Thursday, July 11, 2019

Artsy Fartsy Challenge with Island Batik and Aurifil threads

This month's challenge for Island Batik ambassadors is to showcase the different Aurifil threads and make something artsy fartsy!
I was thinking about this challenge for a long time and came up with this!
A cute fun little pincushion
My friend Turid from Norway sent a few mini cardstock hexies for English Paper piecing recently so I figured I'd try to make a flower and these threads with with the island batik box last time which match the surprise fabrics for the August blog hop, which you'll see later.
So for now I dug into the 5" strip rolls they also sent with the box.
I wasn't sure if I was going to use all of the threads.
 I found a pink in the roll but wanted a yellow in the middle of the flower, so I found this scrap from last year's box, if I glued one hexagon to the yellow part it would work out perfectly!
 So that's what I did here, glued 6 hexies on the pink and one on the yellow
 I used the sewline glue stick by fons and porter, I love this glue! it's also great to use for gluing in the seam allowance around the card stock.

My 6yr old daughter was working with craft felt when I worked on mine and I saw she had some green felt so I grabbed some and cut 4 leaves and deliberately cut them uneven.

Then I used the dark pink thread (40 weight) and sewed the hexagon flower together.
This was while I was on the phone with Century STINK- our internet provider as we lost internet one day and they said they'd send a tech out 3 weeks later! NOT acceptable at all... we did get it back a day and a half later, but ugh.... this is what we get for living in the country I guess.

I then used the green thicker thread (12 weight) and sewed the leaves down and also sewed a little vein line in the middle of each leaf

Then with pink I sewed the flower on top

From the back I carefully cut away the white so I could get in there and remove the card stock pieces

Then for the artsy fartsy part, I thought it would look funky to cut it at an angle

Then I used a turquoise strip from the back and added strips on each side and squared it up to 5"

and then added a 5" square to the back and sewed it together into a pincushion and stuffed with fiber fill.

Who would like to win this pincushion and leftover strips from the roll and another 5" roll??
Comment below and enter the giveaway if you've ever done EPP before?

US only please, if you are international, I might be able to still mail it but might need help with the postage, I don't know yet...


Gene Black said...

I have never done EPP.

Vicki in MN said...

That is a very sweet pincushion Bea.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute pincushion

Carla said...

I love EPP. Your pincushion is so sweet.

Rebecca said...

Yep...made a butterfly wall hanging, a pond water scene and one crosses with fancy cutting. I like having it to hand for mindless stitching once the colors are figured out.

Anita said...

A cute pincushion! I have done a few EPP projects, but I wish I had time to do more, because they are very relaxing.

Linda said...

I've made one EPP flower block with half hexies. I plan to make more in my future! ljbisme at msn dot com

Jollygirl said...

I started a grandmother's flowers garden years ago. Then decided it was way too much EPP for me. So I gave it to a niece to finish. I would like doing on flower as you did. Great pin cushion.

Emily said...

This is super cute, I love the addition of the felt flowers. I have done EPP. I finished a rainbow hexie wall hanging that now hangs in my office at work and my hand project for traveling is the EPP lion by Violet Craft.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

What a cute pin cushion. I have done a little bit of EPP.

Kathleen said...

I have done EPP and love it! This is another one of your great pincushions - more fun that is it made from some things send from Turid!