Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Try a block!

I blogged about this last week on Accuquilt's blog

It's a fun challenge with a FB friend texts me a picture of a block and asks if it can be done with Accuquilt QUBE dies!

I think it was called Dinah's block
It was a block from a magazine in the 80s!
 Look how neat it looks together with other blocks!

So I thought about it for a while, then once I tilted my head and looked at the inner part with the yellow corners
 Then it was easy to see that as a QUBE block!
Then I looked at the outside part with the triangle in a square and I have a tiny die that cuts out 2" triangle in a square pieces, so if that's 2" finished and another 2" square, then the middle part has to be 6"!
So the middle part is the 6" qube with dies #3 for the yellow part, #4 for the dark blue part and #5 for the teal and white middle!
then the square and small corner triangles are from the 8" qube set, dies #2 and #5!

and finally the corners of the block would be 6" QST finished if you see how it lines up below, so that's die #4 from the 12" QUBE set!

So I set to work to test it!

I used some feline fine batik leftovers from last year from Island Batik and I was able to cut out pieces for 4 blocks!
(my original thought was that the blocks would be larger than 12" more like 15" but then ended up 11 3/4") anyways, my idea was a baby quilt.

At first I sewed the HSTs together for the pinwheel center part, it's a pale solid grey and pink cat print.

Then sewed the 4 pinwheel block sections together like this

Meanwhile I also made the triangle in a square blocks- 32 of them

I then added  dark print QSTs to the pinwheels

and also added the center grey square to the triangle in a square blocks
(yeah I changed the colors around, it was just for whatever scrap I had to make it work)

and then the #3 corner triangles in dark grey

and on half the triangle in a square block sections I added the corner triangles

Then sewed the blocks together like this
 and added the large grey QSTs
what a fun block!

and here's 4 of them together, love the star it creates as a secondary pattern!

and here I added borders and finished it with some custom quilting and solid grey binding
I really want to make a bigger quilt with this now!
Thanks Robin J for the inspiration- can't wait to see yours!!


Chris said...

How ingenious!

Vicki in MN said...

There you go putting your thinking cap on again Bea! Your finished quilt makes that block look really different!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

That's awesome. It's a great block.