Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Modern challenge with Island Batik and Hobbs

This month's challenge for Island Batik was "Modern"
A modern quilt often has a lot of negative space

So I was brainstorming and of course I always think "Accuquilt" and then I thought of ONE block in the different QUBE sizes, so 6", 8", 9", 10" and 12" all those added together equals 45".
The requirements were any size!
So I was thinking another baby quilt! but 45" was more than a WOF, so I just made up 38" as a good width and then the 45" long.
So I had that in my head
I got this pale grey neutral with my island batik box at the beginning of the year
and then also some solid black and I used all 5 QUBE sets and cut out pieces for star blocks using dies #1 (1) (center grey)
die #2 (4)corner squares grey)
die #4 (4) grey triangles
die #5 (8) black small triangles

and then I cut strips of 6 1/2", 8 1/2" etc of the fabrics

The star blocks are easy and start with flying geese blocks

here's the 5 blocks all done

Then I sewed the strips together to the blocks at sort of random lengths and ended up with this!

I used BLACK hobbs batting in the quilt, just to try it and to see what happened with black batting and a light top! it's not bad, but I should probably have used a neutral batting, but it's for things like this it's good to experiment I think and it still worked out!

I added black binding too


For modern quilts the quilting is also non-traditional so I decided to do a slight curve and just follow that across the quilt and let is change slightly as it got quilted more, so it's a flow-y kind of design!

It was a fun challenge this month, I'm not really a modern quilter I don't think, not traditional either but more of an in-between and also I love bright colors, so this was quite out of my element!

But I LOVE the result :)


Gene Black said...

I love it, Bea. I will be sharing mine in a few days. I used the Black batting behind the solid gray fabric and I love it.

For the love of geese said...

Very pretty

Karen said...

Awesome job, Bea. Your use of the black batting is really interesting, it adds another element to your quilt.

Kathleen said...

Great quilt and definitely modern. I used the black batting last month and will this month with mostly black and dark fabrics. It was great with all but a paler yellow but it was on the back. I definitely think some of the batiks popped more with the black batt.

Emily said...

I love the texture of this quilting motif. The black batting behind a light background does add some interesting dimension. Very nice!

tubakk said...

Fun quilt. Black and white quilts are always great, even for us colour loving quilters.

Dena@LivingWaterQuilter.com said...

I love stars and modern quilts. Well done.

Anita said...

A great star quilt, love the simplicity, yet the striking, modern feel!