Monday, September 23, 2019

pincushion, patterns, embroidery and friends

This post is about a little bit of this and that!

First I wanted to show this cute pincushion I got from Holly last week as part of the pincushion swap which still has openings!
And Holly also sent me this cool measuring tape bracelet which I've worn several times already!

Last week I also got an order of patterns which I ordered online, so I've been busy sorting and bagging those!

I was planning on finishing this quilt, but Swiffer had other plans!
The whole morning he laid on it!! oh well, I did something else instead.
Last week I also met my quilty friend Pam, she was in town because her daughter got married this weekend! CONGRATULATIONS! And Pam made lots of things for their wedding and a beautiful quilt for the happy couple!

 Last week I also took Anja to the Zoo with my good friend Laura and her kids, Laura and family are moving in a few weeks, we'll miss them a lot!

And this weekend I sewed more eyeglass holders for the upcoming craft show!
I started with black,grey and brown

then blue and green
I'm going thru my shelves of yardage and if there's a skinny WOF left I'll use it for these!

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Nancy said...

Using fabrics from your fabric pieces for the eyeglass cases is a great idea and gives each one individuality. So did you order a batch of patterns and got one of yours in the order? Or are you sending out orders of your pattern?