Thursday, August 29, 2019

A few birthdays

As you may already know, the day after we got home from Denmark it was Sonja's 7th birthday!
Sonja made her some pink fluffy ears
 I bought Sonja a lego set and ordered the game Sequence and PLUS PLUS toys.
Oddly enough, the LEGO set was missing pieces, it was missing a whole bag but instead we got two bags of one number, it has NEVER happened to us before. LEGO is willing to send me a new set or replacement bag but I might try walmart first.

Dan had bought a simple cake so it was ready when we got home, so I didn't have to bake a cake :)

 Then the week after it was Bjorn's 17th birthday!
 He got 3 board games from amazon, one was Scythe which we've played a few times, another is a card game called coup, and the last one was called secret Hitler, I haven't played that yet as it needs 5 people but he brought it to a friend's house and have played it there.
 for his birthday he wanted us all to out for sushi and a somewhat local place (favorite place) has a BOGO offer every day, so we all split 8 rolls!

 and Bjorn got a free icecream and an aria by the waiter it was hilarious!
Now it's back to school time, Bjorn has been driving each morning to add on hours on his permit as Solveig now takes the bus from town to her school and then he drives to the community college and he gets out and we swap seats.

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Joyce Carter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sonja and Bjorn! It looks like they had a fun time.