Monday, August 12, 2019

QUBE travel RR QAL block 7

It's time for block #7 a spinner block, not sure what the actual name is, but it's simple and pretty easy to make.
It's made with the 6" QUBE set and dies #3 and #5
and you'll make 22 blocks!! which is a lot and kind of boring, but we're at the home stretch- after this is the outer borders next week and corner blocks and then we'll be done!

You'll use Medium Blue (color D)
and red (F or G)
and white or the background color

With the blue cut 4 3/4" WOF strips (I cut 4 strips plus used some scraps) and cut out (88) triangles with die #3

Then red I used 2 WOF strip (I think they are 5 1/4" wide) and cut out (88) triangles with die #5 THE SMALLER triangles.
and with white I cut out (264) triangles with die #5
I know it's a lot, but it'll go together fast enough :)

First sew 88 sets of red and white HSTs like this, and don't forget to iron the seams OPEN! it helps a lot with the center of the block!

then add on the white wings like this.
I just love how the QUBEs make everything line up perfectly!

and then add the blue triangles, my fabric was sort of directional so here's half and half.

Then sew these together into half blocks like this and notice my directional fabric is facing the right way up!

then sew together into blocks like this!
(Yeah I got a new ironing board cover between these two pictures!)
There's 22 blocks total

Then sew together sets of 5 for the top and bottom and sets of 6 for the sides.
since my blue is directional I made sure the side blocks were turned correctly!

EQ's rotary cutting for the large triangles are 3 7/8" squares cut diagonally
and the smaller triangles are 2 3/8" squares cut diagonally.
But this step is SEW much easier with the 6" QUBE set!!

Have fun!

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