Long arm Quilting samples and pricing


How to prepare a quilt for long arm quilting.


First make sure the quilt top is "square" ( straight 90 degree edges).

Remove all lint/ loose threads from the back, especially if large parts of the block are white.


Batting should be at leatst 3-4" bigger than the top, so 2" or so all the way around- also make sure this is "square". I prefer warm and natural batting, and have a roll of it to sell from, but if you have another kind of batting, that's fine too, I prefer NOT to use the cheap poly fill type of batting as it may rip on the frame when quilting.


Backing should be 5-6" bigger than the top or more. The seam is horizontal when I quilt so it's fine if it's much longer than the top, since it'll be cut off after I'm done quilting it. I.e. a quilt top is 50 x 65, then the batting is bigger and the backing is 56" wide with 2 WOF sewn together, making it approx 80" long.

Examples of my quilting and pricing below

Please not that just because a design is in a higher price bracket may not mean the whole quilt will cost that price, if it's a panel, only the panel with cost the panel price and the borders would be another price

2 cents per sq inch below
loopy flower and swirls
swirls and feathers (very popular!)

loopy meandering large
all over leaves
leaves with a little "tag" added on once in a while
meandering and hears and doggy bones
all over swirls ( come to a sharp point)

all over small hearts and meandering

wavy swirl
all over swirls and curves
pumpkins and leaves

meandering and triple hearts

leaves and simple roses
close up of rose

corner to corner curve (2cents) cornstalk on sashing (3cents if combined)
swirls and berries (allover 2cents) border design by itself (3cents)

 funky flowers and leaves

large bubbles and corner to corner curves
 all continuous lines
meandering and butterflies
loopy border and large bubbles
large zig zag
meandering filler and corner to corner curves
heart vine on border
all over meandering

corner to corner curves on small tumblers
meandering and simple words scattered around

meandering and stars
meandering and gingko leaves

3 cents per square inch below
some of these may fit in 2 cents catagory if they can be a simple all over pattern.

feather wreath
cat tails and grass on the border
corner to corner on blocks and feathers (fan)
allover feathers with outline
feathers in a fan for each block 
bubbles in sashing, flames on border
bubbles, leaves, corner to corner, all border designs
wave swirls and corn stalk on border and sashing
feathers on border, leaves on sashing, feather fan on blocks and corner to corner curves on alternate blocks
small waves
feather fans, custom curves and coffee bean designs
layered hears and custom block work
custom block work, simple ruler work and corner to corner curves and feathers
dense curves and corner to corner designs
bamboo filler design (inspired by Leah Day)
small all over feathers, different for each block
different filler design
bubbles, custom border design
custom block work
allover feathers
feathers within borders
feathers and corner to corner curves

4 and 5 cents per square inch below
mostly custom block designs. 
feather fan and dense bubbles

heavy ruler work on block and custom alternate design
custom design to follow panel design
close up of designs
dense filler designs and thread color changes

bubbles all over and lots of thread color changes

custom design on each panel and custom border designs
dense feathers with outlines
custom work on panel
dense filler designs and feathers


 If you have any questions feel free to email me at cropperbea@gmail.com


Cherry said...

Everything looks wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Wow Bea, your work is gorgeous!

Sherry Jones said...

Your work is lovely! I really enjoyed looking at it and will be sure to add you to my favorites! Congratulations on your new addition. Sherry