Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Day 6 and 7

Day 6

On 8/4 we finally got to see my mom!
She was released from the hospital but had to go to a nursing home as sort of a half way house for a few days, so nurses can keep an eye out for her and make sure she eats etc. (My mom has gotten really skinny lately)

We just hung around and took it easy most of the day

Here's a pretty typical Danish lunch.
Rye bread (which is sort of similar now to Dave's killer bread from Costco but more dense and grainy)
Then there's butter and the top slice had Cod roe (from a can) and Remoulade which is not really like tartar sauce but more mayo like.
Then bottom slide is mackerel in a tomato sauce with mayo.
It's really yummy!!

The next day we went to Skagen and Grenen which is the northern tip of Denmark, two oceans actually splash against each other - Kattegate and the North Sea, and depending on the tide you can walk out onto sand and stand with waves coming from both sides.
 We had to take a bus/tractor out to the tip as it's pretty far to walk

Skagen is the town that's the closest to the Northern tip and there's a rule that all the houses HAVE to be painted this specific yellow color with a red roof, it's pretty neat to see!

It's also a harbor town so it was a bit "fishy" smelling ;)

For lunch we ate at an Italian restaurant

There was also a hard candy factory near by where we saw then roll out the candy and then a huge roll is put into a machine that both squeezes it tight and stretches it
and then it spits out little candies and cuts them too, they also gave out samples, Sonja was a bit hesitant! ha ha
the flavor was banana and licorice!

Here's  pictures from a bakery

We also went to a teddy bear museum, these two look a lot like my mom's old bear that I have sitting in my sewing room at home, don't think it was a name brand bear, my mom told me it was a display bear at a clothing store!

Then we finished the afternoon with more ice cream, Sonja and I split a waffle cone bowl with 3 scoops and with SKUM (foam) on top, it's a sort of flavored egg white I think.
One scoop was licorice and one was smarties or M&Ms for Sonja and I forgot the third scoop.

That night Camilla had invited over the neighbor campers for dinner too and we had this chocolate cake for dessert with marzipan on top (yeah I'm gonna get fat from this trip!??- though I am walking a lot more than I normally do)

More pics to show later!


Carla said...

Hope your Mom gets to feeling better. My Mom has gone from a size 12 to a 6. She forgets to eat or just isn't hungry and won't eat. My mom just turned 83 and is dealing with the starting of dementia.
I can't get over how big Sonja has gotten since I last read your blog.
That's cool about the 2 oceans coming in.
How interesting to have all the houses painted yellow with red roofs. What happens if someone does something different. Sounds like a nice place to visit.
I'd have to pass on the banana licorice. Nope not for me.
That bakery looks yummy and colorful.

Thanks for sharing

barbara woods said...

prays for your Mon and I am loving going with you in pictures.

SewMisadventurous said...

I'm so happy that your Mum has been released from the hospital in time for you to see her and spend some time looking after and spoiling her a bit. Even though your wider family have really been looking after you. How much does Sonja take after her Grandma (Mormor?) You can really see it in that photo of them side by side, especially as your Mum, "God Love Her", looks barely bigger than 6 yr old Sonja, (7 today 14th August HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONJA 💕🎉) I hope you manage to tempt her into eating. That bakery looks like it offers serious help in the temptation department. Lol.