Monday, August 5, 2019

QUBE Travel RR QAL block 6


How did the bow ties go last week?
This week is super easy!
Just simple black and white squares in rows!

This time we're using the 6" QUBE again and just die #2 which is 2" CUT squares
With black and white fabrics, cut (24) of each color, if you need to cut from a WOF it's 4 1/2" wide for the die.
 Then sew them together into pairs
 and then into long rows with 12 of each color

and finally add to each side, I picked to have the white first on each side when I pinned them.
Have fun!

Here's pics from last week's participants
sorry if I missed any or didn't reply to emails or comments on FB, I'm still in Denmark so we're crazy busy


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