Go! QUBE 2017 QAL

A quick intro
This QAL uses the Accuquilt QUBE sets and companion set,
 I'm using the 8" QUBE + companion and the 12" QUBE
There will be 48 blocks and one block per week, which I will list on Monday morning.
For the 8" QUBE+companion set I'm using this FQ bundle of 20 FQs and about a yard of solid white.
I also decided to do a 12" BATIK version where I'm using browns and black and a bit of light blue in the prints too, not sure when I will stop with that quilt as I'm using leftover yardage from another project and the blocks are big :) plus I don't have the companion set in that size!

If you don't have the companion set, that's ok, you can either choose to skip that block or modify it to work with the regular QUBE set.

The color placement on the blocks are very random and at the end block #1 doesn't have to touch #2, you can move them around before sewing the top together.

If using the 6" QUBE set, a 6x8 layout will be 36 x 48 plus a border
 If using the 8" QUBE set, a 6x8 layout will be 48 x 64 plus a border
If using the 6" QUBE set, a 6x8 layout will be 54 x 72 plus a border
If using the 6" QUBE set, a 6x8 layout will be 72 x 96 plus a border

As far as fabrics go, it's really up to you!
As I mentioned above, I'm using a FQ bundle for the 8" blocks plus white and it should be fine for 8" and 6", but since we're shuffling the blocks around at the end, I can always add more if I need to!
 For 9" blocks you might want more than 20 FQs and for 12" blocks if you are making them all, AT LEAST 1/2yd then of 16-20 fabrics or more, it's hard to tell, as it depends on where you are using the fabrics on the blocks and how often you use them ;)

Just have fun and try it!!
I'll have a linky up every week too and there's also FB and pinterest!

Block 1
Block 2 
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5 
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9
Block 10
Block 11
Block 12
Block 13
Block 14
Block 15
Block 16
Block 17
Block 18 *Bonus quilt 
Block 19 
Block 20
Block 21
Block 22
Block 23
Block 24
Block 25 
Block 26
Block 27
Block 28
Block 29
Block 30
Block 31
Block 32
Block 33
Block 34
Block 35
Block 36
Block 37
Block 38
Block 39 and BONUS quilt!
Block 40
Block 41
Block 42
Block 43
Block 44
Block 45
Block 46
Block 47
Block 48
Setting ideas and final details


Cindy said...

Hi, Is this still going to happen? When I go to the intro...this is what I find. https://www.accuquilt.com/blog/inspiration/patterns/go-qube-quilt-along-with-beaquilter/

Cindy said...

Sorry, Meant to say it says Page not found.

Beth Burgess said...

I have purchased fabric to do this quilt along. Hope it is still going to happen. Please please advise