Tuesday, October 1, 2019

a TWOfer for Island Batik!

What's a Twofer, you may ask??
It's really two items sold for the price of one.
But what I meant, you'll see in a bit!

So the theme for Island Batik ambassadors for November was TABLE TOPPERS!
(Though as I was downloading the graphics for this I read it again and it was supposed to have applique on it, mine doesn't OOPSIE!!) But I do have another mini one completed and another in the works, so either I'll add applique to that one or make a 5th one.... we'll see

Anyways, here's my TWOFERS!
Why do I call these two "Twofers"? well first, it was because I made these TWO from scraps left over from THIS quilt
 BUT also here's the REAL reason, when I had them both done, I had some of the snowflake fabric leftover and I thought I could use it as backing for one of them, then when I loaded it on my frame, it hit me that I could move it to the side and then maybe the second one would fit next to it, and it did!!
PLUS I had leftover hobbs wool batting from my last IB quilt and it was a squeaker but I was able to cut that up and use that was both runner too!
-btw I almost never "float" my quilt tops but had to with these :)

The inspiration for the topper on the left was called Under the sea from a Jelly roll book I believe and I just cut until I thought I had enough for a nice table topper

Here's a close up of it
I quilted curves from corner to corner
it measures 16" x 24"

The strippy quilt I actually made first.
I started with the leftover strips from the quilt and then thought I'd add some white print to the ends
 then decided to flip every other strip and lay them out in an ombre effect
 Here's the top all done

and here it is all quilted and bound! I quilted a deliberate curve that I didn't want to follow 100% but vary it a bit as it went along.
it measures 15" x 30"

Table toppers are SEW much fun and FAST to make, I'm sure I'll make something else WITH applique before the month is over :)


Pamela said...

Isn't it awesome when you can use up those leftover pieces? I totally love both your projects, can't wait to see what else you come up with this month!

Kathleen said...

These are great two-fers - I love when it happens. The ombre effect is fun and I admire you going on and doing another project to fulfill the applique part - you are a trooper.

Anita said...

Using leftover pieces is the best! Both your projects look great! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with when it concerns appliqué later this month.