Pincushion swap 2019

Click here to see the 2018 Pincushion swap

Here's the list for 2019
Each "round" is 3 months and participants make and mail one pincushion per month to someone else.


Bea to Gail

Turid to Ellen

Janne to Holly

Meloney to Barbara

Sandy to Denise

Sandy to Vickie

Janice to Kathy (sent to wrong person?)

Margun to Madeline

Janora to Judy

Debra to Cathy

Kathy to Margaret

Bethany to Margun

Olga to Jan ??
Gail to Janice

Judy to Turid

Ellen to Olga

Margaret to Sandy

Madeline to Janne

Denise to Janora

Holly to Meloney

Cathy to Debra

Jan to Bea (Jan was in the hospital)

Barbara to Bethany

Vickie to Bethany


Bea to Judy

Bea to Vickie

Turid to Barbara

Janne to Ellen

Meloney to Holly

Sandy to Jan (mailed)
Janice to Cathy (mailed but got lost or sent to wrong person?)

Margun to Kathy
Janora to Denise
Debra to Olga (mailed 2/15) ??
Kathy to Bethany
Bethany to Margaret

Olga to Margun

Gail to Madeline ??

Judy to Janice

Ellen to Turid

Margaret to Gail

Madeline to Sandy
Denise to Janne

Holly to Janora

Cathy to Meloney
Jan to Debra (Jan was in the hospital)

Barbara to Bea

Vickie to Sandy ??

(Cathy to Bea Bonus)


Bea to Olga (mailed 3/15)

Turid to Judy
Janne to Madeline
Meloney to Ellen
Sandy to Bethany (mailed)
Janice to Holly
Margun to Barbara
Janora to Kathy
Debra to Jan
Kathy to Cathy (mailed 3/15)

Bethany to Denise
Bethany to Vickie
Olga to Margaret
Gail to Margun
Judy to Bea
Ellen to Janice

Margaret to Turid

Madeline to Gail
Denise to Sandy

Holly to Janne
Cathy to Janora
Jan to Meloney
Barbara to Debra
Vickie to Bea


Birthe M. Kalleland. Bjørhovde said...

Is it possible to join this swap?

Debra Anger said...

Hi Bea, nice list but you forgot Debra to Cathy for Jan LOL

FlashinScissors said...

Nice pincushions made by Gail and Janora!
Especially love the owl pincushion and gorgeous embroidered pouch you made for Gail, Bea!
Barbara xx

Meloney said...

This is such a fun swap. I love the pincushions I've received.

FlashinScissors said...

It’s lovely to see all the gorgeous pincushions appearing!
Well done everyone! And so many different ideas!
Barbara x