2013 Pin Cushion Swap

October is the kick off for a new pin cushion swap.
we'll do it in rounds of 2 months, so people can drop and add easier :)

Each participants sends a pin cushion to the person on the list by the END of each month.
Have a look at the blogs and get inspired :)
Whenever a person has received the pin cushion, you can post about it on your blog and let me know too and I'll show the pictures here.

Here's the schedule for October
from Turid  to Victorine

 from Kay  to Robin

from Wendy  to Turid

from Pam to Kay

 From Carol  to Wendy

from Melinda  to Carol
from Victorine  to Bea
from Robin  to Melinda

from Rhonda  to Pam

Here's the schedule for November
from Turid  to Kay
from Kay  to Wendy

 from Wendy  to Pam
 from Pam  to Carol

from Carol  to Bea

from Bea  to Melinda
from Melinda  to Rhonda - received

from Victorine  to Robin
from Robin to Turid

from Rhonda  to Victorine

December schedule
Robin send to Rhonda

 From Bea to Robin

From Rhonda to Bea

from Kay to Turid

From Melinda to Kay (sent 3/7- received)
Wendy send to Melinda (sent)

From Pam to Wendy (received)

From Wanda to Pam
Nancy send to Wanda

from Turid to Nancy


Robin said...

Sent mine out Monday and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow!! I'll post a pic of mine from Kay in just a sec!!

Kay said...

These are great. It is lovely to see the diversity, the little bag is particularly amazing.

Carol said...

Any word on the outstanding pin cushions from October? I haven't heard from my partner.

Wendy said...

Mine is on its way to my partner. Hopefully it arrives soon.

TheStylishHome said...

How do I jump in on the swap? Looks like fun!

DebraKay Neiman said...

Mine sent today February and March. Loved the one for Wanda for March so much that I substituted the one for Sarah also. In fact I made one for myself. http://www.flickr.com/photos/105749630@N03/13021523754/

DebraKay Neiman said...

Sarah Marchuk from Greensburg Indiana, My partner for the February pincushion swap, sent me this sweet bunny pincusion with cross-stitching and fancy pins, a really cuddly bunny and some great color computer paper. https://www.flickr.com/photos/105749630@N03/13518026344/in/photostream/

Sarah Beth said...

This is such a fun swap. Bea yours will be on its way by in a couple of days.

tubakk said...

So many fun and fantastic pincushions! I love them all. I'm a bit late with my last ones, sorry for that. But they will be sent soon.

cucki said...

wow..its a fun swap :)
i posted my july pin cushion to my partner..
hugs x