Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Long arm quilting a geisha quilt

I finished quilting this Geisha girl quilt for a friend

It had a really WIDE border which was just screaming for feathers!!
 So I sketched out the spin of the feathers and then at the top of the quilt the white border was really skinny so I had to get creative with that.

I ended up turning the feathers toward the corner AND turning it toward the border.
The quilt had a HUGE geisha girl in the middle and I wasn't sure what to do at first, then I decided on a grid of straight lines about 3" apart.

 I did curved from corner to corner on the baskets and a tiny ribbon swirl on the inner border and sashing, the feathers on the setting triangles

This was the last customer quilt and "deadline" I had to work on before my trip to Denmark with Sonja! we're leaving on the 28th and going there for 2 weeks! 
Now I'm going to work on personal stuff and just enjoy the summer :)

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