Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Embroidery threads and making a pincushion

 I bought this big pack of 63 colors
 look how fun!
the cones are small-ish but that's great if you want lots of colors but don't want to invest so much for each color.
When the threads arrived I had just gotten an email from emblibrary and saw this autumn flower burst design on sale! (The sale ends today!)
So I bought it and had to test it out with the new threads!
It's a really DENSE design, almost 50.000 stitches so that took my machine 77min to stitch out with 11 color changes, but it's OH so pretty!
 I decided to turn it into a pin cushion!
It measures a bit over 5"
Though it's more of a decorative pincushion as the embroidery is so dense it's hard to poke it with a pin- and why would you anyway??
 But it's really adorable! I might want to stitch it out again in other colors!


Gene Black said...

Have you tried the threads from MetroEmb ? The small spools there are 1000 meters. They have a package of 64 spools for $64, So it actually comes out costing less than this deal. It works really well in my embroidery machine.

QuiltShopGal said...

Quite a collection of threads in yummy colors and they certainly look beautiful in your decorative pincushion. Sweet.

SewMisadventurous said...

That almost looks like tapestry, but it's a beautiful design. You'll have to use the back to poke your pins into. Lol.