2015 Pincushion swap

2015 Pincushion swap


From Turid to Carol

From Carol to Bea

From Bea to Melinda

From Melinda to Turid
From Wanda to Laila (mailing 1/17)

From Debra to Wanda

From Sandra to Debra

From Laila to Sandra


From Turid to Melinda
From Carol to Laila

From Bea to Wanda (mailed)

From Melinda to Carol (sent 3/7?)
From Wanda to Bea

From Debra to Sandra

From Sandra to Turid

From Laila to Debra


From Turid to Laila (Late)

From Carol to Wanda
From Bea to Sandra

From Melinda to Debra
From Wanda to Melinda (mailed April 1st)
From Debra to Carol

From Sandra to Bea
From Laila to Turid


From Turid to Pauline

 From Carol to Melinda (mailed 4/23)

From Bea to Judy

From Melinda to Cucki (mailed)(late)
From Wanda to Wendy K

From Debra to Janet

From Laila to Zane

From Pauline to Laila

From Cucki to Carol (late)

From Judy to Bea

From Wendy to Debra

From Janet to Wanda

From Zane to Turid


From Turid to Judy (will mail 5/20)

 From Carol to Cucki

From Bea to Wendy

From Melinda to Wanda
(received 7/15 late)
From Wanda to Carol 

From Debra to Melinda

From Laila to Pauline

From Pauline to Debra

From Cucki to Turid

From Judy to Janet (mailed 5/30)

From Wendy to Zane

From Janet to Bea

From Zane to Laila (re-sending 6/1)


From Turid to Wendy

 From Carol to Debra

From Bea to Judy

From Melinda to Bea

From Wanda to Janet

From Debra to Laila

From Laila to Carol

From Pauline to Turid

From Cucki to Wanda

From Judy to Cucki

From Wendy to Melinda

From Janet to Zane (mailed 6/9)
From Zane to Pauline

Turid to Janet

Bea to Laila

Debra to Diana

Laila to Judy M

Pauline to Bea

Judy to Turid (mailed 10/15)
Janet to Debra

Monika to Nancy

 Nancy to Monika (mailed 7/13)

Diana to Pauline

Turid to Pauline

Bea to Janet

Debra to Bea

Laila to Diana

Pauline to Nancy

Judy to Debra (mailed 10/15)

Janet to Turid

Nancy to Judy

Diana to Laila

Turid to Debra

Bea to Pauline (mailed 8/8)

Debra to Laila (mailed)

Laila to Turid

Pauline to Judy (sent late Sept)

Judy to Nancy (mailed 10/15)

Janet to Diana

Nancy to Janet (old file said Debra that was sent)

Diana to Bea


Turid to Nancy

Bea to Turid

Debra to Janne

Laila to Bea

Nancy to Shelly

Diana to Debra

Shelly to Diana

Janne to Laila


Turid to Diana

Bea to Debra

Debra to Nancy

Laila to Janne

Nancy to Turid

Diana to Shelly

Shelly to Laila

Janne to Bea (working on it a bit late 11/25)


Turid to Janne
Bea to Nancy

Debra to Shelly

Laila to Debra

Nancy to Diana

Diana to Laila

Shelly to Bea (on the way 12/21)

Janne to Turid

Sign ups are usually around the 15th of the last month


Carol said...

Do you have a photo of all of your pincushion collection? I'm losing track of what you already have:)

Carol said...
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Jacqueline Frances said...

Hi there Bea,
I would like to join this swap…but only if there is a fellow Canadian as mailing to the USA is too cost-prohibitive.
Quilty Huggs,
Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows
Come check out my blog:

Janet Knapp said...

Hi Bea!
I would love to join your pin cushion swap.
My e-mail : jknapp100@gmail.com
Thank you! Janet

akwiinas said...

Hi there,
I would love to join a pincushion swap as well, if there is some one from Europe I could be paired together with!
Feel free to reply here or visit my blog for more info about me:

Barbara said...

Is there an April pincushion swap? Looking for one to join..

Janet Knapp said...

Received my April pincushion from Debra - it is absolutely beautiful. Mailing my April pincushion to Wanda today.

Starlitt said...

I would love to join this group. It looks like so much fun. How does one go about doing this?

carol christian said...

carolinagurl48@hotmail.com I would love to join.thanks bea.
Carol Christian

Michiel and Monica in Australia said...

Hello, I would like to join the pincushion swap, I live in Australia. m.joinking@gmail.ccom
Regards, Monica

Shelly sandy said...

I would like to join this swap - paris1889@aol.com