Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Just because I wanted to use up my red scraps

You know the feeling of having no scraps and nothing to do??

In fact my scrap bins are overflowing and once in a while I just look thru them and want to use up some before the bin explodes!

my bin with red fabrics was very full, so then I started looking at my quilt books and found this book called STASH LAB

I had book marked a few in there that were accuquilt friendly and this one is called "Leaf pile" and I had an idea!
it's just the chisel shape from any companion set from accuquilt and then a small matching HST, though the pattern had you sew a square to a rectangle and sew diagonally and trim - I'm sure you've tried the method, but with Accuquilt I could cut out a bunch quickly and without trimming!

I used the 8" QUBE set btw
after I cut a bunch out and knew I couldn't find anymore scraps for sets of 4 I counted the sets and came up with this in EQ8!
a 9 x 12 layout, that's  108 blocks, with 2 chisels in each block, but divided by 4 that's 54

I then planned solid white and solid grey (pale grey) with it and went to work!
It's hard to see that it's grey, but it IS!
The assembly was fun as you can only really do one row at a time!
I sewed two and two together on the first row, then put it back up, then sewed 4 blocks together on that row and 2 on the next row and so on, so it slowly grew that way and I didn't design the whole quilt at once, I built it up one row at a time, hoping the colors would work at the end.

Before too long, I had the top done!
it measures 36" x 48" so a great baby quilt!
totally different than the book but I like it!

Here's the finished quilt!
I actually sewed on the wrong binding! I had planned and made a grey one but sewed that onto another quilt then I had this dark blue-almost black one left and I thought why not and now I LOVE how it frames the quilt! so I TOTALLY meant to do that ;)

I quilted with a pale grey a pointy swirl all over

 and used a solid red on the back
I have it listed in my etsy shop here

Oh, and my red scrap bin?? it's still full, doesn't look like I even touched it! Oh well!!


Alison V. said...

This is adorable! I am following your lead and trying to use up scraps by cutting them with my Accuquilt, so I am loving all of your scrappy projects lately!

Quilter Kathy said...

That is a lovely red quilt and a fun interpretation of the pattern!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice! Red is my favorite color.