instead.

So anyways, back and forth with plans and messages, she had another appointment in Raleigh and we decided to have lessons here on Wedneday (of course I forgot to take pictures!)

But then we also met Thursday at Elegant Stitches in Cary, NC (I got some cute care bear fabric for possibly a dress for one of the girls- Sonja sort of claimed it)and then we had lunch together


we got the waitress to take a picture Smile


I’m sure we’ll text back and forth too, talking personal stuff or EQ or Accuquilt Winking smile

Dale was a great student and I hope I answered some of her questions, and probably made her have a ton more now- that’s what happens with EQ, you discover new stuff all the time!

She brought me a Rose of sharon die (one I DIDN’t have! ha ha)

and I had made these two pincushions for her the day before she came here.

pincushion purse and enter your pin

pincushion purse and enter your pin

On another note, I got a shipment of fabrics from Connecting threads the other day, here’s a nice Christmas bundle (I also got a charm pack) and one of these I’ll use for the Christmas blog hop coming up soon!


and this Goldilocks bundle is really cute too


and this yellow and blue bundle that’s really cute too!

I have a problem with FQs now, I had to reorganize my fabric shelves and designate a shelf to precuts!)


I also got another charm pack and decided to cut them all into 1 1/4” strips and sew them together


into blocks like this


and I ended up with this, but I don’t like it one bit! some seams are crooked and not flat…. hmm, so I don’t know if I should put it on the shelf and forget about it for a bit, or stomp on it and toss it or what…

Then again this charm pack cost maybe $2-3 so not a big loss.


Oh, I also got two quilts back from Island Batik after being at their booth at market and then touring around as trunk show quilts for a year.

(The top one is made using FQs and the Churn dash Accuquilt die) both I have patterns for Smile


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pincushion swap sign up

It’s that time again!

Another great round of Pincushion swaps is near the end.

so I’m opening up the swap again for another round!!

Each swap lasts 3 months and all you have to do is make and mail one pincushion a month to another person (most likely one international per round) and you get one in return each month from someone else too!

It’s a lot of fun! it’s like Christmas each time you get a squishy package in the mail!!

Here’s some fun ones from this round

and there’s more here

If you’d like to join EMAIL me, as blogger has not fixed the GDPR thing yet, I’m not getting any emails when people comment, I can see them on my blog but I can’t reply, it’s very frustrating.

anyways, just EMAIL me and I’ll send you a few questions to fill out and send back and the next round will be July, August and September!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GO round Robin

I can finally reveal what’s been in the works for almost a year!

An Accuquilt Round Robin!

Last July I did a call out for anyone who owns a GO and dies if they want to join a “planned” round robin

I had designed this in EQ and both sketches are the same but one shows blocks, the other shows just rounds. The concept is the same.

Each person makes a center block (in this case it was a 12 1/2” center block) then sends it off to the next person who add another round, here it was a 3 1/2” round or 3 1/2” blocks, then 6 1/2” and so on.

It’s 56” x 68” at the end ( 56 1/2 x 68 1/2”)

round robin 56x68 blocksround robin 56x68

It was great fun!

Here’s my center block I sent off and didn’t get back until recently.

round robincenterbea

and this is what I got back!


The flying geese didn’t go all the way to the edges, so I had to take them off and I re-measured the top and decided to just add simple borders on it with fabrics that were with the quilt- even enough of the dark blue for binding!

It now measures 62” x 68” and I LOVE it!


Along the way, we all posted TEASERS in the fb group like these

round robintease3roundrobinteaseroundrobintease2

as you can see the themes and colors are so different, as it was up to the original owner to tell us all what “theme” or colors they wanted and some even added extra scraps to the bundle and they got sent with the top each time.

I don’t know if I have pictures of all the quilt

but it was fun to be part of and see the quilts grow.

round robin6round robin9

It was a learning experience for everyone, because this was “planned” with certain size requirements, it didn’t always match when it got to the next person, but I think we all made the best of it.

Look how great this one turned out!

round robin7round robin5round robin10round robin11

Round robin2round robin3round robin4round robin8

round robin12

This quilt is all the way done!

Round Robin

So as you can see, the quilts can change a LOT, it’s always fun to see the end results!

So I’m opening it up for another ROUND!

For US only due to postage- at the end it gets really heavy!

I don’t know how many rounds there will be, it all depends on the number of people who sign up!

It will be “sort of planned” again with rules as to where you add your rounds or rows, but no size rules. It MUST use Accuquilt dies (though strips you can rotary cut if you don’t have the strip dies)


Please EMAIL me, as blogger still doesn’t send me comments on my blog since the new GDPR ruling/law. so please just email me Smile

I’ll close the sign ups on July 1st and then we’ll start by having the center block sent out before Sept. 1st and it’ll continue monthly!

Please don’t sign up if you are too busy or think you can’t make the deadlines, I know life happens, but it’s important to be on time with these.

but the more the merrier!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Family trip to Myrtle Beach

Wed-Friday last week, we went on a mini vacation to Myrtle Beach!

We haven’t been to the beach in over 10yrs!!

We had a great time and saw a bunch, played in the water- both the ocean and the hotel pool.

On Wednesday we went to Wonderworks, which is this crazy hands-on museum amusement park (not the ferris wheel)


Part of the tickets were a zipline and rope course for the older kids outside


Fun for both younger and older kids


and a VERY accurate Weather stone!


Then after that we went to the hotel (Embassy Suites/Hilton resort ON the beach!!)


They had an awesome Breakfast buffet each morning


Thursday we went to the aquarium


and saw a REAL mermaid Winking smile


Outside there was a lake and this speed boat that Dan was really drooling over (Wonderworks was across the lake so we saw it the day before also)


We walked right by the booth and just HAD to try it! (I stayed back with Anja) This thing was FAST!!


Friday morning we left the hotel and went to this Apache pier and tried to go fishing, but with hot, whiney kids it didn’t last long, but at least Dan tried it Winking smile


We all got a lot of sun and had a lot of fun.

I didn’t take pics of the beach nor the pool, as I didn’t want to get sand or water on my phone, but we all had a blast!