Tuesday, June 11, 2019

More end of school pics

I felt I had to split up the band pics and the end of year pics.
Friday was the last day of school and Graduation from 8th grade!
Sonja finished 1st grade.
They both got sent to school with more quilts too, I just had them pick stuff off my shelves :)
I did sort of pick the quilt for Sonja's teacher it was the blue batik quilt I showed recently as her teacher's name is Mrs Wood, so I wanted a woodsy print :)

 The ceremony at the middle school was over 2 hours!! Just really looong!

Of course Solveig got a bunch of awards again, why do they get so many awards? most of them are bogus! You are just setting the kids up for failure in life, expecting them to get an award for anything! but then again there was a part that was given out for math and she didn't get one, because she's doing high school math2 (there's about 8 of them plus her friend is doing math 3) no mention of those kids, I guess that doesn't count? Just odd.
She did get one ribbon for science which I think was only given to 2 or 3 kids, in a way that's more fair, give 2 or 3 to the top students in whatever subject. Just like the Olympics there's Gold, Silver and Bronze and that's it.... maybe that's just my thinking??
anyways, Middle school is over and now it's a new chapter in our lives!