Thursday, May 9, 2019

long arm quilting a house quilt

I got time to quilt another of Ann's quilts, this one was supposed to be at the bottom of the pile, but I realized I needed beige thread for the other quilt and had to order that as I was running low and I didn't want to load the quilt and run out midway and then have the quilt tie up my frame, so instead I loaded this fun house quilt and used white thread.
 I quilted feathers around the outside border, a small ribbon design on the inner border and a larger ribbon on the sashing, then feathers in the corners and meandering around the appliqued pieces and on certain parts of the houses I went over the house a bit because they are rather big.
 The houses are adorable, they are kind of like the 4 seasons. well 5 seasons I guess, but still each house has it's own theme and feel to it.
I really like this blue and red one. Maybe this is summer?
 and fun details on this halloween one, a little spider on the front door and I think the door handle is an eyeball!
 a cute blue and white winter house too
 Then a fun pastel spring house
 and a fun Christmas one with candy canes and a wreath
 I actually teased Ann by texting her this picture first and asking if she wanted to see the front!
She loved it!

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