Tuesday, September 17, 2019

sewing September rainbow RSC blocks!

 I've been working on these Rainbow Scrappy Color of the month (RSC) blocks and September's color is purple!

Here's a four patch string block (From Bonnie Hunter's book)
and now 10 together

and a reversed spiderweb block in purple too, this one ended up being all batiks!

 and 10 together!

you may have noticed that another string rainbow block is missing, I decided that 9 blocks were enough, so I've pieced that top together and it needs to be quilted

This weekend and last week has been full of good news!
Bjorn started his first day on the job at Food Lion in town!

By the 2nd day he didn't need help as a cashier, so when I picked him up Sunday night I had to go buy something so he could ring me up :)

 And ANJA is finally potty trained!! about time!!
So overall it's GREAT news, I'm a proud Mommy!!


babyonlinedress said...

Wir mag ihre Blog, und möchten mit Ihnen Kooperation machen, mehr können Sie brautjungfernkleider suchen.

Vicki in MN said...

Those are good things to be doing the happy dance to!! I have really enjoyed seeing your 4 patch string blocks come together:)

Pamela Arbour said...

Love your blocks and seeing Bjorn growing up. How is he doing since the accident and surgeries? Is everything ok now or does he have more work to be done on his teeth, etc.?