Thursday, July 25, 2019

spider webs and pineapples

No there's no spiderwebs in my pineapples!

But I've been using my spiderweb Accuquilt die to work on more rainbow color of the month blocks as July's color is pink!

Here's 8 blocks together so far

I also finished the pineapple blocks!

I was able to fussy cut a little owl in the middle of this one!

Here's the 8 blocks so far

and remember last week how I posted about getting ready for my second Island Batik ambassador box? and as I was putting scraps into the scrap bins I noticed that the dark blue pin was overflowing!

So I started ironing and then found scraps of this flag print and I had already decided I "needed" to make another pineapple quilt so then seeing the flag print and I was able to cut out 12 center squares I then decided on red white and blue! so here's all the pieces cut out!
 and one block so far!
this is my "plan"

I'm also working on presents for my trip to Denmark coming up and one thing led to another, I then got into the mood of making more eyeglass holders, as I signed up for a booth at our town's arts and crafts fair in the fall again and the eyeglass holders were a big hit!

The rest of the family has been busy too!
Dan has been making new railings for the front of the house, it's metal balusters and then wood which needs to be stained eventually

Solveig has been baking a lot, here she made a key lime pie!
it was yummy!


B. Lee said...'re awesome! I always wonder, with 3 kids, where do you find the time?? I wish I had an Accuquilt would make life a lot easier!

Vicki in MN said...

Solveig's pie looks sooooo yummy! I made fruit pizza last night.