Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Long arm quilting and scrap quilt in the works

I recently finished the second of 4 quilts that a customer dropped off recently.
This thing was huge and kind of wonky, but I think she'll be happy with the end result.

If I remember correctly, she had these old blocks (they were hand pieced and some out of polyester!) and Ann added the sashing and border.
I quilted my regular pointy swirl all over it.

In between projects, I cut out these pieces with my QUBE set (mostly the 8" set) and a 2" triangle in a square die- which is TINY!! (which BTW I know I cut out too many of, I did the math wrong and cut out twice as many side triangles)
This is for a scrappy project from Bonnie Hunter's string frenzy book, her quilt was aqua and off white, I'm flipping the colors and the white is scraps of black print and the aqua is scraps of white print, nothing white on white or solid white. 
Mine won't be strings, just scraps :)
It should be fun to see at the end, or it could be a total disaster (Trump's voice) we'll have to wait and see....
Oh and I'm making it smaller. I'm doing a 4x5 layout plus sashing and borders.

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Barb said...

In between projects....amazing!!