Wednesday, May 29, 2019

RSC blocks Orange you glad?

Okay, so I totally stole that "orange you glad?" from another blog who's also doing the Rainbow color of the month challenge!

I was not loving it when ORANGE was announced as the color of the month for May, first of all I don't really like orange and second, since I don't like it, I don't have that many fabrics that are orange, but I figured I could at least cut into yardage if I needed to.
Also I've been so busy with secret projects that I didn't mind ignoring the orange all together.

BUT, I did get to the point where things slowed down just a bit so I cut out the pieces for these and finished them recently.

First there's the four patch string block from Bonnie Hunter's new book
 and here's 6 blocks so far.
Notice how I completely forgot that the four patch color could be a different orange than the background! oh well....
 Then there's a pineapple block cut out with Accuquilt's pineapple die
 and the 6 blocks together
 then another string block from Bonnie's book,
this block is really odd and not really lying flat, well of course once I sew the quilt together it'll be fine and I can fudge things to a certain point ;)
 and 6 together

and a reverse spider web block, also cut with accuquilt's die
and 6 together
 Some fun blocks!

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