Tuesday, July 23, 2019

a weekend away

Last weekend we all went to the NC beach (Nags Head),
Dan had read about these sand dunes at Jockey's ridge park, so we got a hotel room (which I reserved about a month ago)
We woke up at 4.30 to get ready to leave at 5am since it was a 4 hr drive and we wanted to get there before it got too hot (mid 90s)
 we crossed 3 bridges to get there

When we got to the park it was already REALLY HOT! but we were probably out there for a good hour and had lots of water with us, it was hardest on Anja as she got tired, but the rest of us just sweated! 
 nothing but sand dunes, it was huge! like a big desert!
 on the way back we found a small bush with some shade and rested a bit.

Next we went to the Wright Brother's museum
in case you didn't know, our license plates have "first in flight" on them and the outline of their plane on them.

Here's a model of the plane they rode, one of the brothers were lying down on it so it was more of a gliding machine at first.

Of course there was a sewing machine involving in sewing the wings!

and outside was a huge monument on a hill which was were they took off from and there were markers in the lawn where they landed after 4 tries.

we could park at the bottom of the hill and walk up and we could go inside the monument too!
 Now it was really HOT there!
95 temp but felt like 115!

we then made it back to the hotel, but it was too early, but we were able to park and go out on the beach, the sand was super hot and Bjorn burnt his feet as he walked back to get into swim trunks where the rest of us just dipped our feet and later just walked in with our clothes on! But Bjorn didn't think to put his shoes on after Sonja and Anja who had sandals on, cried and had to be carried! (I had sandals on too and felt it too on my toes)

 Bjorn finally made it in, but later he found a large blister on his heel!

Sunday morning we had breakfast and headed out

we went to the NC aquarium on the way home in Manteo and saw cool fish and this albine alligator, it was asleep for a long time but they sleep with their eyes open, so it was just floating there and then finally it moved a little and continued sleeping.

 outside was a little boardwalk
 it was very windy!

A great trip!


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