Friday, August 16, 2019

New BOB dies from Accuquilt

Have you heard??
Accuquilt has released 4 new BOB dies!! (Block on board dies)
with BOB dies you can finish a whole block from just one die!

 I've made patterns for all 4 of them (one is still in the works)

First is Hattie's choice the block finishes 8"

 I'm working on a pattern and quilt for this one :)

 This quilt is on the die insert and also available to download.
This was a really fun quilt to make!!

Then there's this chimney sweep block that finishes 10"

Here I designed a quilt that combined a block from the 10" QUBE set and it creates a really fun look!

 Lastly, there's this 9" Glorified Nine patch block

Don't be afraid of curves with this block, it's a bit tedious but not hard as both the dog ears are cut off and there's notches to line up the fabrics, so it goes together perfectly!
I created this fun rainbow quilt with this die

 Click on each of the die links and you'll find the patterns near the bottom of the description

If you buy a die thru my links I get a small commission as an affiliate :)


Anita said...

The resulting blocks from the new BOB dies are beautiful!

Unknown said...

I'm so thrilled with the Storm at Sea die for the full block. I love paper piecing but didn't just love doing it for the storm at sea block for some reason. Your photo of the quilt you did with that BOB is one of my favorites! I ordered it the day they came out with it! :)

Barb said...


Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I'm glad to hear that the glorified nine patch is easy to piece. I've always wanted to make one.