Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Oliso mini iron review making a purse pincushion

You saw my post yesterday about the purse pincushion I made for Pam.

It's an ITH (in the hoop) pincushion and SEW much fun and actually easy to make too and looks adorable!

This time I tested out this NEW Oliso mini iron I got from Oliso
It's brand new on their website!

I opened up the box and it's just really cute looking and sturdy and has this neat silicone trivet that it's "clipped" into

Here I lifted up the tip to take it out of the silicone and there's two sort of tabs on the back too.
This silicone is for traveling and I really like it just for the counter so I can just rest the iron on there while working with it.

I plugged it in and there's a blue circle around the power dial (which I had to turn to turn on first) the blue became solid quickly, meaning it was warmed up!

For the pincushion I used scraps of 9 different patriotic batiks from and island batik quilt I'm working on for a blog hop in July

Once I started stitching ITH a lot of the fabrics had to be flipped over and pressed down and this iron was great for that.

I did bump into the hoop on the right side since my design was taking up the full hoop size, but then you just turn the iron, it was not a big deal at all. On the left it was super smooth.

And soon enough I had the pieces done and I finished the pincushion and added a button and handle.

The pincushion is by embroidershoppe here
Thanks again to Oliso for sending me the two irons! I love them!!

(If you click the Oliso link and order the iron, I get a small commission as an affiliate)


Vicki in MN said...

The perfect size for small projects. I am glad you showed it with your hand on it for perspective.

etqulter said...

Hi, love this review... I have a large Olisio iron and just love it. Thank you...
I also really like the ITH pattern and would like to get it. I clicked the link you provided but it does not go to the pattern, it goes to the iron link... can you provide tge pattern link please? Thank you!

Ulrikes Smaating said...

Hej bea,
What a great pincushion! Love, how it turns out :-) the iron looks interest, it has a perfe t size... Greetings from denmark, ulrike :-)