Monday, September 9, 2019

pincushions for swap are done and mailed

I finished these two owl pincushions for the pincushion swap I'm hosting, these are for August and September, then because I was pressed for time for August I decided to send out one of my patterns with each one instead.
pincushion owl swap

pincushion owl swap
Here's a pincushion I got recently from Olga!

I also turned this orphan block into a pincushion (it was made for the RSC19 rainbow mini blocks as a demo)


The weather has still been great here in NC since we got back and school is in full swing!

Anja and I had fun with bubbles one afternoon outside
 We've also played hide and seek and I used my HIGHLY developed "mommy detective" skills to find her!

While we were gone in Denmark, Solveig had decided to start this huge puzzle and finally finished it, but during the assembly she found a duplicate piece of the palm trees on the top right and then when it was all done there was a piece missing!
well in the trash it went after this... still a fun puzzle to complete

 This was the best "back to school" picture I could get, as the kids all started different times!
Bjorn is driving us all around in the mornings, as he's adding on hours on his driver's permit! we're more than half way there- so 34hrs out of 60 day time hours and then he needs 10 nighttime hours too and I think he has 3hrs so far.
It's nice that now the DMV has an APP for logging the hours, both my husband and Bjorn and I have it and we start a trip and end it with just a few clicks and also you can add weather conditions and types of roads.

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SewMisadventurous said...

Poor Solveig, I feel her pain, there's nothing worse than working on a jigsaw puzzle with 0000's of pieces only to discover that one is missing! It happened to me more than once. I used to think that some 'Joker in the jigsaw factory used to take out a random piece of each puzzle as a laugh, except it's not even a tiny bit funny when you dedicate hours to putting a puzzle together, it ruins the experience. You'd think that now they're all printed, cut and boxed by computerised robots it wouldn't happen. It IS a beautiful picture though (& I had to search for the 'hole' if it's any consolation.)