Monday, July 8, 2019

QUBE Travel RR QAL block 2

Having fun yet??

It's time for week #2!
This week it's all about flying geese, after this you'll be a PRO at them as there's 48 of them!!

and this week we'll use the 6" QUBE set and dies #4 and #5 so easy peasy!
And fabrics B (white), D (blue),G (red)
From the blue and red (D and G) cut (1) 4 3/4" WOF strip of each and cut out (24) triangles with die #4
Then from white (B) cut (2) 5 1/4" WOF strips and cut out (96) small triangles. You may need some scraps from last week to cut enough.

It's easy pease to sew them all into flying geese.
My blue and red fabrics were a bit directional, they have sort of black lines that go up and down, so I split up the piles so one set goes up and down on the print and one set goes side to side.
I have 24 of each color, so 12 of each directional set
 Now sew sets of two geese together with the blue being first and the red on top of it, or however you want to look at it, the blue geese are exposed!

Then sew together into longer sets of 6 geese on each alternating colors,
here you can see how my left set the print goes sideways and the right sets have the print go up and down, there's 4 each of these.

Then sew these together so the red geese are facing each other "beak to beak"
There's now 4 sets of these.
They should measure 3 1/2" by 18 1/2"

sorry I forgot rotary cutting directions!
For the big triangles you have to cut a 4 3/16" square cut diagonally TWICE
for the white triangles cut 2 3/8" triangles cut diagonally.

OR you can cut 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles and add 2" squares to the corners and sew diagonally and trim away the seam allowance.

Or if you have some templates or rulers for cutting flying geese to getting 1 1/2" x 3" FINISHED geese, then use that...

and that's it for this week!
 Have fun!!

Here's pics from last week's participants

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