Wednesday, August 21, 2019

day 10 sandcastles and saying goodbye to my mom day 11

After the brunch trip with my mom and Lisbeth we drove back to my mom's house and she was really tired, so then Sonja and I went to see a sandcastle/sculpture event.
It was a famous event and artists from all over the world had created these large sand sculptures.
the theme for this year was "Vikings"
 so much details in all these!

There were also bronze and wooden sculptures

 and some were part of a permanent exhibition

 speak no evil, see no evil, hear to evil

 at one point we could walk on top of an area and see everything from up high

Pretty close to this area was a paper art museum, it was tiny and expensive, but Sonja had a good time, it was large paper cutouts and then she was given a piece of paper and pencil and a magnifying glass to go on a treasure hunt and find different things in the cut outs! 
she had fun doing that!

The next morning the weather was really nice and my mom was feeling well so we hung out and she was in her greenhouse a bit in the sun

 then in the afternoon we had to say goodbye and take the train back to Horsens
 The train was pretty full this time, the week before when we went north from Horsens it seemed a waste that I had paid and reserved seats but this time I was happy that I did! especially when traveling with a child and having suitcases with us!

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