2012 Pin cushion Swap

We're reading to kick start this awesome Pin Cushion Swap on july 1st 2012

We are 8 people participating
Every month we'll send one handmade pin cushion to the next person on our list.
(and also receive one from someone else on the list)

It can be small or large, it's up to you! whatever you want.
I did send out a questionaire to everyone asking for favorite colors, quilting style etc. so that can give the others a clue about how they may like their pin cushion.

(Turid actually inspired this swap, I won a pin cushion on her blog at a blog hop and started a little collection- which needs to GROW!)

Here's links to some of the participants:

Turid : tubakk and densyendehimmel

Bea : beaquilter

Cherry : cherryblossomsquiltingstudio

Beverly: thethreadhead

Lisa:- no blog (yet)

Gwen: no blog (yet)

Chris: no blog (yet)

Here's the button for it too


grab it and link back to this page :-)

I will keep updating the links on here to specific blog posts etc. as the pin cushions are made and received.

Here's July's pin cushions:

A yellow owl to Gwen from me (Bea)

To Cherry from Turid

 From Cherry to Bea
From Heather to Turid

 to Heather from Gwen

Beverly send to Lisa
Chris send to Gwen
Lisa send to Chris - Sent

August pin cushions

I sent the Pink and Blue owl to Lisa (the other one was a request for someone else)

 From Turid  tubakk to Bea
  From Gwen to Turid

 From Cherry to Beverly

From Heather to Cherry

to Heather from Chris

Beverly send to Chris
Lisa send to Gwen- Sent


To Lisa from Cherry

To Cherry from Gwen
To Chris from Bea 

 To Turid From Chris

 To Bea from Heather

To Beverly From Turid

 To Heather from Lisa

Beverly send to Gwen


To Lisa From Turid

To Gwen from Bea

To Bea From Gwen

To Turid from Lisa
Beverly send to Heather
Cherry send to Chris
Chris send to Cherry
Heather send to Beverly


To Heather from Bea

To Chris From Turid

Beverly send to Turid
Cherry send to Gwen- received
Chris send to Bea- working on
Gwen send to Beverly- almost done
Heather send to Lisa
Lisa send to Cherry- received


To Turid From Bea

 To Bea from Lisa

To Gwen from Turid

To Heather From Cherry

Beverly send to Cherry
Chris send to Beverly
Gwen send to Lisa
Heather send to Chris


To Cherry From Bea

Beverly send to Bea
Cherry send to Turid
Chris send to Lisa
 Gwen send to Chris
Heather send to Gwen
Lisa send to Beverly
Turid send to Heather


Hillbilly Tonya said...

Sorry I couldn't join. Just too much going on. Have fun with this!

Jessisca Lenderman said...

Hi : )
I am very very much interested to be part of this pincusions fun. I am at geneleenloire@yahoo.com


Jessisca Lenderman said...

Hi : )
I am very very much interested to be part of this pincusions fun. I am at geneleenloire@yahoo.com


Laurie~ said...

Is it too late to join Bea?

Janne said...

Hi, I want to join this one:)

Dawn said...

This looks like so much fun!! How do I go about starting one? Also, those little owls are so darn cute! Well, they are ALL darn cute, is there someplace where those patterns (better yet, for me, anyways, tutorials)for them? Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the next batch :)

sew.darn.quilt said...

This would have been some fun, any advice for someone thinking about starting a swap? =)

http://tubakk.blogg.no/ said...

Got the pincushion for September from Chris today. Super. You'll find it on my blog. Have a nice weekend!

Victorine Bland said...

I would love to play...please sign me up. Pineconeqltr@gmail.com