Thursday, September 5, 2019

Child's play with Accuquilt and Island Batik

 I was really excited when we got the 2nd box of goodies from Island Batik, we noticed a few months before that the theme for September said to use a new Accuquilt BOB die so we all started guessing, and when I got my box I was very fortunate that the die I got was one I DIDN'T have (yeah I'm spoiled by Accuquilt since I work for them so I have a lot of dies!)
It was a Bear Paw die!  it makes a 14" block!

I then had to decide which fabrics to use and I decided on this bundle called Mermaid cove

I decided to use 18 FQs from the bundle, a light and dark for each block

Here's the "sets" of light and dark

I quickly got the "paws or claws" sewn together!

At some point I had decided to make the center grey as I had planned grey for a border.
(I started this quilt before my trip to Denmark and finished after I got back so I forget when I decided on the grey- I think it was because of the size requirement)

Here I planned the layout of the blocks

and I added a 4" border all the way around in grey so now it measured 50" x 50"

Then I quilted it in grey thread, just an allover meandering design.

I used Hobbs 100% wool batting!

It's hard to tell but the wool made the quilt very poofy!

thanks to Island Batik, Hobbs and Accuquilt for providing everything for this quilt!


Anita said...

A beautiful and colorful quilt, Bea, love it! I am happy you got a die you didn't already have. You did a great job with this quilt, well done!

For the love of geese said...

Mermaid Cove was a great choice for this challenge. Your quilt really is lovely.

Alison V. said...

This quilt is so cute and I love those mermaid fabrics! I love the wool batting for these smaller quilts too!

Barb said...

I received the same die, love what you have done with yours...and as always, love the fabrics.

Calicojoan said...

One of my favorite blocks and I love love love those fabulous Mermaid cove colors!

Carla said...

Love your colors. I have the same block and can't wait to finish it. The block is so easy and fun

Kathleen said...

Fun colors and fun quilt using the BOB die!

Carol said...

Lovely quilt! I really like the gray--good choice!

Emily said...

Such fun colors!