2014 PinCushion Swap

The Pin Cushion was SEW much fun, that we've continued into 2014


From Robin to Nancy
from Bea to Turid
From Rhonda to Wanda
from Kay to Bea
From Melinda to Robin (sent 3/7)
Pam send to Melinda (received)

from Wanda to Wendy
Nancy send to Pam
From Turid  to Rhonda

From Kay To Nancy  
From Nancy To Turid  
From Bea to Pam  
From Wanda to Kay 
From Turid to Karyn
From Debra to Sarah (sent 3/10)
From Karyn to Laura
From Pam to Wanda
From Laura to Bea
From Sarah to Debra (will send 3/10-sent 3/19?)


From Kay to Laura

From Nancy to Karyn

From Bea to Kay

From Wanda to Nancy

From Turid to Debra

From Debra to Wanda

 From Karyn to Pam

From Pam to Sarah

From Laura to Turid

From Sarah to Bea (working on it 4/10)

Bea to Wanda (sent 4/7)

Pam to Turid

Kay to Pam (on the way 4/10)

from Wanda to Bea

Debra to Kay (sent 4/29)

Karyn to Nancy

Turid to Shelley (sending mid may)

 from Laura to Debra

Shelley to Shar

Sarah to Mary (on the way mid may)

Lynn to Sarah

Mary to Lynn (received)

Megan to Laura

from Shar to Karyn

from Nancy to Megan

Bea to Nancy
Pam to Debra
Kay to Karyn (mailed 5/22)

Wanda to Laura ( ready to mail 5/28 in a few days)

Debra to Lynn (mailed 5/28)
 Karyn to Kay

Turid to Sarah (sending mid may)

Laura to Mary

Shelley to Megan ( a bit late after 5/28)

Sarah to Turid (on the way 5/28)

Lynn to Bea (sent 4/8)

Mary to Pam

Megan to Shar (mailed 5/22)

Shar to Wanda

Nancy to Shelley

Turid to Ulla

Pam to Bea

Bea to Debra

Wanda to Karyn (delayed - received)

Nancy to Sarah

Debra to Pam

Karyn to Wanda

Sarah to Nancy (never arrived)

Shar to Mary H (sent- flannel with pin it- lost in the mail as of 9/13)

Sandra V to Sharon S

Cucki to Jackie

Mary H to Judy
Jackie to Megan (not received as of 9/13- sent email 10/2 may have been a mistake on the list)

Ulla to Laila

Laila to Turid

Sharon S to Cucki

Judy to Shar (mailed 6/30)


Turid to Laila

Pam to Nancy
Bea to Sharon S
Wanda to Debra

Nancy to Bea

Debra to Karyn

Karyn to Megan

Sarah to Pam ?
Megan to Mary H (one of these)

Shar to Cucki (working on them still as of 9/13) (Bea mailed these instead)

Sandra V to Jackie
Cucki to Judy

Mary H to Sandra V

Jackie to Shar (sent email again 10/2)

Ulla to Turid

Laila to Ulla

Sharon S to Wanda

Judy to Sarah


Turid to Pam

Pam to Karyn (will be mailed sept 2nd- received)

Bea to Judy

Wanda to Turid

Nancy to Wanda
Debra to Sharon S
Karyn to Debra

Sarah to Megan
Megan to Nancy

Shar to Sandra V (working on them as of 9/13) (Bea sent instead)

Sandra V to Shar

Cucki to Laila

Mary H to Sarah
Laila to Cucki (sent mid august)

Sharon S to Bea

Judy to Mary H


Turid to Karyn

Pam to Laila

Carol S to Turid

Bea to Carol

Nancy to Debra

Debra to Bea

Karyn Ashley to Judy (going in the mail oct 3rd)

Laila to Nancy

Judy to Debbie Y

Debbie Y to Olivia

Olivia to Pam (sending on Oct 1st)


Turid to Debbie Y

Pam to Judy (received)
Carol S to Olivia
Bea to Karyn

Nancy to Carol S

Debra to Nancy

Karyn Ashley to Turid (going in the mail oct3rd)

Laila to Pam

Judy to Bea

Debbie Y to Debra (haven't mailed 11/14 will soon- new job)
Olivia to Laila (sending on Oct 1st)

 Turid to Debra (mailed nov1)

Bea to Laila (sent 11/14)

Wanda to Karyn (going out end of Nov)

Debra to Turid

Karyn to Bea

Laila to Wanda (sent 11/14)


Turid to Wanda

Bea to Turid (on the way)

Wanda to Debra (going out end of Nov)

Debra to Karyn

Karyn to Laila

Laila to Bea


margaret said...

so glad I popped over from another blog and have seen all these wonderful pin cushions, I was not following you when this challenge started so knew nothing about it till now

Kay said...

These all look amazing. Well done to everyone that took part. x