Pincushion swap 2017

2017 pincushion swap

Bea to Turid

Turid to Monica
Ariene to Janne (mailed 1/27)

Janne to Bea (mailed)

Monica to Tanja

Tanja to Ariene

Bea to Janne (mailed 2/6)

Turid to Bea
Ariene to Tanja
Janne to Monica

Monica to Ariene

Tanja to Turid

Bea to Ariene

Turid to Janne
Ariene to Bea
Janne to Tanja
Monica to Turid
Tanja to Monica

Bea to Wanda

Turid to Terry

Janne to Deonn

Wanda to Bea (working on it-late)

Deonn to Janne

Terry to Turid

Bea to Deonn

Turid to Wanda

Janne to Terry

Wanda to Turid

Deonn to Bea

Terry to Janne

Bea to Terry

Turid to Deonn

Janne to Wanda (mailed around 8/1)
Wanda to Janne

Deonn to Turid
Terry to Bea

Bea to Janne
Turid to Cheryl

Janne to Janora
other got lost in the mail

Cheryl to Turid

Janora to Bea

Bea to Turid

Turid to Janora

Janne to Cheryl
Cheryl to Bea

Janora to Janne

Bea to Cheryl
 Turid to Bea

Janne to Janora

Cheryl to Janne

Janora to Turid

Bea to Darlene

Turid to Janora

Janne to Monica

Monica to Irene

Janora to Sandy

Sandy to Janne

Irene to Turid

Darlene to Bea

Bea to Irene

Turid to Darlene
Janne to Sandy

Monica to Janne

Janora to Bea

Sandy to Janora

Irene to Monica

Darlene to Turid

Bea to Sandy

Turid to Irene

Janne to Darlene

Monica to Janora

Janora to Monica

Sandy to Turid
Irene to Bea
Darlene to Janne

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Janne G. Vatne said...

I have posted for June to Wanda, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo.
Brg Janne