Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Getting ready for the Island Batik box #2

I recently got a notification of shipment #2 coming from Island batik!
so I started organizing my UFO and IB bins I have stacked under my ironing board and now the 2 top left stacks are empty and ready!

so that meant that some scraps ended up in the scrap bins
 and some larger chunks ended up with my yardage stacks
 I posted these pictures online and people wanted to see more of my room so here's a peek at my Accuquilt dies on 2 1/2 shelves!

all my qube sets!

and I've shown this board before, it's my "to be quilted" board, first there's the name of the quilt, then the size of the top, the batting size if it's cut, the backing if it's ready and a check mark for label and binding.
at the bottom I have measurements of scrap batting chunks that I can then move up into the chart if the size fits.

Here's my long arm

and my table and counter with embroidery machine and GO BIG cutter
(and that's Swiffer on the floor)

And here's my ironing board and the bins underneath and with Swiffer and Anja :)
 Later Swiffer moved up on top of the quilts!


Gene Black said...

I wish I had a room large enough for all of that.

Julierose said...

Boy oh boy are you ever organized..uh i am not...just a revolving messy place --every once in a while I do a bit of clean up--;000 hugs, Julierose
P.S. do you realize you have picture verification to prove you're not a robot
on your commenting box???

Jennifer Thomas said...

Great post, Bea! I like the way you have your scraps organized into small bins by color. I need to do that. Also the notes about what sizes your leftover batting is. I'm always pulling out old pieces and trying to see if they will work. I think I'll start labeling them when I put them away and try to keep a list. Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

Anxiety Anonymous said...

you are very organized.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I was amazed with the photos of your project boxes. And then my mouth fell open when I saw all the dies. So jealous. Wow.

Emily said...

What a great sewing space!