Friday, September 6, 2019

Go Green pattern Coupon

I recently finished a quilt for Mccall's and sent it on the way, then decided to look at my old patterns and make something with the scraps!

This is GO GREEN!

go green quilt pattern

My pattern uses the 8" QUBE and companion set but the pattern provides templates and rotary cutting directions of course!
 Instead I decided to use my 6" QUBE and just make 3 blocks for a table runner.
It's super easy with the companion sets!
 soon enough the blocks were done!
 and here's the table topper top all done.
This one measures 18" x 39"
Today ONLY I'm offering my GO GREEN at $4 off in my etsy store
If the link doesn't work, just add the coupon code GOGREEN

I figured I'd show a few kitty pics too!
Here's Kronk and Swiffer

It's funny when people come to visit, they know we have a BIG cat and recently Bjorn had a friend over and when the friend came, Swiffer came down to greet too and the friend said- oh he's a big cat! 
Oh no... you haven't seen BIG yet! and Solveig carried Kronk down. 
He's HUGE!
Kronk is over 20lbs and Swiffer is about 12lbs!

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Carol S. said...

Pretty table runner and cats...20 pounds is big!