Pincushion swap 2018

Pincushion swap 2018

Bea to Janora
Turid to Bea
Janne to Irene
Janora to Turid
Sandy to Janne
Irene to Sandy

Bea to Turid
Turid to Janne
Janne to Bea
Janora to Sandy
Sandy to Irene
Irene to Janora

Bea to Janne
Turid to Sandy

Janne to Turid
Janora to Irene

Sandy to Janora
Irene to Bea

Bea to Kathie

Turid to Lyn
Janne to Janice
Lyn to Turid

Renee to Bea
Sandy to Renee

Vickie to Sandy

Meghann to Janne
Irene to Vickie
Kathie to Meghann
Janice to Irene

Bea to Meghann (mailed)
Turid to Irene
Janne to Lyn
Lynette to Janice
Renee to Sandy
Sandy to Turid

Vickie to Bea

Meghann to Renee

Irene to Janne

Kathie to Vickie
Janice to Kathie

Bea to Sandy (mailed)

Turid to Vickie

Janne to Meghann

Lyn to Irene

Renee to Kathie
Sandy to Janice

Vicki to Turid

Meghann to Bea

Irene to Renee

Kathie to Janne
Janice to Lyn

 Bea to Janice

Turid to Meghann

Janne to Kathie

Sandy to Vickie
Vickie to Janne

Meghann to Sandy

Kathie to Turid

Janice to Bea

Bea to Turid

Turid to Sandy

Janne to Vickie

Sandy to Janne

Vickie to Meghann

Meghann to Janice

Kathie to Bea

Janice to Kathie

Bea to Janne (mailed)

Turid to Janice

Janne to Sandy
Sandy to Bea

Vickie to Kathie
Meghann to Vickie
Kathie to Meghann
Janice to Turid

Bea to Margun (mailed)
Turid to Meloney
Janne to Janice
Meloney to Turid
Sandy to Olga
Janice to Sandy
Margun to Madeline
Olga to Bea
Madeline to Janora
Janora to Janne


Bea to Meloney
Turid to Olga
Janne to Margun
Meloney to Janora
Sandy to Turid
Janice to Madeline
Margun to Bea
Olga to Sandy
Madeline to Janne
Janora to Janice


Bea to Olga
Turid to Janora
Janne to Meloney
Meloney to Madeline
Sandy to Janice
Janice to Margun
Margun to Turid
Olga to Janne
Madeline to Bea
Janora to Sandy


The Joyful Quilter said...

What a cute bunch of pincushions!!

m dinsmore said...

I'd love to join the pin cushion swap it sounds so fun

Emanuela said...

Ciao, mi piacerebbe partecipare al vostro swap dei puntaspilli !
Aspetto notizie.

Meloney said...

I love pincushions. I haven't done a swap in years. How fun to have all those pretty pincushions.