Thursday, May 23, 2019

Oliso Iron review

I recently got this smart iron from OLISO!
I was so thrilled!! and couldn't wait to open it up, as I've seen the smart touch iron on TV and thought it was SEW clever!!

Here it is!

The dials on the top are easy to read and the steam function is available for the cotton setting and you can turn that on and off, AND you can add more steam or squirt water on the two buttons.

You can also turn on and off the itouch function on the back- not that you would EVER want to!!

I've now played with it for about a week and still giggle when I grab the handle and WHOP-TI the iron lowers and then raises up again when I let go!
I think that it so clever!!
It's a heavy iron- so great for pressing!! and before my old reliable iron I flipped up when I wasn't using it and then when I needed to move the fabric further up, there was always the risk of my hand grazing the hot iron, now there's not! (well unless I was really un-lucky- which COULD happen) but I just push it out of the way and WHOP-TI it raises, I move the fabric, grab the iron- it lowers and I iron some more!! 
And the steam option is very quiet!
Because it seemed like a heavier iron, I tried to see how it felt ironing seams open on TINY pieces and it was a breeze, the iron has a indent on the front and I think that's designed for pleats on pants etc. but it works well with helping open a seam when pressing!

try out this iron!!
If you buy it thru my link, I noticed there's a coupon if you join the mailing list, then it's the same price as amazon!

Oliso Smart Iron

I also know there's a small travel iron coming out soon and you can pre-order it!

(I was given this iron for free to review it and if you click any of my links and purchase anything I get a small commission, which of course I really appreciate!!)



QuiltShopGal said...

Great review. Way cool safety features for this iron.

Carol S. said...

Lucky you...I love my Oliso!