QUBE Travel QAL 2019

We're starting another QAL for 2019!
This time I revealed what it will look like already and there's fabric and QUBE info here
 It's made using several different QUBE sets and companion sets, but some can be rotary cut, it's just SEW much faster with the Accuquilt dies :)
We'll start in a few weeks, I'm guessing around July 1st. Depends on when my fabrics get here and different deadlines I have going on :) 
I'll post each new step on Mondays as before!
Stay tuned!!

Click on each link to get the directions.


Nancy said...

See pretty.

norrine said...

If all I have is the 12 inch cube how do I complete the blocks and how much material do I need to each piece? Is the a list to use for the different size cubes?

Granny said...

What will be the final size of the quilt?