Monday, August 19, 2019

QUBE Travel RR QAL block 8 finale!

Did you like last week's blocks? I know there were a lot!

This is the last week!! WOOHOO!
I'm loving all the pictures of everyone's tops, they are all amazing!

We just have the corner blocks and the borders to make today!

This week's block uses the 12" QUBE set, BUT don't be alarmed, you can fudge it and make it partly with the 6" QUBE set or just rotary cut it.

The corner blocks are made with dies #5 and 6 from the 12" QUBE set and the light blue (C) and Yellow (H)
With the yellow cut out (4) of #6 on point squares
and with light blue cut out (16) #5 triangles..... DID you know that die #5 from the 12" QUBE set is the same as #3 from the 6" QUBE set?? so if you just have the 6" set, then cut them out with that die instead and rotary cut the middle yellow. OR you can cut 16 yellow of the same size and just have HSTs that meet and give the illusion of a large on point square in the block, it's up to you.
 EQ said to cut 4 3/4" squares in yellow 
and the blue triangles are 3 7/8" squares cut diagonally.

It's easy enough to sew 4 of these On-point blocks together like this!

Now sew these together with last week's blocks and sew to the quilt and it looks like this!
it should now measure 42 1/2" x 48 1/2"

For the borders I used the 3 1/2" Strips cutter die (you can rotary cut or maker a larger or smaller border, that's up to you)

You can probably get away with cutting just 5 WOF strips, but I cut 6 just in case.
it's easy to layer 3 WOF strips on the die (folded of course) and cut out 6 at once!

cut 2 of the strips in half so they are approx 20" wide, (and I always trim the selvedges) then sew these to 4 longer pieces.

If you chose to cut 3 1/2" strips like I did, then all 4 strips should be trimmed to 48 1/2"

sew first to the sides, then top and bottom
and TADA!! it now measures 48 1/2" x 54 1/2"
you should be able to make binding from (6) WOF strips

I hope you had fun!! I sure did!

I've already had requests for another QAL- the 50 states quilt I made recently all with QUBE sets (6,8,12") If there's enough interest for it, I might start it in January so we'll be done by next Christmas! (Oh my, already thinking ahead to the end of 2020!)

Have fun finishing your quilts and don't forget to upload them to the QUBE facebook group!

Here's some pics from the last few weeks as I was in Denmark and just got back so I didn't upload pics from participants while I was gone

everyone has done such an amazing job on these, it's SEW much fun to see the different variations!
I hope you all had fun!!

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norrine said...

I'm coming in late and don't have the money to get all the dies called for. and I have a lot of single dies and don't want to duplicate them by buying cubes. Is there a list you could post that has all the size dies needed and a list of measurements using just a rotary cutter please? I have the 12 inch die now. Thanks Norrine