Friday, August 23, 2019

Have you tried GO! Quilt?

Have you tried GO! Quilt?

If you don't have EQ or don't want to copy over patterns from the Accuquilt website, then GO! Quilt is great for playing around in and change a quilt to your liking!

There's LOTS of pages of quilt patterns and they are all in greys or neutral colors so you won't be distracted by what colors they SHOULD be.
I picked this leaping for joy pattern I designed a while ago
once you open up a pattern it has color swatches on the side

You click those and change the colors to whatever you like

Then when you are happy with the result, you save it (after logging in)
 It asks you to name it as you can save it as a PDF for later use
 In this preview window it shows how much you need of each color and usually the basic dies, once you download the PDF is shows ALL the dies needed and cutting directions and the pattern.
 try it out :)

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Emily said...

I had not seen this, thanks for the tip!