Wednesday, May 22, 2019

marking pens

Last week I saw a post on FB about frixion pens and how someone heard that Crayola washable markers were better!
I figured I'd try them out if I went to walmart or a craft store and the girls could always use the markers if they didn't work out for me

First I tried the marker on a tiny piece of fabric and then wet and it and rubbed a LOT to get it to come off and I was not happy.... I was thinking it needed all that friction like with kids' clothes....

Then the next day I tried again on a bigger scrap
 then I wet it and let it sit
 once it was all dry, it was GONE!
No rubbing needed!!
 I'm still a bit torn about these, I really love my frixion pens but like the review said, they dry out quickly.
The crayola markers are kids markers so the tip is very bold and especially after a certain 3yr old has used them and poked them into the paper instead of drawing! ha ha

So if I see the markers around, I might try them again, and if I see a pack with fine tips I'll definitely buy them!
So my $5 for a pack of these was not a loss at all.



In stitches and seams said...

I want to test them out as well. They had mentioned heat and cold testing as well. Maybe this weekend I can do a little research. Thanks for your research I'm sure the girls will help out too
In stitches Annette

Angie in SoCal said...

I've tested them. The Frixion have not dried up for me. And I use them a lot. I tried the markers and they work great, also. You just have to remember not to iron them. I use the fine tip ones.

Emily said...

I saw that post, too, and have wondered about these markers. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm thinking I might try them. And if I don't like them for quilting, I'm sure my 5-year-old will find a use for them.