Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Day in Legoland

Another highlight of the trip was a trip to LEGOLAND!
Did you know LEGOs ARE from Denmark?
LEGO is a made up word from the Danish words Leg Godt, which means play well
(you might know that if you get their emails as it's from play well technologies or something like that)
Everything inside Legoland is made out of legos or at least LOOKS like they are- even the rides.
As you walk around there's miniature cities and buildings and it's really neat!

This frogger ride is probably the only ride that looks the least like it's made from legos! well except for the frog on top, the kids really liked this one and tried it several times.

The next ride was the "cabbage worm" it goes in a circle but the circle also goes up and down, the G-force pushes you to the outside, it's really a fun ride and one that's been there since I was a kid!
 We also saw Mount Rushmore!
 Then Sonja went to driving school!
It's a paid ride as they get a little plastic driver's license with their name and picture on it.
First they had to pick out their flag, so the employees observing can teach them/ correct them in the right language

 Sonja was focused on driving very intensely!
 Both her and Anna did great!

Then we tried a monorail!
As you may have noticed, we all had rain suits on as it was really bad weather, but that meant that the lines were really short!

 This is a replica of the castle where the Queen of Denmark lives!
 and the Eiffel tower! (quite a bit bigger than the lego model we have at home!)
 then we drove on a lego train around
 and then waited for a boat ride
 inside the boat ride we got close to the capitol building
 then we went on a Safari ride!
 and back to Skagen! (remember earlier how I mentioned all the houses had to be yellow with red roofs)

I had promised Sonja a cotton candy and even though it was pricey it was worth it after seeing her smile about this huge cotton candy!
she did ask for help eating it and the other kids helped a bit :)
 and soon enough it was gone!
 Then we watched a theatrical show about a gold lego brick that gets stolen from the castle
 the actors jumped in the moat a lot it was quite amusing!
 Now Sonj'a fear of roller coasters sort of disappeared as we tried this water rafting ride twice!
She even cried when there was a roller coaster ride she couldn't get on because she was too short!!
 at the end of the day we went into the main lego store
 the girls played with blue legos while I found a legoland T-shirt which has been a tradition for my kids now too!
 Yeah we spent some $ but had a great time!


Sewgirl said...

Ah, that brings back such fun memories for me. Both of my kids loved Legos and it was always the younger ones bucket list to go to the REAL LegoLand. We did one year...loved the small cities and the Huge ice cream cones! Such fun. Looks like a successful trip!

Judy1522 said...

That looks like so much fun! I am always fascinated by the replica buildings made out of Legos. We were just in Kansas City Missouri where they have a Lego Discovery Center but you can't go to those unless you have a child with you and we didn't have one.

Emily said...

Wow, this looks like fun! Lego have such appeal with kids of all ages; it's really quite amazing.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

When I was growing up we lived near the Original Six Flags over Texas, and my father would take us when it was forecasting rain, since the lines were always shorter on those days.