Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Intro To Template quilting on your domestic machine class!

There's another class on the books at Capital Sew and Quilt!
It's an intro class about using westalee ruler/templates for quilting on your domestic machine!
at Capital Sew and Quilt in Cary NC
it's June 22nd from 10.30 to 2.30pm

 I'll show a few techniques with the templates.
Since it's only a 4 hr class, we'll probably only be doing 2 examples, depends on how it goes :)
I made these potholders to just show 4 examples, but once you get started, your imagination is really the limit!

It's easier here to show the 4 sides before I sewed them together.

 After the blocks are done and laid onto batting and insulbright and trimmed, you carefully sew them together leaving an opening and also adding a hanging tag if you want.

 What you need or class:

The intro to ruler work set (sold at capital sew and quilt) and possibly a shaft/shank thing for your specific machine- you'll have to ask them.

The set comes with 6 template rulers and you can see the shank attachment on the right, which I borrowed for my machine and the book on the left was for me to teach from, but it's full of ideas, so feel free to look in class!
And it uses a special foot!

Also bring (4) 10" x 10" fabric squares.
I'll bring scraps of batting and insulbright (which is a special heat resistant batting by warm company)
You might also want to bring a walking foot for your machine if we get that far and a regular sewing machine foot.
Also bring marking pens like frixion pens.

If you want to make the hanging tabs before hand, cut out 2 1/2" strips that are about 5-6" long and iron in half, then open up the fold and fold the long sides to the folded midway point and press flat, then close it up and iron flat on the original fold and then stitch down the side that's "open" I like to stitch down both sides. It's like your own bias tape, except it's not on the bias ;)

Obviously bring your sewing machine and accessories for it. You might want to bring an extension table, but since it's a small block we're working on it's not really needed, but if you work with a quilt, then it's a GREAT thing to have!

If you have a sewing machine with a stitch regulator that's even better!!
You may want to bring a thicker needle too and a thread that's a contrast to your fabric.

Should be a fun class!

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