Monday, July 22, 2019

QUBE Travel RR QAL block 4

This week's block is not really a block but just the corner sections for previous rounds

We're still using the 6" QUBE and dies #2,4,5,6 for this block
 and white and medium blue "D" from the geese round

With white (I used scraps leftover from previous rounds)
cut (4) of die #6
and (4) of die #2
Then (16) of die #5 (I had a bunch I cut too many of during block/ round #2

Then with Medium blue cut (16) of #5 cut from a 5 1/4" WOF strip
and then cut out (8) of die #4 from scraps
 first make (8) flying geese with the blue #4 and white #5 triangles
My blue was a bit directional so I have 4 of each.

also sew blue #5 triangles to #6 on point squares (4 total)

Now comes the funky part, sew two blocks of each like this.
The flying geese are on two sides and with a #2 white square in the corner, if you don't have a directional fabric, then it's just 4 blocks that are the same, but if it's directional there's two left and two right sections.
 Now sew these to the edges of 2 of the geese and triangle sections we finished last week

Then sew 2 geese units to the sides first and then add this last section to the top and bottom so it looks like this!
A fun look now!
Here's rotary cutting for the on point square
For the white you cut 2 5/8 squares
for the blue triangles you cut 2 3/8" triangles
the corner square is a 2" square
and the flying geese are a 4 31/6" square cut diagonally TWICE
with 2 3/8" white triangles

Here's the participants from last week!
(Next Sunday I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks, so I might not be able to move the new pictures over to my blog posts during the week, the blog posts are automatically going LIVE here, I'd just have to copy into FB but it may not be on time early Mondays)

Have a look



Vicki in MN said...

Ooooh I love this design Bea!!

Unknown said...

Where do I find instructions for blocks 2 and 3?

Unknown said...

flying geese are a 4 31/6" square cut diagonally TWICE
with 2 3/8" white triangles. Not sure what I need to cut here.

Pamela said...

This is a cool border! I love it!