Pincushion swap 2016

The pincushion swap is still going strong!
Each month participants make and send a pincushion to someone else on the list that they are assigned to and in return also receive a pincushion from someone.
It's a lot of fun to get a squishy package in the mail once a month.
There has been some amazing pincushions made over the last few years we've done this swap!
Have a look at the tabs above for pictures.
Each "round" goes for 3 months at a time and I usually do a blog post about new sign ups around the 15th of the last month, to get ready for the next round.

January 2016
Turid to Shelly

Bea to Janne

Laila to Nancy

Nancy to Bea

Janne to Cucki (mailed 1/16 received)

Shelly to Debra (mailed 1/21)

Debra to Sandy

Cucki to Laila

Sandy to Turid (mailed 1/20) (customs problem)

Turid to Debra

Bea to Cucki (mailed 1/25)

Laila to Sandy

Nancy to Laila

Janne to Shelly (mailed 2/15)

Shelly to Nancy

Debra to Janne

Cucki to Turid (mailed 1/25)

Sandy to Bea

Turid to Sandy

Bea to Shelly (mailed)

Laila to Cucki (mailed 3/3)

Nancy to Debra

Janne to Nancy (mailing 3/10)

Shelly to Laila

Debra to Turid

Cucki to Bea (mailed mid april)

Sandy to Janne (mailed 3/28)

 Turid to Judith (mailed 4/25)

Bea to Turid

Laila to Debra

Janne to Margaret (mail 4/25)

Shelly to Janne (mailing before end of April)

Debra to Shelly (mailing 4/28)

Cucki to Sandy

Sandy to Cucki (mailed 4/18)

Judith to Bev (received)
Margaret to Yanicha (mailed 4/15)

Yanicha to Laila (sending 4/11)

Bev to Bea

 Turid to Bev (5/18)

Bea to Margaret (mailed 5/18)

Laila to Judith (mailed 5/10)

Janne to Yanicha

Shelly to Sandy
Debra to Laila

Cucki to Janne

Sandy to Shelly

Judith to Cucki??

Margaret to Bea

Yanicha to Debra

Bev to Turid

Turid to Margaret

Bea to Laila (mailed 6/20)

Laila to Shelly

Janne to Judith

Shelly to Turid

Debra to Cucki (received)

Cucki to Bev
Sandy to Debra (will mail 7/21)

Judith to Bea

Margaret to Sandy

Yanicha to Janne

Bev to Yanicha

 Turid to Janne

Bea to Tanja

Laila to Bev
Janne to Bea

Cucki to Yanicha

Judith to Turid

Yanicha to Cucki
Bev to Judith (not as of 9/24)

Tanja to Laila

Turid to Cucki

Bea to Janne

Laila to Yanicha

Janne to Bev (mailed 8/24)
Cucki to Bea

Judith to Laila

Yanicha to Turid
Bev to Tanja (here)

Tanja to Judith

Turid to Bea

Bea to Yanicha

Laila to Janne
 Janne to Laila

Cucki to Judith

Judith to Tanja

Yanicha to Bev (mailed)

Bev to Cucki
Tanja to Turid

Turid to Janne

Bea to Tiffany (received)
Laila to Turid (mailed 10/21)

Janne to Tanja (mail 10/25)
Tiffany to Bea
Monica to Laila (mailing 10/26)

Tanja to Monica

Turid to Tanja

Bea to Monica

Laila to Tiffany
Janne to Turid

Tiffany to Laila

Monica to Bea
Tanja to Janne

Turid to Laila

Bea to Tanja

Laila to Monica
Janne to Tiffany

Tiffany to Turid (mailed 12/14)

Monica to Janne (remake)

Tanja to Bea (received)

Here's the pincushion swap from 2015
and from 2014
and from 2013
and from 2012


Sandy Schmidt said...

I sent my pincushion to Turid in Norway today for January swap! I can't wait for her to receive it!!

Shelly sandy said...

Mailed my pin cushion to Debra today!

Sandy Schmidt said...

Bea its on its way!!! I mailed it today and I believe it will be worth the wait! Sandy

Valerie Reynolds said...

What a fun idea!! I'll have to sign up for your summer cycle!

Pat Reed said...

how do i sign up, would love to do pincushion swap!! love pincushions.

Bev said...

Hi I got my July swap from Laila am I sending back to Laila could you please E mail me her address please x

Bev said...

Hi Judith I am sending to you for July could you please E mail your addreSS thanks xx I