Monday, May 20, 2019

Summer is here!

The weather is suddenly hot in NC!!
This weekend we've had a pretty relaxing weekend. Well Solveig had a birthday party Saturday.
Here's Bjorn with Kronk and Swiffer
 and Anja really HUGGING Kronk (yeah it's a strangle hold almost)
 Saturday morning it was such nice weather that we went to a local park for a bit, this funky swing was broken on one side, but if you're tall enough you can still hang and pull down on it, ha ha!
 We brought a frisbee and it also has a short zip line
 and a little seesaw fun
 Anja didn't take a nap, so she crashed early at night! ahh- to be able to sleep like that!!
I did get a new "toy" which I'll blog about soon, if you follow me on instagram or FB you'll know what it is, otherwise you'll wait and see ;)

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