Friday, July 19, 2019

New STUDIO PIneapple dies by Accuquilt and setting triangles

Have you seen the new Studio dies released by Accuquilt?
There's a 12" pineapple block die now, unlike the GO die that finished 10"

And I was part of creating two patterns for this die!

Here's a pattern called "Frozen pineapples" 
that's made with fabrics from Island Batik
size is 42" x 54"

Cutting out the pieces are super easy and fun and with the Studio dies I could cut more layers
 and all the pieces in a bin

and the start of a block

I love how the pieces go together, everything fits perfectly!

and soon enough the top was done!

And this one is a rainbow on point pineapple quilt pattern
and it's FQ friendly!
fabrics by Andover fabrics
size is 51" x 68"

and it's also made with the 12" setting triangles Studio die

There's more patterns too if you click the pineapple die link 

Part of the fun of designing patterns for Accuquilt is that I get to play with new fabrics, this time I got a whole FQ bundle, it was so hard to narrow down the fabrics to just 12! but here's my choices :)

here's the pieces cut out

 Here's all the pieces cut together in a bin

And easily the blocks came together!

Then it was time to put it together with the setting triangles and squares

 and soon enough the quilt was done!
 (There's a blog post coming soon for Accuquilt btw)

I think the pineapple block is my new favorite Accuquilt die 
(either the 10"  GO! or the 12" Studio version)



Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks beautiful Bea!

Vicki in MN said...

They are both absolultely gorgeous!

Jackie OBrien said...

Very cool!

Kathleen said...

Great job! Love the patterns you created.