Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Visit from a quilty friend

Last week I met up in Raleigh with my online quilty friend Pam from Mama Spark's World
She has relatives in Raleigh, so this time it worked out that we could meet.
I picked her up at the airport around noon and we went out for lunch

I picked Brixx pizza and I love Hawaiian pizza! 

Then we went Quilt shop hopping!
First we went to wish upon a quilt (but forgot to take a picture)

then we went to Bernina's world of sewing

a huge store and awesome eye candy! I saw this little pincushion and thought it was just adorable!

and near the back I spotted some Island Batik bolts!

Here's Jackie's "Feline fine" line which was in my ambassador box last year and I still have quite a lot left, such a cute line!

Then we went to Cary Quilting company which used to be downtown Cary in a small house but it had now moved and the space was HUGE!

I bought 1 yard of this cute fabric, they had a sale on "florals" but kind of hinted that we could "argue" about the floral, so you see that button next to the ladies? it has a flower one it, so I got my floral discount ;) ha ha

I did make did for Pam too and gave it to her at lunch time, I'll show you more about it later as you can see "something" else on this picture.... the Oliso craft iron!

 I then dropped Pam off in Raleigh and I was home right in time for dinner!
It was so much fun to visit the stores and I brought business cards too and was talking to some of the employees about teaching classes, long arm quilting and selling patterns etc.
I'm not good at "selling" myself, and feel it's kind of odd to just want into a store and do that, but we'll see what happens....

Hope to see Pam again soon!

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Mama Spark said...

That little pincushion was awesome! TY for picking me up and it was so GREAT to spend the afternoon hanging out! I hope to do it again in the near future.